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Hi folks; my name is Greg. My wife and I have been married 40yrs and we have been prepping for about 15yrs. I'm a retired telecom operations manager and since retiring from the phone company became an RN working the ER a couple shifts a week. My wife is an RN also with a much longer, more extensive background. We have 2 grown sons and are in semi-retirement since moving from Georgia to Kentucky.

We live in a very sparsely populated agricultural community on 20 acres of very fertile farm land. We don't do any farming other than a small garden. We currently raise rabbits for meat and deer hunt for the meat. We were suburban residents on 2 acres 30 miles SE of Atlanta. We moved here to be far away from a city and have a couple of family members who have lived and farmed here all their lives.


Our property has a barn with a chicken coop, two 1 acre goat fenced pastures, a small 1/2 acre pond, a large insulated shop/garage. The shop has several heavy duty shelving units that we stockpile dry and canned goods, also an excellent supply of and and power tools. We are both very good rifle shots and we shoot several time a week. We shoot mostly some RWS and Webley air rifles due to the low cost of pellets and excellent accuracy. We have many .22 rifles and pistols along with many center fire rifles, pistols and shotguns that we shoot on occasion.


Our outdoor skills a pretty decent but we don't consider  our selves as survivalists just fairly well prepared for the future. We have a large library with useful books on most prepping and how-to subjects. I have been a licensed amateur radio operator with about 50yrs on the air several times a week.


That may be more info than needed for an intro; just wanted to say that we are not ignorant on topics that might be of interest. I look forward to being on this forum with many like minded people and learning more each day. Greg







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Welcome to the forum I hope you like it here.

reading your post the only addition to your preparations are a few well hidden root cellars, to cache goods,  don't keep all your eggs in one basket. I am of the mindset that these need to be far enough from the main structure so if you must you can either shelter from a stronger group, hide children have a resupply if a restart is needed from storms Fires, home invasions by stealth or plot.  Since you have the property to support diverse caching you should consider this as well as using these as storm shelters. Obvious structures are the center of attention misdirection is a part of any multi pronged plan to remain in control of your property.

Just as people practice for fire to exit and meet ASAP so should a family prepare to evacuate by preplanned safe route and assemble at a remote location and a way  to  signal to others if they are successful.  a water line can transmit tapping from one spigot to another far from the main structure and can even supply water to root cellars,  or hides on the property, this also gives you water to fight or control fires on your property fill tanks for watering, fertilizing or insect control. just plan pipe and pump size so you can have enough volume for emergency use. you can't fight a fire with a 3/4 inch water line.



