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to half and to half not to see and not to be that is the question

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We all invested in our retirement so I would ask in the interest of fairness that everyone gives half of their retirement  to others so they would not have to struggle in their golden years or if they become ill. If your about to have an apoplexy or heart attack read on. 

This is what the left asks us who count on or expect  Social security to do is to split our money to those that never paid a dime into the system.  In other words illegal aliens.  As an American I am being forced by lawmakers to hand over half of all the benefits I paid for to be taken and given to those that can vote for free stuff to those politicians that pander to them, the proof  is that those who steal your money ive it to illegals and tell illegals to vote and press or pass laws that protect illegals and give them rights that only pertain to citizens.  In their perspective countries will jail you for voting or taking any aid that is earmarked for their citizens.  The main fact is these countries could care less and have no system as social security or medial care except that each person pays for or can afford.

over the last 60 years our government has gutted religious charitable hospital / health care based systems and twisted them into commercial entities leaving all of us including our children out in the cold, should we have a reversal of fortune.  Many cannot correlate that for every non paying recipient someone as to pay.  For every uninsured motor vehicle accident your insurance goes up. New more virulent  antibiotic resistant TB and dozens of diseases are assailing our children in schools and public spaces because their countries do not spend money on disease control and count on organizations like the UN under UNICEF or the numerous religious and charitable entities from America to feed and inoculate their poor huddled masses,  while the top 3 percent wallow in riches.  Socialists here want to tax the rich  who already foot the bill for most of America, I am not rich but I never made a good living by working for a poor person or one equal monetarily EVER.

I have not always been treated fairly or even well but if I am honest very few I worked along side were either,  very few retired and those that did are having to fight to keep their retirement and or because of inflation / higher prices have taken a toll on their income.   If not for low fuel prices we would be in a recession. it amazes me that many republicans that cried about us being held hostage to OPEC stating we need to be energy independent re now are fighting Trump on opening more oil and gas exploration. The demoncrats that wanted us in on the carbon tax/  Kyoto treaty and climate change band wagon fail to understand or know better that fuel price effects every other price including utilities food and health care  The voluntary ignorance of the left is so obvious to those of us that understand the economic relationship of energy to all facets of the economy,  It is testament to the educational system of how stupid the younger generation is,  and thinking that mass transit is unaffected by fuel prices and that there is an option to fossil fuels to power buses, trains and mass transit size vehicles.   It takes power plants to operate San Francisco trolly's  and that 3rd rail is not solar powered and cannot be the number of solar panels would take would cover the earth for all the power requirements we use, and what happens in 20 to 25 years when we need to replace them ?  What will we do with all the plastic and solar cells ? real recycling begins with the ability to separate the components to recycle if it is more complicated than the original manufacturing  it is a sum loss over time that is not being factored in when selling the solar LIE to our children.  

The same is for battery technology from coin cells to fork lift batteries the components are poison and having a bucket at your local wally world only leaves a trail of toxic chemicals from the manufacturer to the store to you and back again. there are solutions problem is all of them are so cheap that it would put battery companies out of business permanently. 

The elite left is controlled by highly intelligent people who use sock puppets for politicians who will sell out their country and your children for a present day paycheck . it is high time the stupid right educate the masses to the deception of solar,  battery and pie in the sky alternative power that is poisoning our country with cadmium lithium and chromium wrapped in aluminum or PBA plastic and non vegetable based inks and dyes !!! 

All of these are problems that we either face with common sense and honesty or all of them will kill our children and the world ! The Fukashima reactors were commissioned in 1971 and that design had flaws  like the rods were stored over the reactor !!! but because people are so cheap greedy and stupid no factory recalls or warning from the NRC or the IAEA were ever issued.  WHY because these are government controlled and the science and scientists are quivering sheep afraid for their jobs so they subvert and cover for the paycheck and only after the horror do they pop up like a mole and say we tried to warn but no one listened,  well when your talking to yourself and your colleges in a vacuum of your inner circle who the hell could hear you ?

