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I think it is high time to stop the White house press corp daily meetings. all they do is cry like babies and make questions sound like indictments of fact.  If all they are going to do is make up stories out of thin air they could do it from home The white house could send out a daily briefing and answer questions from the many events Trump has with his base.  

The press does not get it they set a trap he pushes them into it they bait the hook he is swimming in another pond I liked Laura ingram's analogy that Trump is the Roadrunner and the press and his detractors are the coyote  ---- BEEP BEEP ! by the time they figure it out he's gone and on to bigger and better things.

We do still have to consider the deep state and those on both sides that are corrupt because they would rather take America down than have their corruption exposed go to jail or loose their power and illegal gains.  Let us not forget that Soro's has injected 18 BILLION into his antifa movement as well as numerous other news and TV hosts slashing burning and ratcheting up the violent rhetoric and spuing hatred toward Trump and his family even going so low as to attack Trump's son and I have never seen a less political First Lady than Malania She is a foreign born she is multilingual is always well dressed and a pleasant apolitical First Lady, I have gotten sick and tired of first ladies that act like they are the one that got elected in this case she surely did not slow the Don's roll in fact the opposite IMO.

I have read some very disgusting comments just as bad as the FAKE Russian Dossier When they had the truth on their side about the last half dozen presidents they held back or buried the information as long as they were risen swap gas they kept it slow and easy just enough to keep the two stupid sides on each other.  We see now that both sides lied and Trump has killed thousands of regulations that were strangling American exceptionalism and both sides had their hand in making that happen. everything they said could not be done Trump is doing  in one year he did What Obummer said could NOT BE DONE ! Obummer said he would NEVER BE PRESIDENT ! if a man makes a proclamation or prophesy and it does not come to pass he is a fool not to be trusted because his information is false his advisors are fools as well.  I also place both Bushes in that same category, I was in complete shock when they made both statemsnts and actions that neutered the U.S.A. gutted our ability made horrible treaties and agreements  like that BIG SUCKINING SOUND NAFTA  .

The problem with Americans is they have a memory as long as the next useless quote to make them feel warm a fuzzy and soon later they find they have been sold down the river and when questioned both sides say the same thing we had to make a deal no one get everything they want !  especially the American people that damn well pay for everything like both sides of a war all the U.N. programs and then stupid Americans give to UNICEF and other non vetted agencies that squander the money for every dollar they give pennies and WHO ( world health organization) is a friggin joke  American Christians give more accomplish more and waste little helping feed educate and GIVE  health care FOR FREE.  That is what the deep state the left and all the ISM's like communism socialism etc. etc. don't want you to know.  The fact is that in order for them to take over they first must have to control both parties break the system financially and courts create fear and constant criminal acts like OH LET's SAY TERRORISM through false flags bank closures --- well just look at Venezuela and you get the Idea. but in Venezuela they want a different brand of Marxism  because this version and leader failed and ISM's always bury their failures so Madureu has got to GO !

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    • Build that wall KEEP THEM OUT !  Am I talking about Arizona,  California, New Mexico,Texas NO NO NO I'm taking about the Oscars they build walls use barriers and fencing , they check Identifications have armed security and police and do not allow the huddled masses to just hang out.  Kinda two faced isn't it 
    • When Hell freezes over ! we have all heard it, but like a lot of things no one believed it would ever happen, well it did Winter weather isn't just battering the eastern US. It's even snowing in Las Vegas
    • Beyond the reason that it is just bad / evil to purvey violence all MAGA supporters should not use violence unless defending themselves and as a last resort we see where it would only be used against them and giving the opposition fodder to use against the MAGA movement.
    • The show Empire is thinking about replacing or removing Smollett LOL. I was just wondering if this was a white actor in black face how long it would take for them to think about replacing them ........
    • Well one out of all their records -- their a punk band not exactly historians or geopolitical graduates  Here is another one that seems to work with today's system look at 41 seconds in. Houston we have a problem, a no knock warrant on the wrong people (partially guessing here) Jan. 28 raid and shootout at 7815 Harding St. that left five officers injured and two suspects dead.  because the Officer took i on himself t get a warrant and "call" from a woman accusing the home owners of allowing her daughter to shoot heroin in the home??? it's all pretty sketchy right now. because both victims were white IMO the city and chief are trying to ride this out and hope it goes away. Like any good democrat the chief will not resign LMAO they love being the Captain till the ship goes down on their watch, and it does not matter how many people die, it ain't their fault, well the no knock police he owns because he has been chief for long enough. Since when do you send in a swat team for a 2 people 58 and 59 that had no previous record ?  The police know that there are 5 different motorcycle gangs that do all kinds of shenanigans they don't send swat on them and they know where they hang out, that is the rub police know where dope houses are and some lone ranger decides to take down 2 old people ? it is insanity. The whole case against these 2  58-year-old Rhogena Nicholas and 59-year-old Dennis Tuttle is gut shot, any evidence is in question because of the low threshold of the warrant the political and police pressure to close ranks and back the blue not to mention the officers in on the raid see their careers and possible prison time could have tried to cover for themselves ( or it could be made a case for) I want to know where the oversight was, fact checking and as in most investigations there had to be more than one buy and usually video or wire recording . This is a travesty of justice even if they were guilty as they had NO opportunity to make their case in a court of law, they had no previous record and a warrant on one call and unsupported  accusation.  Their rights were trampled and the bar of truth was on the ground.  In the warrant, the sergeant says that Officer Gerald Goines, of HPD’s Narcotics Division, provided officers, including a high-ranking narcotics division supervisor, two different names of confidential informants. The warrant stated the two officers, “interviewed all of the confidential informants and all denied making a buy for Goines from the Harding Street residence, and ever purchasing narcotics from Nicholas or Tuttle.” This happens every day in America and when it goes bad police have been known to plant evidence loose evidence and back paper to cover.Judges have taken sexual favors bribes worse the D.A.'s have people still in prison after DNA has proven them innocent yet still refuse to file paperwork to release them and have the real suspect in prison as well. Just as morality and truth slides in our culture so it does in all our agencies. truth is relative to feelings and view point politics conviction rates and personal opinion I don't see justice anywhere. 2:18