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Full disclosure

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Full disclosure this statement means neither full or closed,  we have to understand any statement video or recording not from an original source is subject to personal opinion, preconceived  beliefs and even some personal fear and or loathing.

The clock is ticking the greatest generation is dying off as of now less that 5% are still alive and those that had information on historic events some of these include the operation paper clip,  fake death of Hitler Roswell incident and dozens of others. We are being denied truth from official channels disinformation and outright lies, to cover or disavow knowledge or actual events.

We are looking at sometime in the near future some form of full disclosure, Consider my words carefully, we all know that above a certain level we are less than sheep and if they choose to disclose anything it is for their own reasons money power or to cover for a more horrible truth.  There are numerous radio and Internet outlets that have for years tickled our ears with paranormal and military incidents mostly from sources that could not be corroborated. Now we have actual first hand testimony of people on their death bed or while they were still healthy making a legal statement with witnesses to affirm the truth their actions and pertinent information relating to the incidents.  Because the information is coming out, all the years of lies and disinformation have done their worst and now have made the truth from eye witnesses high ranking officers a joke or a punch line.

I am waiting on full disclosure on UFO's and or extraterrestrials because all of the witnesses and their families have made statements or have admitted to hearing from their mothers fathers own testimony that Roswell was real there were 2 crash sites 7 entities and one survived the initial crash the craft and portions were collected and removed. The proof is the outrageous threats of death destruction of their businesses  and financial ruin. before the men in black it was done by leading law officers a 3 letter agency I won't name and military officers or MP's  up to and including the threat of killing their children if the secret was not kept.  Somewhere around 1987 the cracks in the dam came within 10 years it had broken down all the witnesses had decided to defend themselves and their legacy from tarnish by making a confession or statement of the events as they remember.  The hook is that all of the statements made interlock and form a complete picture a real and true time line that is verified by witnesses in other parts of the country as well as all the persons civilians police firemen and officer eyewitnesses. 

The fear of the powers that be of disclosure is that the fabric of our nation will crumble it may even make people give up work fall away from religion and even cause the downfall of the monetary system. In my minds eye I could see where if a system was threatened they may decide to deflect and use the Samson initiative bringing down the house hoping to survive and raise to a new leader since the fog of destruction eliminated the history of their  involvement   like magic it is misdirection or like politics culpable denial.

All roads lead to Rome I'll leave that hanging out there.

Everything that is or was comes from the Trinity,  any other would attempt to disguise by mimicry of worldly systems  to me these would be political ( as it controls the legal system) religious and information systems today a group or culture would make sure that it would have the power money and authority to manipulate or intimidate all of these as well as control information from source to end user, and know who researched or tapped into particular information for many reasons to accuse to to delineate those who may be agreeable or opponents or if certain people are total sheep self deluded. However you see this I come to the conclusion it will separate the sheep and  goats or tares and wheat,  believers and unbelievers more so people with a backbone and spineless jellyfish.  

I ask that each person that reads this to cinch down their beliefs / gird your loins and be ready for the storm I have some hope that our present leader may delay coming events or by some off chance be what is needed in that time I really do not know all I have are feelings and shifting humor,  ideals and morals these are the touchstones of a shift in world conscience.  Every major war has started with a social change through Social justice,  brow beating and militantism my own word for a group not military or police a force of militants forcing an agenda and usually differing groups under a veil of rights and dignity when it comes to pass it brings forth death, destruction and humiliation first to those that oppose them and then it falls on them. If you doubt my assertion look up the holocaust the laughing faces of guards and police beating  people herding them into rail cars and slaughtering them in concentration camps then look at those same haughty faces in their trials at Nuremberg --- they do not look so proud and joyful then, do they ?   This is coming again  it has the same face of the Nazi's to mold the children they pick a group to be the scapegoat bolster their lost pride and ego by beating and abusing them once they are drunk with vanity and power over them  pick bigger fights and the blood starts to flow then they become a bully,  master and lord over everyone steal homes property and murder anyone that calls them out.  It is happening now is gaining momentum and all it will take is the right spark at the right time we may miss it but history will find and record it.  During the Nazi reign it was Krystalknocken the night of broken glass.  Where brown shirts ran through the Jewish area and broke windows destroyed businesses beat Jews and stole,while the police looked on  blaming the Jews for all their failures.  The loss of the First world war the monetary system failure and corruption was all heaped on the Jews,  the German people for the most part took it hook line and sinker.  we are seeing large numbers of young people that want no gender believe they are being ignored don't want to work too proud to work want to start at the top and want to tell everyone how to think speak and act and shout down anyone that does not tow their line and use the law to protect them and it does.  They lie and cheat and destroy property to get their way or blackmail by violence or threat of same.

