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Silicon Valley’s Doomsday Prepping for a Economic Apocalypse...

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LMAO  I'm so skert I may poop my jammies  YAAAAHHAAAHOOHOO HO !

Them there pistol grip rifles are not legal in commiefornia  and is that mag over 10 rounds ??? I like the way he did a door entry hahahaha full frontal entry who could miss a dumb azz like that I guess he can't shoot off hand.

If I had my druthers I would use low lighting and multiple mirrors bead drapes door treads risers hell there are a hundred ways to make trouble for BETA tactics. flooring surface that is good for you is good for them so change your shoes or add grip for your tactics anyone that does not have an approach covered with a bed of nails  oil or a drop may as well put down a welcome mat IMHO.

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