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    • pasta is flour some like semolina flour a course grind of durum flour, used in making pizza crust. has a yellow color. 1 cup semolina or all purpose flour 1/8th teaspoon mixed with flour, pour out in a pile, make a funnel like hole and put in 1 egg mix egg incorporate all flour a bit at a time working outward. roll on a flour powdered surface powder top of dough and roller, roll out thin as you like cut into strips cook or dry for later on a rack or tree.   Another recipe 1 egg 2 tablespoons milk 1/8th to 1/2 teaspoon salt  1 cup all purpose flour rest is the same the above lasts longer dried, and absorbs less off smells over time keep in a container. I have cooked fresh noodles in bullion to taste add a small amount of Swiss knorr vegetable soup mix maybe some "meat floss" or sung or song a dried meat look it up i kept mine in the freezer or you can keep in a mason jar unrefrigerated.  
    • i got supplies to last about 6-8 months for me and mother, yes i have the fixin's for bread but i don't know how to make pasta.....its a real basic supply though nothing fancy rice, beans, corn, wheat, lentils, chicken some canned fruits etc..etc...
    • Bread id the staff of life, so does anyone have the basics to make Biscuits, corn bread or tortillas any kind of bread for 90 days ? How many of you know how to make pasta ? and what it takes to make it ? This same channel PBS supports socialism and rails against capitalism and yet they see this travesty in Venezuela and cannot connect the dots that they are promoting the same things that ruined Venezuela. only 4 minutes of your time to see what can happen everywhere if too many other countries start to fall like dominoes. 4:36 How many knows the minimum caloric intake needed to sustain yourself and how much in food that actually is.  Here is a list you need to have and be aquatinted with   Alphabetical List of Number of Calories in common foods   Did you know there is powdered buttermilk  Powdered eggs and  powdered milk all of these have a long shelf life and when used in baking. You can make your own Ghee butter all ghee butter is, the removal of all milk solids heat the butter not too hot and skim off the solids that rise until no more rises, now you have a butter oil that resists spoilage you may can this I would do it in small jars heat as seal as any canning is done these could be water bath canned. cooking oil and shortening are 2 different things and you need both for a longer term storage canned spray oil shortening may be divided into glass canning jars remember head space and can them this way they stay fresh and last years it can be done in a oven but hot oil is dangerous and the edge of the canning jars need to be clean to allow the lid to seal. Is this a trick question ? no but it is a bit confusing how many cups are in 1 pound of flour ANSWER depends on the flour ! 1 pound of cake flour, use 4 1/2 cups.  generally made from soft wheat  has lower protein but more starch  1 pound pastry flour, use 4 1/4 cups. soft wheat 1 pound whole wheat flour, use 3 1/3 cups. hard red wheat has more protein and gluten and  mixed with soft wheat 1 pound of all-purpose flour, use 3 1/3 cups. hard red wheat mixed with soft wheat self-rising flour, which is all-purpose flour with leavening ( Baking powder added ), unless the recipe specifically calls for it not needed, but then you make your own when adding Baking powder to all purpose flour Most baked goods require eggs water and oil some require milk . many require Baking Powder NOT Baking soda BUT baking soda is used in some recipes so have some of both. all flours need to be frozen for 10 days to kill any weevils or other critters after freezing take the bag out and wrap it in a towel and allow it to come to room temperature over a period of a 24 hour day or 2 then seal it in mylar bags you can get these here.  www.beprepared.com How to make your own Baking Powder, the reason why to show that it is easy but the main ingredient is Cream of Tartar not exactly a common item in your pantry so get some and as well have baking soda and cornstarch as well to make gravy thicker look how below it is not obvious  Make your own baking powder. Ingredients 1 teaspoon baking soda 2 teaspoons cream of tartar 1 teaspoon cornstarch (optional)   Using Corn Starch to thicken you need to mix it with COLD WATER mix till it dissolves completly OR ELSE YOU'LL HAVE MAJOR LUMPS IN YOUR GRAVY NOT GOOD ! Other things you need are bullion beef, chicken, tomato and vegetable if you can find it this turns plain biscuits into sh*t on the shingle otherwise known as SOS it is gilling and much better than starving for lack of food or flavor IMHO. Spices I would have in bulk are chili powder, Paprika, black pepper, garlic powder, Red pepper flakes and I like powdered cumin or otherwise called Comino, celery & coriander seeds and any others you like. Because I like gumbo I have filet on hand which is ground dried Sassafras leaves.  