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Alcohol & Spirituality....Why it’s called SPIRIT...

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Alcohol is the most deceptive drug, and it is a drug, until it's effect takes hold.  Each person has a differing reaction, some seem to be positive, people are happy talkative and fun but when the effect of lowering inhibitions or use to excess alters a persons personality so much that they act as a different person that is when people are most vulnerable.

Ruined lives most women that become pregnant out of wedlock have been under the influence  of alcohol or drugs if a unwanted pregnancy is not enough then a abortion is harder on the person it also effects the male in numerous ways so now 2 people then the family on both sides that know.  Some want the child others loath the father it brings out very negative emotions where news of a child in a marriage is a happy event for the most part the difference is glaring either it;s done the right way or with all the problems of the sinful way.

Most people in prison are there because of drugs or alcohol fueled emotions or inhibitions removed  with or without drugs.  The word Gateway, many laugh but the gate I see is the entrance to a prison or mental health facility.  the mind builds a better prison than that of a human built prison and more escape proof.

over the years I have noticed that words have been hijacked and become a punchline like wicked or evil do not cause people to fear or have any reaction. until a officer slaps on the handcuffs or judge brings down his gavel I have had a woman explain the emptiness and emotions after their abortion i am sure each person sees it in a different light most feel shock or upset and or  ill and many very alone.

Stuffing is not just thanks giving turkey or Christmas stockings it is emotions once the container is full it busts out in all kinds of ways, I think it is a natural defense so we can have time to understand or grieve but when we stuff emotions that we are fully guilty of making the mistakes that caused them or sin we come to grips with our soul or we loose it and fall into an ever soul sucking whirlpool of what most can never escape BUT--------  1 John 1:9  If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

God who sent his Son to give us peace to take our burdens (ALL sin) and freely give us salvation if we  are willing to ask forgiveness and seek his forgiveness.  Jesus then has something to work with, YOUR SOUL.

I have seen this thousands of times  in both ways people accept Christ and become beautiful and productive people,   I have seen the reverse those that never hear or reject the "WORD" or Jesus and are sucked further down the whirlpool,  most die in their shame and sin and when they wake they wake to the judgment their sin and disgrace will be with them and they will be judged not only because they are guilty but because they rejected forgiveness / JESUS  God who came lived as an example to all that he was perfect, died for no crime tortured and died for our sake and in our place for our sin and ALL SINS of those that will accept Him as lord and savior.

I do not recall laughing at or rejecting but I do recall not accepting  the gift,  somehow I knew once I took it my life would change and for part of my life I thought I was having too much "fun" and what I failed to see was fun was weighting me down guilt was building up like barnacles on the hull of a ship so thick it altered my direction and use up resources like money time and emotions for things I thought were far behind me, but that is never the case your sins will catch up to you and eventually bury you.   All my sin is GONE  Romans 8:1 8 There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

I have seen the power of forgiveness of truth and a life redeemed by Christ Jesus. and I have seen the complete misery and self loathing of a life lived in selfishness and ignoring that hey need Jesus (forgiveness ) as they are one and the same.    Spiritualism Humanism try to sear your soul tell you that you are able to forgive yourself you can no more do that than perform open heart surgery on yourself and by yourself IMHO.

If you feel guilty you avoid those you feel guilty about or build barriers against them. Once your told your forgiven it either sets you free or opens your hatred toward them because you do not want to feel you have done someone wrong and who are they to think your wrong or that your guilty of wronging them ! people are just as complex as strange and are capable of imagining and building  false facts out of  illogical motives delusions and emotions o protect themselves from the truth.   I mean really you got to be a great B.S.ter if you can con yourself to that degree what does that say about a persons sanity ?

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