These are our hurdles since there is nothing as clean energy /power and it does not exist ! that would run counter to the laws of thermodynamics and no we cannot change those laws.  Unlike the dumbazz under Obummer that was energy secretary that said,  "if the laws didn't work we need to change them" ??? when you have someone that high in government that is that damn ignorant you see where higher education has failed us completely.  This same ignorance pervades our bureaucrats, government officials,  teachers and professors either by choice or self deluded ignorance to such a degree that it endangers all of us to extinction levels.   All of the many events and pollution could have been avoided / recycled much more efficiently by a factor of 10.   The other gorilla in the room is the military complex that knows that depleted uranium is poison and has never considered NOT using it in munitions when we could use copper and other pure but less toxic metals BUT NO they find ever more toxic materials to use and when that is not insane enough they make amalgams that are so toxic that the plants that make them have no vermin or insect problems because it kills them ! and eventually the workers as well, the next shoe to fall will be  NANO particle groups those workers will eventually start to get sick and like asbestos science will hide the facts that they knew the dangers and ignored them.   While those sick people are hacking up their lung tissue and crapping blood the stock holders will be sipping champagne at their annual meetings.

America has to face immigration, chemical  engineering,  pollution, recycling and tackle standardization and engineered obsolescence or no one in the future will die of old age it is already happening heart attacks kill more each year along with  organ failure and diseases that are initiated by chemicals from plastics and toxins.  Anyone ever smell that new mobile / travel trailer  home scent ! that was formaldehyde in the carpet and plywood glue and don't tell me science did not know that breathing formaldehyde fumes was bad for you. toxic Chinese sheet rock ? PVC or poly vinyl chloride,  benzene and toluene based glues epoxies and chemical dyes GMO foods bioengineering of our seeds,  weed and insecticide  products that could just as easily be made form diotomaceous earth and or boric acid and natural oils like castor,  neem or a citrus oil.  WHYNOT  because science has decided to make a living off of using FREE waste byproducts and turning them into money by taking a poison labeling and relabeling it as a poison and making it legal to sell as a home use product ! 

If you do not believe me look up fluoride where it comes from what drug it is made into and the obfuscation by altering or changing the name/s to hide it's origins ! Iit is a poison byproduct of the aluminum industry IT IS POISON TOXIC AND HAS LONG TERM DETRIMENTAL EFFECTS  SUCH AS DEMENTIA ALZHEIMER INTESTINAL DAMAGE THYROID AND PINEAL  GLAND DAMAGE and a host of others !!!!!!!

 hey I don't have a college degree,  but I can read and I do not waste my valuable time watching dancing with the stars or  the voice or daytime B.S. political hatchet jobs advertised as talk shows.  I require multiple sources to validate information and I try not to retweet / regurgitate erroneous or fake news contrived by the global Kabal  who wants to make money off of ignorant consumers by selling byproducts derived from poisons to keep from having to pay to place it in a toxic landfill or pay out for lawsuits to people who died or sickened by their products.

We all know about blood diamonds sweat shop clothiers  knock offs made from inferior toxic  materials falsely sold as genuine products.   We think we are suave savvy,  street smart hipsters when someone like the media tells you flattering things and pats you on the back --- look for a note that says kick me,  or f__K me stuck on your back, because that is what they have been doing since Television became your babysitter and relaxation medium it has become a brainwashing station,  the real life form of the body snatchers instead of a melon that grabs you when you sleep it is television that molds your mind while you relax it is the social Valium while they insert the rectal scope and every time you accept what it pukes out they press how much further they can stick it in  IMHO !!!!!!!!!!!!   YOUR GOING TO DIE DON'T DIE FROM STUPIDITY.