All of these spices have a unique and unparalleled flavor that if you don't have them your food will taste like school paste IMHO. Sauces Soy sauce Worcester sauce  condiments Mustard  (Mustard does not go bad ) Mayonnaise  Sweet pickle relish, dill pickles If you love ranch dressing better have powdered Ranch Dressing mix. Sugar and rice are two things that need to be in dry containers but will last a very long time. Beans well the problem is cans do not last so you have to rotate as any other canned good but you can buy Rosarita flaked dried cooked beans and they last a very very long time and have the same protein as steak. Noodles last a long time if kept in a air tight container this is poor mans food starch is a filler for your belly nothing worse than hearing children crying because their belly is empty !!! Potato flakes keep them in a good tight container mashed potatoes are a staple all starches are they are seasonal for the most part and when food is hard to find any starch will be impossible to get look up Venezuela's problems. Knorr Powdered soup mixes are fantastic and last a long long time in their packaging Mixed with water and noodles your making your own Ramen style soup. Peanut butter and Jelly a staple for kids and easy -- jar jelly is as good as you can get lasts years and satisfies a sweet tooth if you don't have a case of MIXED fruit jellies your crazy, or never had children. Drink mixes like cocoa coffee tea or many fruit mixes as well as koolaid and gator aid. this is not the end just a primer but if you had enough of this you would not have to worry about going hungry.   In Venezuela you can fill your car with gas for less than 2 dollars but they do not have any OTC medicine and most food is scarce this in a country overflowing with oil but socialism took everything away from the individuals and when the government could not pay the people they left because the jobs did not pay enough to buy food and pay utilities now mopst of the country is on a basic paycheck that only buys them 3 days of food and they have to live a month on it. Some items like flour rice and beans are metered out and the people cannot count on when or if they can get them. Food is a political tool against Hugo Chavez enemies and the military defends the food distribution centers while crime soars and at night you take your life in your hands if you go out. much worse than Chicago. With countries in riot the flow of money amd goods can and will stifle and that has caused financial failures that ripple to countries even a large as the U.S. be ready the riots are spreading now to England and I have heard some here in America.   
    • A thought, if tear gas,water cannons and spiffy riot gear w/ a bullet proof shield doesn't stop rioters from building barriers, stopping vehicles overturning them setting them on fire then how do you plan to escape & evade and in failing that,  defend yourself family and possessions  ? Another scenario the local police will not arrest certain groups while they terrorize the public just happened in   Oregon and Washington some manage to block your car and then others attack it now you have a choice, run over the people blocking and be arrested immediately or cower and let them pull you out of your car and beat you with clubs  chains  w/ pad locks ? because if you injure one, the local government will use the full power of their judicial system to imprison you if you fight back ! this is a real thing look up Proud boys and or Gavin Mcinnes. Consider a national government that has the power of the military all law enforcement  and every government agency with the power to tax levy fines, condemn your property and under preexisting laws can take anything "they deem" excess to redistribute -- to whom ? well each local groups confiscation authority cronies that means your food propane money gold silver ---whatever you have  it's all in the FE MA documents I am just as sure all other agencies have interlocking rules linked to your property identification and they even have the right to take your children. Lets say you live in a specific state and the neighboring state does not like your states political leanings or your state is under martial law and other states blockade the main highways ? is it that far fetched when I remember no planes in the sky after Nine one one ? Caravans work for illegal aliens but try this in a crisis and the powers that be will come down like a hammer, gray does not mean squat when they stop everyone search vehicles or block travel corridors. France's political leaders are starving out their own people I am sure that their complaints were voiced long before this  and a, "Let them eat cake" mentality and narcissistic superiority once their power was confronted. The narrative was these people are labeled anarchists,extremists and worse to shame them into groups that police can easily manage -- divide and conquer so far that is not working fuel prices that double hurts ever person no matter what your political leaning you have to travel to work and that means bus passes have doubled food has to double as well as all services because it takes fuel to do anything have anything. This is not Star trek we do not have matter replicators almost every drug is made outside the United states all of the food comes from rural land or a tropical zone. When the hierarchy  of the policing agencies are forced and have no backbone to refuse unlawful orders to break the law they swore to uphold we are on the edge of anarchy. If anarchy paralyses one of our states like New York or California the impact to the economy will be horrific and start wild fire protests, and that was the plan all along to push the agenda until all the inner cities went up in flames institute marshal law and imprison those the power structure at the time deems dangerous but allow their attack dogs freedom to harass attack and even murder their opposition. When has anyone been arrested for disorderly conduct when screaming at our leaders in a public area scaring the rest of the onlookers ? I can guarantee if you pitch a hissy fit in a mall this Christmas your azz is going to jail  try to leave an airplane if it get grounded for hours on end or refuse to give up your seat you paid for and watch what happens ! Anyone living in a city county or state where they do not demand the resignation of the officials that break or refuse to uphold the law is failing in their duty to themselves and their family because next you could be the target for a political sign in your yard a bumper sticker or emblem on a piece of clothing. We say a grown man bully kids for wearing a MAGA hat and snatch it off his head  that is a physical attack and what happened -- nothing not the manager or employees did sh*t and this is in America not some third world country.     