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Financial reality and the coming DOOM !

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Take a  moment and consider my thoughts on the BIG SQUEEZE China is investing in countries like Panama Venezuela and other nations in south America many of the leaders there think of America as the problem why they are not prosperous.  Consider a day in the future where the movie RED DAWN becomes a reality.  The Chinese have been well known for thinking decades ahead they have oil needs and we sell oil in the market,  if China could co-opt all the oil in Latin America and since they operate and maintain the Panama canal seems like our oil would not be so easy to sell if they undercut our prices and with the NEW PANAMA CANAL wider deeper and better, we would be out in the cold as it were. coal is able to be burned cleanly but we wanted to sell it to the open market and the only market place would be Africa's west coast and we / America is not beloved there and China would surly cut prices just as we have done to effect political gain or penalize countries we did not see eye to eye with.  I see a reverse bungholing coming within the next 10 years one of our largest banks has bought in to Venezuela to the tune of 2.5 billion and the Bolivar is basically worthless i think 1 American dollar is worth 900 Bolivar on the black market.

If your wondering it was President Carter that "gave away" the Panama canal back to Panama who decided that it was better to lease it to China instead of paying to maintain it now it is all China's baby and since they market the world over it was a damn good deal for them it allows them the whole earth for their products and access to all the oceans and seas with their fishing vessels.

Our counties people  are retarded to a 4 year policy and political will then they go to sleep for 4 more years, we are waking up but most still have no clue as to international policy and political pressures externally. and I have zero faith in our educational system to think outside the box or beyond socialistic measures and draconian rule and hand over our government to a one world bureaucratic government that is willing to use euthanasia to solve the huge unfunded social programs like social security and welfare too old too sick too feeble to many boys or girls or too many children period.  Imagine workman's comp  with the ability to kill off those that do not make the grade !  Oprah is thinking of running in 2020 let's take a look under the hood on who her friends are and what or why some who don't like her ----

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hqdefault.jpg?sqp=-oaymwEXCPYBEIoBSFryq4qpAwkIARUAAIhCGAE=&rs=AOn4CLBttiUgLE4QDNoGK9eDQSXroZbZig hqdefault.jpg?sqp=-oaymwEWCKgBEF5IWvKriqkDCQgBFQAAiEIYAQ==&rs=AOn4CLC6676sh4untDE8HCHLhn1sKzI08A

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oprah could run obama as her vp. Think about that for a minute. But she's said so many racial things , she's a crackhead, and she supported Harvey Weinstein. Hopefully, those things will be enough to sink her.

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I think science has gone off the rails instead of requiring absolute proof they now decide amongst themselves what theory is flyable.  most of science is made up of those that feel any intrusion of faith or religion  ideas verges on blasphemy of the highest order. It is really a problem when science proves the biblical narrative it's like a lab fire everyone jumps to extinguish it before it causes and damage, in this case to how utterly bias science is.

Findings from DNA proves that we all come from a single female that includes all races of people so we are all humans so to all those that choose to use race as a predicate for hatred your fools.  The Darwinian theory falls apart when scrutinized for transitional fossils or skeletons as there are none species pop up like poptarts and disappear some are still here in a smaller form like clams and DNA is all over the place a clam has 40 chromosomes we have 23  are we less than the clam ? they came before people  biblically and scientifically since they are a great deal older should we not worship them ? 

I do not think Darwin was an agnostic he was only trying to understand the world as he could in his day and time. Today as sophisticated as science gets it strives to maintain there is no God but they turn and spout the Bible that we come from nothing  in the big bang   We see now that science is touting the multi dimensional view, and thats funny because even a cursory look into the Bible tells us there are dimensions and time and space as we know it are applicable to us in this dimension and maybe others but to God time is irrelevant.

I was watching a video where atheists asked if the dinosaur had not been destroyed and became oil where did the pitch to coat the Ark come from ? Pitch is also tree sap -- anyone recall Pine Pitch, it's pine tar or sap also known as rosin.

I do not choose want or am willing to force people to believe in God, Separation of church and state only means any government we have cannot dictate what religion we must follow and people advertise crap they do not believe in all the time so a town having a stone with the 10 commandments on it is not a demand that they believe in anything but to consider a moral code. every company has a code if you work for Coke you best not be caught drinking a Pepsi product or promoting it or you will be fired it is called POLICY. where a stone monument with words requires not even that you believe in it or be required to read it.

Fire exits and alarms ? they scare people and are meant to  if you have ever been burned in a real fire that should terrorize you to no end and also remind you of that PTSD moment evoking trauma and fear but do you hear anyone wanting to remove those signs and alarms ? well why not ?  If you think about it it is also demeaning as it also show people are stupid not to go somewhere that they do not know the way out of as any idiot could tell you in a multistory building egress by means of stairs never by way of an elevator.  Road signs ought to really trigger people because it should remind them that they are idiots continually  and that science and natural forces can have grave implications on their lives if not paid attention to as in gravity, centrifugal force and momentum.

The real reason of the alt left desire to remove all connotations of religion is part of the communist manifesto there can be no substitution of a / the leader and only their ideals and words must be considered relevant.  If you lived in North Korea or Venezuela right now you would have a different view but as their voice is silent from fear of being interred in a gulag  or shot by a firing squad after being tortured to turn in others that think as you. if your a socialist here you need to experience real socialism before you ask us to drink the koolaid IMHO.

There are new findings where in China you get value points if your "good" if you do not tweet bad things about the government or are not caught doing things like using drugs or in the proximity of those aspects of social encounters.  The phones we use can track us listen to us and can place us in a real jam if used as a incontrovertible witness as tho where were you what were you doing what did you say etc etc etc. AI or artificial intelligence is not just a robot it is software that can think and react if it thinks you are involved in a criminal act it could dial 911 on your azz your phone could be searched as a witness as it is today in vehicle accidents.  Back in the day we could put the SETI app on out computers it made them an array to crunch complicated numbers / algorithms to help the SEARCH FOR EXTRATERRESTRIAL INTELLIGENCE    or SETI .

I think there was also a program to research the human genome project if I recall correctly that is not an issue but today we need to KNOW that there is a kabal of forces that want to control every human from cradle to grave up to and including your speech  all of your actions and where you get your news how you feel about issues like trans or GlBT issues politics and religion or gun control animal rights as everything they can quantify about you helps to profile you and we all know that profiling is BAD we cannot profile a certain religion but if your a Christian thats OK. See it is not clear and just who is suppose to monitor or set the boundaries ? OH another set or level of bureaucrats  that are unaccountable highly paid and your not allowed to know about there history or views ?  so they can profile but we would never be able to profile them !   We are on the slippery slope and never to return as the young generation cannot leave their phone they pay more attention to it than traffic their children or families.

I have heard some very disturbing news and it is getting worse either this generation takes this head on or it will be controlled by it there is not second choice.


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