It's coming I feel the first signal is the collapse of our monetary system the ripples that go out will be just as we see Venezuela predicament worthless money, civilian unrest, gangs, violence and murder. Lack of food /  hunger spotty utilities high crime prostitution rape black markets and all the other things that befall a failed system IMHO.

Would you want to be a truck driver bringing in a load of food  or medicine ? how would you like to be a local political leader a police officer or a judge all the people it takes for a civilized society are under threats,  pressure or constant bribes from one side or the other your damed if you do starve if you don't.

There are a few reasons why the stock market soars we are the only game in town or all the others are faltering or both or there is a game of musical chairs betting on us and hoping to pull out before the crash all the while drawing off profits converting into a monetary medium like gold silver oil etc before the crash. Only problem is  Ezekiel 7:19  King James Version
They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity.

I find the part Their gold will be removed  interesting as President Roosevelt who all the progressives praise like a god in 1933 made a executive order to confiscate all the gold to bail out the banks and get us out of insolvency in other words the government stole all the gold made it a felony to hoard gold or posses it.   I feel that it will happen again only this time both gold, silver and property that can be sold on an open market and as you really don't own your land you rent it through taxes that too will be stolen from you by escalating inflation and huge increases in taxes.  When your homeless you have no 2nd amendment rights and no right to privacy and  only what you can carry on your back and can only keep it if your powerful enough to defend it.