blaire White is a internet transgender personality and it may surprise you is a conservative and being censored by Youtube for conservatives view points below is the video   When police will chase you for going 5 miles an hour over the speed limit and if you give them lip arrest you where? are they when people are attacked in the above video the police see the Putang hat wearing person refusing to give back the hat to a "woman" (they have no way of knowing otherwise) and he stomped on (her) finger and they did NOTHING !   This next clip ought to make you go nuts a crazy white guy is calling a white guy in a car "whitey"  they are blocking the street and forcing cars to another street --blocking traffic is a crime cursing in public is a crime threatening people is a crime and the police do nothing.     Total anarchy is at the door maybe civil war and there will not be any warnings these are our warnings and the police local governments and main stream media are not tamping it down in fact they are promoting it and excusing it.  that is not an opinion it is obvious facts anyone can see if they are not drinking the Koolaid.   When your in jail you cannot work so you do not have a way to fund your defense and your separated from your family Proud Boys are being held in jail for defending themselves against attackers but they are in jail so self defense does not apply if the local government is against you even if you do not get indicted and go free you have a record as a violent offender no lawyer will take a case without all your money and you may even have to put up all your property as payment in America you can get all the justice you can afford, can't afford it you get screwed.   Here is a video on how you can't defend yourself against a mob he was later arrested but the people that threatened him NOTHING. 12:47  
    • 1. Apophenia, A tendency to mistakenly perceive connections and meaning between unrelated things. 2. Confirmatory bias, A tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one's preexisting beliefs or hypotheses. Here are two things we all have to be cautious of when trying to nail down a personal theory,  in order to be orderly and rational, each part of a theory needs to validate each other theory paying attention to a timeline. Who, What, When, Where and how is a synopsis of how to approach an investigation even in a cold case. The cold case I am interested in is the Biblical narrative of history because Steven Myers DNA and the evidence for intelligent design starts to put a kink in evolution but now we have the seed theory where we were an amalgamation of creatures like Neanderthal or Cro-magnon and crossing with their alien superior genetics. created man, This theory has been proselytized by  Jordan Maxwell, Zecharia Sitchin, Lloyd Pye to name a few/  Problem they have is that archeologist keep finding older and older humans or evidence of humans back 250,000 years or longer but the history of genetically altered man is stating that they "seeded" us within 6 to 10 thousand years therefore we have a timeline problem. There is also a carbon dating problem all the techniques find different ages in the same test subject so the way they address this problem is to date the item as to the ideal geological column and that has problems as we are told certain stratum is millions of years old and yet bones still have soft tissue and blood that can be reconstituted with water when we are told that eventually living things turn to dust but millions of years is not enough time, the fact that 7 billion are alive today in a million years we will be a mile deep in dead bodies. the difference between Cro-magnon and Neanderthal is almost as far apart as a dog and a clam I think it is stated that 98% of our DNA we do not understand what they are some have called them place holders ? In my mind there is no more important subject than to understand who is our creator or why if aliens are so far ahead of us and so intelligent why do they need to probe people why can they not cogently explain to anyone why they are here and what is their intentions. Once you open the conversation with God or Christ walls go up and rejection to the point of rage, these people are willing to throw tons of money on books invest time as investigators go to national and world wide seminars and after all that none of them are no closer to an answer  just more questions. You would not believe the arguments between UFO believers bigfoot and extraterrestrials then there are others that will fight you calling bigfoot a humanoid / cryptid, the first nation people (Indians) have always said they are people never an ape then there are a mix of those that consider all this with an inter-dimensional