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Global warming and subliminal brain washing !

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Al  "I started the Internet"  Gore must have been mistaken it is suppose have higher sea levels in fact that is why I bought where I did I figured by now I would have beach front property.  Well I don't and all the movie stars that have beach front property are still there --- go figure.

It is colder than a witch's tit stuck to a well diggers azz here and that is uncommon but happens we had snow and that is a every 10 year event,  so weather is not liner ?  Who knew LMAO  When the Gobi desert or the Atacama desert become wine country I ill consider Global warming again neither has had enough water to sustain a cactus in 100,000 years so pardon me if I tell the scientist that dreamed up all this horse hockey that they have dishonored and undermined science and showed them for what they are whores of the global one world system that tried to hook us into a carbon tax that would have destroyed America ability to be the top of the heap ignored India and China's toxic  billions of tons of pollution while taxing us into a 3rd world country. The EU would have been lighting their Cuban cigars with 100 dollar bills laughing at us.

Fox news LMAO I may seem very sexist but here it goes when you have a bunch of bleach blond ex-prom and beauty queens spouting they are scared of anthrax or biological weapons being placed on a North Korean ICBM your talking fear mongering at it's lowest.  And I smell a BIG RAT this is the same crap Bush pulled on us with "weapons of mass destruction"  hell every nation with a monetary system has Chemical or biological weapons or can whip up a batch all it takes is brains and some lab equipment If Shoko Ashahara who mastermind the Tokyo subway attack in 1995 could produce Sari-N who couldn't . CBN's  or CHEMICAL OR BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS ARE FINITE  they may kill millions but still not everyone and any weapon that goes beyond a geological barrier or continent would jump or be sent in reprisal back to the sender so It is not viable.  Now I hate to quote a man I think was not as good as his press  was FDR who stated. "we have nothing to fear but fear itself"  he was absolutely correct.  he failed to add that we must respond in time with an appropriate and devastating act that none can question as a ruthless annihilation of an enemy !  Fox news is now playing the fear of all the wrong things card.  EMP is what I fear and waiting for these Nimrods to fire one is totally stupid,  America needs to remind the world that we ascribe to the MAD initiative or Mutually Assured Destruction Israel has the Samson protocol both explain that if we are attacked we will bring down all nations responsible to the stone age with massive nuclear attacks on major cities world wide of our enemies.

We need to shoot down all of North korea's missiles  once they exceed altitude of commercial aircraft and the overhead airspace of their country allowing the rouge nation to splash down weapons in the sea of japan or the Indian ocean is an act of preemptive threat of war and as every time America has waited we have been sucker punched.   ICBM's are not the only way of transporting a weapon.

Thinking outside the box is not a trait of educated people they are more like lemmings follow the party line tote water and protect the leader because they hold everyones job in their hand.  Since all the ideas that government implements comes from think tanks and colleges or academia and none of those ideas have improved infrastructure, health care, diplomacy, warfare why would anyone think that it is possible fro them to pull a rabbit out of the hat at this juncture.

the middle class is mostly comprised of government bureaucrats who look after family and college  brothers and sisters so that when they are in danger they can call in the calvary to save their jobs.  did any of the alphabet groups loose their jobs ? NO they all left with retirement and benefits that they tried to frustrate or deny their fellow Americans for political of financial reasons. but interlopers from all over the globe they assisted in getting them food stamps, SSI, health care, education, funded informations systems so aliens could have translators and information in each of their languages even legal aid and tax deferrals for foreign owed businesses for 10 years and help with SBA loans and even cash assistance for asylum aliens from enemy governments ---what did you get   ?

We have an amazing system if it were to work for Americans we could through charitable organizations help aliens look up on any search engine how many types of visa's there are the Diversity visa the 0-1 the EB-2 the J1 the S visa and the temporary worker and of course th alien favorite ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION as then they get everything and more under another name in another county or state even teenage children can fake being a mother of one of their siblings and get twice the health care  and aid in another region.

In my area we have many crosses for people that died from vehicle accidents and many are from illegal aliens with no license or insurance, so why is there no push for a law to make it mandatory for any vehicle to be sold to only a license holder with a history of being insured or 6 months of paid vehicle insurance ? in the last year I know of more than a few incidents of totaled vehicles where the responsible party ad no insurance or license and ran from the accident or were not even given a ticket after injuring and or destroying a persons vehicle even rendering the injured disabled for weeks or months unable to work and support themselves and our wondrous agencies do so little to nothing drag their feet to offer help.  Workman's comp is a legal way to cheat  employees out of care or monetary compensation because they drag out for 2 years then drop your claim because you waited too long running you to their doctors who have no incentive to help in fact quite the opposite they get paid for any service and the more appointments the more money if your healed quick less money, and they got you for 2 years !

Create a problem offer a solution and submit a budget to implement your solution to a problem you created circular logic that sucks money makes a more bloated bureaucracy hiring all your insiders and getting your family members in other support agencies so when the congressional hearings come,  and they will you can circle the wagons and pass the buck and have inter agency intermediates to get the blame so it does not cross agency boundaries.

As we see from Trumps changes when we were told could not happen unless they had more hearings meetings and Washington 2 step B.S. that Trump has shown it  is not needed to get things done, and both sides have been playing us using political theater and reverse / perverse psychology.   They have well trained speech writers who CRAFT words to elicit a desired response from a known segment of society not necessarily all voters to gather emotions and fervor to march,  riot or arm social media with a narrative to blanket social media  and spark MSM or vice versa  creating a perpetual cycle of fake or real news spun to order for "local new for local consumption" a phrase I got from David Paulides who got it from elsewhere but it is revealing once you understand that is how the demographics are manipulated at the local level by party or single issue voter block. We are being maneuvered by very savvy people paid to do what was made illegal years ago called subliminal information.  Instead of using inserted single frames of video they use facial expressions or micro facial moves used by actors to make us believe the speaker and prepared scripts and insert what seems to be impromptu reaction of fear loathing or feigned surprise  or concern, Remember these are actors not real journalists and each has a political or social interest they are not impartial or seeking the truth for truths sake.

Follow the money, birds of a feather and the reverse logic of DO look a gift horse in the mouth because nothing is free may save our country !



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ICBM’s are for nuclear weapons, not for weaponized chemical delivery systems. Any of Fox News multitude of ex-Military experts would have shared that tidbit with the bleach bl9nde talking heads.

Tactical missles, VERY short range can be used, but, artillery and mortar  delivery are the most often used and on battlefield troops.  Aerial short range spraying has been used in Syria and Iraq. 

It would be far more effective if the MalignantDwarfNORK, had some of his minions, bring in chemical Weapons, via our southern border and deploy them in large metro areas. Chemical agents, anthrax, etc, are all short range, short duration tools. Egads, can’t these journalistic professionals even read for themselves? 

I am weaning myself off televised “news”, because most is digital excrement anyway. 

Fear mongering, only is effective, when the Sheeple are too apathetic to do their own reading and research. Then, most Sheeple, will simply be infected with the “Ostrich Syndrome”, and bury their heads wherever they can, to avoid reality, leaving their assets completely exposed. Better for society, that the Ostrich Herd gets thinned from time to time than further increasing the ranks of the Entitlement Brigades.

The laws of natural selection are not a bad thing at all.

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What got me was the number of ex or current As of 2014, the VA estimates there were 22 million military veterans in the U.S. population. If you add their figures on veterans to the active personnel numbers mentioned above, 7.3 percent of all living Americans have served in the military at some point in their lives.  I think active personnel is .04%

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