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    • thats sounds soooooooo good snake....i'm hungry now!
    • Well this is the time of your I look forward to summer well more like spring, here in Texas we get a nice season most times it rolls right into summer but it is a few weeks of cool weather followed by spring and the blustery winds of April and May.  I hope it is not too wet but we can also have a lot of showers in this time of year I hope so as if we get cold snaps it just screws up the plants some years I have gotten no figs at all other good years a bumper crop. Tomorrow I have to prune the grape vines really two runners from each I leave those mains and cut off everything so basically 2 main runners naked as a J-bird as grapes only fruit off "new wood"  I also need to cut out all the previous years canes that gave me blackberries last year the new canes from last year will bloom berries the old canes are dead wood so need to be cut out.  I planted carrots and I had to cover them with sheet plastic to protect them from the snow and ice they are growing well and should be ready in late march and go on through April   If you live in certain zones the day after Good Friday is considered the safe time to start your summer garden but the further north the more possibility of a freak freeze in that case you need to cover your plants with cut out bottom milk jugs ot a visqueen / plastic sheet tenting them so frost or freeze won't kill them in this part of the country we can actually have 2 gardens before ate October if you rip it up and replant instead of nursing along plants that are doomed to die anyway we can also grow seedlings up to replace so you have a jump on the second season. I am so looking for yellow squash and fresh tomatoes and all the other garden goodies like fresh fried okra. I do not copy what others grow in bulk I have friends that grow water melons corn and a few other items so I don't duplicate I trade.  Just a note for new gardeners don't waste your money on tomato cages buy concrete reinforcement wire 5 foot tall and make your own they last many many years they also do good for running plants like beans and cucumbers etc. they need to be about 16 to 18 inches in diameter and as the tomatoes grow keep the main stalk  in the cage as log as you can my tomatoes grow 3 to 5 foot depending on the specie and the more limbs and stalk in the cage the more fruit it can bear without breaking the limbs and thus killing the plants ability to produce more on that limb, as once the limb breaks over it is like putting a tourniquet on your arm it cuts off the circulation and that part of the limb dies. certain Berries and grapes are plant once and keep them trimmed at the end of winter and your fruit should come in each year fruit trees usually need freeze protection so pick wisely what will thrive in your area with a minimum of upkeep.   Here Fig trees do well I have a couple of pomegranates a four years and no fruit as of yet maybe this year  they are both 6 foot plus now.  I always grow Jalapeños Serrano's and birds eye peppers this year is the second for my horseradish  and  I am looking to see how much root it has put on My ginger plants need to re-potted in larger planters I am getting a few 45 gallon nursery tubs as they have outgrown their 55 gallon drum cutoffs I like the scent of fresh ginger leaves.Once I get the horseradish established I intend to replant and let it grow wild along the front fence my elephant garlic and onions are doing ok  just looking for another easy plant to start raising.  
    • sounds like your wearing a 1970s leisure suit, good mention though
    • already do all that my traps are right now live traps damn coons and squirrels are my trouble but since they taste good no problem to big with more taters and gravy. anyone that is not up on self defense or "gun" handling is way behind the 8 ball. it's not that training is not important but there comes a point where your gilding the Lilly and dry firing is the cause of more firearms damage than every other use of a firearm unless one uses a snap cap and if you already know how when and what to shoot it's not time well spent.  Prepping the art of being prepared I am already there all I do ow is back fill and reorder until the flag goes up.  I'm sure I will want some new toy but to be truthful if people can keep their head down 90 days there will be very little to deal with as all the unprepared will have dealt each other out of the game. Cabin fever and doing ninja rolls in the urban jungle scoping out all the stuff you should already have only places you in the cross-hairs of a opportunistic sniper who's spotter will clean you like a chicken for Sunday dinner.  water holes are always a bad place to go to as everyone else will be needing /wanting water. depending on the situation rivers streams and wells may be polluted by the dead since animals will be left to their own roving packs of dogs will add to the otherwise difficult task of roaming around. many a good man has walked up on a spider hole handful of punji sticks leg traps fall traps etc etc etc. its great to be an armchair commando the field test is a bit trickier. I can also see where like many countries in the recent unpleasantness released their zoo critters I know of people that keep large dangerous exotic pets. roaming through homes and commercial centers may lead to some real surprises people are funny that way if they want to punish people that try to steal their sh*t  it may have strings attached ! I already know how to field strip or dress most anything I will encounter that I need or can use if it takes a large vehicle to move better to decommission and move on. piles of goods probably have love apples hidden and some have NO DELAY click bang in a real nasty world there are thousands of ways to meet your end and curiosity kills more than cats. most fields can hold hundreds of people ask any Masai warrior .  Mountains or hills can hold an avalanche of rocks and Switzerland has never been invaded by any army since 1499. Defenses are not always perfect as General Patton stated, that fixed fortifications are monuments to mans stupidity".  Sun Tzu, " The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.  My quote is screw em' all but 6 and baptize them in sh*t  or If I follow anyone they are in chains. whoever said it ," if you want a friend get a dog was a deep thinker and knew the frailties of the human condition.  If you see a dog growling at it's own shadow think of me I have trust issues    
    • they'd better be learning hand to hande, working out, gun handling, dryfiring and studying survival subjects on the kindle reader, grinding grain, checking the nets and traps, etc. What makes you "think" that there will BE any leisure time?