source. One of the problems is all of them want to research here and in space spending billions to figure out or find an alien life that can tell us a truth and that is what it would be a version of truth that we still could not validate unless we can reach the next solar system. We would then have to figure if that claim was true or a tale told to them that they take for granted is fact and may or may not be true. I surely know that there is not going to be a Rosetta stone explaining it all but as a Christian I take the bible as my Rosetta stone because if aliens seeded us they would not have any questions or need to investigate us that would be baked into the original design and if we can tell by DNA all that we can they should be light years ahead of us because we have computer models written by people that are still alive and know more now and can predict better each year so if they are just a thousand years ahead consider we have gone from steam to nuclear in a single generation so how much further can we go in a thousand years much less a million ? I am a skeptic not about my faith the more I investigate the more comfortable I am as a Christian, science by fiat or consensus that questions the question with a question and is always changing it's stand or one group is brow beating another leaves me no alternative than to discount their ideas as opinions until further evidence  proves there has to be another answer. Science only finds that which already exists so they are not creating but discovering they cannot improve on flora fauna or earth it is self healing (in time) and self replicating in less than a hundred years we have gone from 1 billion to over 7 billion and the only effect humans have had is to murder each other and all of the wealthy industrialist and bankers are investing in new ways to kill off the people they think are worthless eaters, it's called Agenda 21 or now the 2030 sustainable future. Global warming is now a law in certain nations to deny it is punishable by law in 100 years global temperatures have only increased by .3 degrees or one third of a degree  to quote from a bible is also punishable by law so because ideology is a personal thought process and a religion is a belief system now your thoughts are punishable by law, but desiring under age children, sex with robots or animals, or choosing a gender that has no scientific proof  is either socially acceptable or on the docket to become legal. Why are religious ideals wrong ad personal constructs and feelings able to overcome facts, it's ok to have all the sex partners you want but you can only marry one person ? you can be one person but decide your gender as often as you like ? of the decision to be whatever the individual decides. So then being a bank robber is just an alternative vocation ?  I am terribly afraid that all sports will take the same opinion that all the rules should be thrown out and and each will play his or it's own game by the rules they decide at the moment or they consider advantageous to the moment, why not that is what all the social justle warriors are moaning about. So I just want to be clear on just what rules I have to follow if no one else has to follow any rules ? if there is a question just who is the judge and will they all be of one opinion or can I demand a consensus of more than one judge and if its legal somewhere else then should it not be legal here as well, since the left says no borders is that in legal social and sexual ideals ? I mean if illegal aliens can't be jailed or required to have insurance why can't I get away with skirting the law ? We can't agree on anything here and now how in the hell does anyone think that an alien race can solve all our problems -- what if they are all straight or eat cats or think blowing their nose on you is a compliment ?  I see a lot of problems outside the will and directions of God. if we could have everything we wanted would all men look like Fabio and all women look like Rachel Welch and dogs all be Spuds McKenzie ? if everyone had a yacht wouldn't that raise the sea level and last consider if no one worked if you wanted or needed something you would have to do it yourself because otherwise how would you convince them to do anything if they need nothing  that you could offer, would your wife stay would your kids listen ? if you grew tired and could just walk away from a place a person or  your own children -- would love even exist as a life long social construct ? property does not make us happy people fail to meet our needs and we all get sick and have differing opinions and eventually we die so thinking there is some external accomplishment that can make us happy is a myth or really a lie to ourselves there is not enough money sex or personal adjustments that cannot turn sour or turn on you. Used to people said live your dream now, they can't tell the difference between a dream and a lie or reality and that is psychosis changing gender is multiple personality disorder and substance abuse to fill in the blanks is a slow version of suicide, I guess that is why the Bible advises against such activity --so maybe it is not trying to ruin your life ? but a book of rules to keep us grounded not lost or confused IMHO   just remember PI is not square, they are round it's cornbread that are square and Pythagoras couldn't understand  the math our derivative housing market used to go broke and more important why are banks still speculating on the housing market as we can't bail them out again ?