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    • LMAO, Shepard Smith was on with a guy from a group that supposedly defends reports and guess what again the phrase< "American reporter that worked for the New York post" DUH he was not an American citizen. So what are we to do fire 55.000 worker dump the stock market by 1/3rd to appease the press the same press that did not defend the rights of Alex Jones HELL at least Bill Maher gets it and admonished a group he was in front of stating he did not agree with Alex Jones but he had the right to speak his mind,  but not a peep out of Shepard smith who thinks he's a journalist he couldn't write jingles for toilet paper. they put up some amazing number like 1400 that have been killed since 1992 but out of that only 24 were targeted the rest were collateral damage during fire fights. 24 for the whole world since 1992 wholly sh*t it's an epidemic IT's Russian collusion look there's a naked woman in someones bed. When you piss someone off your likely to get killed. Hell let's nominate Koshogi for sainthood OOPS sorry he is not a Catholic he's a MUSLIM. we need to stop muslim on muslm killing LMAO or it might catch on...lets hop so. I wnat to know where are the investigations on Hillery's dead pool how about the 10,00 plus dead for invading 5 countries in 5 years ALA George Bush then more stupidity from Obama What about over 1 million Christians murdered by Islamist since 2001 not a friggin' peep women taken in war for sex slave damn little rhetoric on that what about Lois Lerner from the IRS stifling freedom of association and political freedom? against Republican groups / tea party  only.
    • Californian are running like rats off a sinking ship don't let them win election in your tow county or state, why because they have not learned a damn thing they screwed up everything possible in Commiefornia and now that it is untenable they run away.  Three quarters of all the major cities are democrats in commiefornia and a bunch have had to file for bankruptcy they promised the city workers police fire and prison / jailers that they would have a forever pension with all healthcare and increases LMAO well it is time to pay and the b@stards are going to the bathroom to avoid paying the check. Commiefornians are coming soon to a town near you remember who they are and treat them like your lazy lying brother in-law. It's not that they are bad people it's that they are stupid just like New York city dwellers the rest of the state of New York is OK but they are trapped by the city no matter how they vote or what they do locally the city is the state and makes all the laws and rules for the state everyone else is like a person that closed the door on the taxi with their coat hung in it they are along for the ride and the ending is not going to be fun. I live near enough to Houston to see what democratic leaders smell like, snake oil and money illicit money there are enough gangs and dope there to float a tanker off a sand bar, and some how it gets laundered and ends up as political contributions.  the police department pension keeps going broke and they steal it from the fire department to make up the shortfall. Tehy can't keep criminals in jail because there are too many so they let them out to prey on more working citizens but I digress this rant is about Californians. The word sh*t bird means a person that where ever they light they crap all over and leave that is the definition of any of the escapees from the major democratic cities, as in San Francisco Las Angeles, Seattle, Portland Oregon, Detroit Chicago, New York, Boston, look at what they are allowing murders minimal sentencing on drug felons handing out needles condoms and credit cards to homeless criminals (they have ongoing police records) a tax on everything and fees tolls user fees  and more controls on private property and corruption in your face. Here is a few little videos on how illegal immigration hurts American citizens keeps pay scale down and kills local jobs for local children.         GREAT VIDEO ABOUT A LIVING WAGE          
    • I want to double down on my statement that ALL how many is that, ALL governments have a hit list for years any one of political or scientific stature has been in the cross hairs of their own country or another. recently HUNDREDS of genetic scientists have been killed all over the world China and North Korea have killed people Kim had his brother killed Russia has killed more than a few with Radio active elements this is just the tip of the iceberg nation states murder people all the time how about the Princes Dianna witnesses ?  Want to talk about a death toll Bill and Hilary's count could stretch across D.C. Any youtube search even if only partially correct  makes your sphincter catch second gear. At east all of Trumps detractors are still alive. While Bill was Governor there is a recording of his brother saying Bill has a nose like a vacuum  cleaner speaking about cocaine. so White Water all the sexploits and the stories of  Clinton foundation are all political lies well you can't sweep over a hundred dead under the carpet without leaving some lumps. Presstitutes (journalists that get paid to write poison pen notes) have built a wall around the Clinton's but I see that wall starting to crack all the lies spouted by the left seem to be reality but not on Trump but on the Clinton's they colluded with Russia they corrupted the upper echelon of all the alphabet agencies into Uranium One and a host of other nefarious deals. It's hard to rob a bank as big as the U.S. government unless you have some lookouts and insiders IMHO. I don't think much of either of the BUSH family as thy touted the same line as Obama the jobs are gone and they are not coming back our economy was not as good as it could have been but then again if your working for the banks and the E.U. and not the Americans that voted you in well you see what I mean. Bush Sr. made a speech and in it, " A New World Order" that should have sent shudders up and down the voter pool but because America is like 27th on the educational level of all countries you can see where that went over their heads. Everyone knows if your not smart street or otherwise your going to get taken and the American taxpayer has been fleeced screwed and lied to for so long they expect it and look forward to it NOW that Trump is in office they are begining to wake up and see all the lies from the last 4 administrations jobs can come back law and order can be restored we can have jobs and better trade deals and taxes do not have to go up every year now he is pressing to make all departments cut 5% given time he will pay for the military and the wall if we can give him a majority in the house and senate I think healthcare will be the next domino to topple.   WHAT HAVE WE GOT TO LOOSE WE KNOW WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO FOR 40 YEARS GET OFF YOUR AZZ AND KNEES AND GO OUT AND VOTE.
    •   The 800 pound gorilla in the room is 55,000 jobs compared to one dumbazz journalist who had picked a side in this fight like all the Trump haters in our news services. Make no mistake there is nothing better than allowing thie incident to cut the throat of American jobs / manufacturing and drive down all the increased jobs that make the Obama administration look like the fools they were a quote from Obama was, "those jobs are never coming back" he was a fool then and made it worse by stating Trump would never be president.  It is not Just 55,000 jobs it is the stock market will also take a hit another reason for the left to to take a victory lap and jeer that Trump policies were pie in the sky Socialists will do anything to destroy this country "out of Chaos, order" they are doing their best to back socialists candidates who's policies will put us in the poor house, they want open boarders and then make Americans pay for their healthcare housing and food stamps and if they make another baby more more more goes out to minimum wage workers or flatbackers (whores)  I have seen this in bars that I have run, a short fall in their budget they go out and find a open wallet that needs some companionship, it's called prostitution. As far as this journalists now on fox news Harris Falkner is calling him an American based journalists to make it sound like he is an American citizen, He IS BOT. I had a lot of respect for Harris Falkner but she has shot that in the AZZ as far as I am concerned her and Don Lemon should start dating, but I don't think he's into women. Since the toppling of Rupert Murdock and his replacement I have seen a definite shift of some of the Fox news host to the left but there have been those that hated Trump from the beginning Daina Perino was a never Trumper along with Shepard Smith who wears more eyeliner than any woman I know. Bill Hemmer is a piece of work he just want to magnify himself he would shoot himself to get attention (attention deficit disorder ). Jon Scott his family couldn't spell so he was traumatized by their ignorance so he decided to get a degree and forgot to change his name to JOHN he is about as exciting as bumper rust. Brian Kilmead another Attention deficit disorder  champion, then there is  Eric Bolling  a never Trumper he is a democrat in a morons clothing I think he successful at fooling us he's not, just left of pocket book style Yankee liberal who probably voted for New York Mayor  Bill de Blasio.  I see where the Democrats want to take down Trump and they are willing to tank America to do it because any fool knows when the stock market falls it goes right back up so it would make them look like saviors if they manipulate the president into making this Koshogi journalist thing into a pull the Saudi Military arms deal out from under 55,000 American workers  The democrats don't give a hoot in hell about Americans especially if they have a job, they want sniveling crawling beggars at their feet begging for the crumbs Trump gave them back while they hold the whip and send our jobs overseas and make a fat check for doing it.  
    • I pay 2.45 here of course we don't have free health care