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    • AlGore, has always been all about the money. He, like J@ckson and Sharpton, have found a way to “cash in”. None of then can even spell ethics, much less engage in it.
    • It seems that global warming is a misnomer or better yet a bust.  Weather is NOT a linear thing there are decades that are dry called droughts and rainy seasons even in desert areas.  Climatologists should be very ashamed of themselves for jumping on the global warming bandwagon it is suppose to be a science but they turned it into a side show marketing the Kyoto treaty carbon tax and here again Trump was right by pulling out of the Paris accord  as any fuel and many products would have skyrocketed in price over night. This area sees this kind of weather every 10 to 20 years and I am glad this will kill off many ticks fleas limit insects come spring.  This is a natural defense that helps mankind the earth is an amazing thing it can heal itself and overcome things mankind thinks we need to have a superfund for I would love to see all these "funds" audited, and I bet my bippy they have figured out how to clean them out. just like every other cash cow they make up out of paper telling us all kinds of bedtime stories of how they are looking out for us. We are praying for everyone north it is going to be a long bitter winter and please all of you take safety seriously drive like your bringing your first child home from the hospital try to be a good neighbor check on each other in times like this people trying to stay warm die from carbon monoxide in their homes and sometimes stuck in a snowbank in their vehicles. never use charcoal indoors be very careful with liquid fuels and make sure appliances can be used indoors for heating r cooking purposes, still make sure of proper ventilation.  you can use aluminum foil between your sock and shoe or between 2 socks. just wrap lower foot not the whole foot maybe 3/4 air flow to prevent foot sweating because that will make your feet freeze or get really cold.  Layers and even a slicker suit to cut the wind your vehicle should have supplies in case that your stranded.   
    • Wind in trees is diffused unless its broadside in an open area in hunting distances of less than 200 yards i would keep my hunting shots 100 to max 150 for so many reasons but mainly flight time, bullet performance, back stop /other hunters safety as bullets can travel 1.5 miles take right angles on ricochets so better to be cautious IMO. I have shot most all my groups less than a pack of cigarettes at 300 wind rain (lots of that sh*t) sleet or hail including heat waves or mirage effect. it is beyond 300 where in most people start to have a problem mostly because they do not have access to ranges that long and time to practice. friends of mine all come to the same conclusion that most figure if they can hit a pie plate at a hundred it's good to hunt with and that is scary for the animal I mean  Other accuracy is not vetted on the same curve or rules instead of subsistence it is existence and that is a whole different game and the rules are rough to nonexistent. 
    • well testing continues cans laid down in 2012 only less than 1% had issues it was obvious  indent was weak or puffed up [ can ends] this was remotely stored stable temp in a root cellar.  some items need to be dried / flaked like potatoes highly acidic fruits should be bought in jars like fruits pickles or peppers. My original thought was long term dehydrated or freeze dried got in 2000 and are unaffected .  A can / soda rack oldest first shows the best method for rotation in 2 to 3 years everything shou;d be used and refreshed so there should never be any loss. to refresh the home made desiccant /O2 / oxygen absorbers   patch of 100% cotton piece of 4 ought steel wool about a teaspoon worth {scant drop of water on it}  top with 1/2 teaspoon canning salt wrapped in the cotton patch & tied with bread ties dropped into a quart to a gallon jar to store dried stuff like beans  store in a cool dark place. Steel absorbs oxygen when it turns to rust salt also absorbs dampness all of these including cotton are edible / will not bother you in tiny amounts bot do remove the O2 or Oxygen from inside of containers the size of the absorber would be the internal size of your container and I would use more than just a BIG SINGLE as in a confined space depending on pack density one will not effect the whole area within the lets say a drum. * canning salt has no other elements like Iodine etc. it is also good for canning A good source of "PURE" salt is water treatment (softner) salt you can find it at China mart and harware stores for 5 bucks for 40 pounds get granular not pellets it is more useful in that medium as it is easier to measure /use. store in snap lid 5 gallon buckets with a seal in the lid this lasts as long as the buckets. I buy buckets or get them free from POOL companies these are bleach pucks or pellets I salvage all the dry bleach and place in a single bucket and in / on an area where the runoff will not kill grass or my plants or bleach stone or concrete,  I wash out all the buckets and lids allow to completely dry and seal the lid and store until I need them.   Grain or flour or meal needs to be frozen 10 days wrapped in a large towel and allowed to slowly come to room temperature so as not to absorb moisture from the air after 2 days place in a Mylar bag I get mine from Ffill the bag wipe dust from left over inner bag with dry paper towel remove all the air twist bend back to it self and tie very tight with a piece of cord fit into bucket and seal I have used flour after 10 years with no appreciable difference in taste  freezing removes moisture kills insect larvae which is in ALL flours and grains or else you will open your bag and it will be filled with weevils in an emergency you can use a sifter to remove them but why have them at all. Dried bleach / powdered or in pucks CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO GET WET IN A BUCKET !!! THEY WILL BUILD UP HEAT AND GO BOOM !  so make sure if you want to safe it seal the lid well and store in a cool dry place until you need it. Survival is not ONE thing it is  broad base of knowledge it is so vast that I would cut paste and use your office program to make documents print and make a preppers notebook in case you need a hard copy,  as well as save files and videos on a flash drive.  Keeping recipes for quick breads so you do not have to waste hours making old fashion recipes and using a lot of resources too cook, find the best method try and test for taste and how long it lasts. I had a devil of a time tracking down a good pilot rackers  recipe because many use oil and oils get rancid and make the crackers taste very bad, This is why stored crackers after a few onths taste like crap crackers will also absorb scents or even pickup dusty odors so pilot crackers need to be stored in a air tight jar or I buy #10 canned pilot crackers. breads and cakes can be cooked in a Iron skillet under low to medium heat but you need oil / cooking  grease or fat. One last bit is you can buy 5 gallon buckets of cooking lard you can repack in mason jars and can them in a bath canner make sure the edge of the jar is clean before placing the lid before you place them in the bath canner after they cool they will seal or PING those that don't you can reclean the jar edge and use a NEW lid and try again or just use it first --- keep open ones closed in a cool or refrigerated place until you need it. All of you thinking you don't use "LARD" or need it think again, manufactured "FOOD" like twink'les and other such items use all kinds of oils greases and saturated and non saturated oils and fats  labeled in such a way you have no idea that they are actually FAT. some are very bad for your cholesterol count !  the best pie crust is made from flour pinch of salt and using a dough cutter cutting in "lard" there is also vegetable lard as it does not burn as easily as butter. it is flaky light and OH SO GOOD ! for cobblers pies and Quiche's although Quiche is not considered a Man's food (thats just silly) it is a good way to use up excess eggs before they go bad and make them into a good hearty meal you can add left over meat vegetables and greens in them. Frying was a way to add texture flavor and caloric value like gravy potatoes and breads  in the old world people actually worked in all kinds of weather and needed the extra fat and calories to sustain them in hard labor over hours in the cold you body need fats and oils to make your skin elastic and build most every type of cell by converting it to collagen the basic building block for all cells. I have eaten "fried" biscuits over a coal fire cooked in an iron skillet because we were camping and had no oven made cake in a dutch oven  I guess if i had to make an extended camp or old homestead I would have a griddle fry pan 2/ lid and a dutch oven in cast iron they are heavy but nothing cooks like cast iron after you wipe it out wipe on a bit of lard heat it and store it for the next use it does not need to be "washed" the seasoning "baked on oil" makes it fairly non stick a hot pan sticks less start from a cold pan will stick every time. Dutch ovens can be hung over the fore with a triple tree on a chain placed in or buried in the coals or next to them as tour heat recipes needs allow. accessories should be a stainless spatula regular spoon, slotted spoon, ladle and carving fork a measuring cup flour sifter flour bucket or can w/ lid  chain hook on each end  and three legged  "dog"   to hold your pot and kettle over the fire you need a bowl for making bread a cutting board and a rolling pin and your going to need a big mule to haul all of it including tents tarps and sheets I would carry stainless mess trays and coffee cups as well as a coffee pot with peculator "guts"  at least 12 cups as you need hot water for cleaning scalding hot drinks and to tote water OH and a stainless bucket. just remember everything is HOT and needs a glove rag or mitt to handle we ain't talking prissy kitchen cooking of today !