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BULLYING  at some point we all experience it. it can be physical mental or from cover by some person backstabbing you it can happen to anyone age, size, shape, looks it makes no difference, except it has a seemingly more profound effect on those who may have a self esteem or physical issue or ailment.

Listening to the MSM tonight they made it seem like it is a simple intervention that requires a stern and mature action LMAO NOT !!! Children are unpredictable and by law untouchable what if they attack you ?  Up to and including verbal restraint or accusation and if there are no witnesses or too many the reports can range from you made them cry to you were abusive or insensitive now your on the hot seat.

People process bullying in as many ways as there are people who have to deal with it. there is no simple or singular answer because people are complicated.  The worst trouble is if it is only verbal any physical defense makes those who use it as the problem and that is far from truth.  People that use physical abuse style bullying have the lowest form of self esteem other than the absolute most vile is those that use textual bullying from cover using a pseudonym  or fake social media account then there is the disguised calls writing on local public spaces on the persons property expressing violent or sexually explicit messages that can stem from jealousy hatred or self promotion in a group of like minded cliques. then there is the ones that have an attraction rooted in a positive or negative connotation meaning that it can ba a repulsive desire / sexual act or misplaced emotions. Like when we were kids we would push kiddingly  punch in the arm  some physical contact to gain the attention of those we wanted to befriend or be a companion, somewhere in those innocent moments forward individuals either became more mature or infantile and some viscous and or narcissistic.

Dealing with youths I have seen this in some who feel rejected in a relationship either actual or imagined attraction and it can get very intense raised voices insults verbal challenges on social media violence threats from just calling them out in public trying to rally public opinion against the other. these are all mild and in time most will settle themselves taking sides or making one more responsible than the other unless blatantly obvious can make the situation worse. like the surface of the water many facts are hidden that lie just beneath.

I know that in order to access the true nature or root some investigation or probing questions and a sixth sense in some cases and others you can see it for what it is.  Remember the punished can easily transfer blame to the victim and act out in destructive or violent ways. some people are very good at masking their feelings and acting as if they regret their actions all the while plotting revenge, as I said people are complicated and so are their personalities people you never thought could do violence do in rage others damage others property or concoct lies to injure the other person. One of the most evil is one that is patient and is a sociopath. Many mental health care professionals  look at those harming animals starting fires or cruel practical jokes meant to do physical harm and a joyful reaction to others pain and suffering these are harder to spot and can take out their hatred on the authoritarian figure and the victim  their families pets and property.

This is why most people turn a blind eye to incidents of bullying because the depth of responsibility and danger there, and until it rears it's ugly head most people cannot see the depth until they are in over their head,  and may have made the situation worse or involved themselves in a youths problem where the authorities are hostile to adults intervention.  Where the youths play the sides against each other or are willing to lie steal cheat plant evidence cut your break lines steal your vehicle accuse adults of misconduct you name it it has happened and I have seen it from coworkers friends and acquaintances.   I know why people are reticent to get involved.  If you have watched enough crime shows where children have lured others out to murdered them,  torched homes or had them accused of crimes they did not commit.  Hell they shoot teachers for bad grades and other children for their tennis shoes and sports jackets,  you best know your out of your depth and if your going to get involved. You better let others know record interaction and report to more than one authority because you could be left out in the cold people say they got your back and if they chicken out your on your own needing a lawyer.

Bullying by it's nature means the individual has a problem it is not natural to torment another person those that derive mental or physical stimulus from terrorizing or tormenting others are sick,   it may be momentary they may even have a reason imagined or real none the less you add in hormones and quirky puberty and awkward interactions rebellious age and you have a cocktail for disaster.  A gang none of them were over 20 attacked gang rapped and murdered 2 girls I think the oldest was 13.  Working in the prison system numerous other acts nothing less than demonic by literal children by age or emotional mental state,  still there are people maimed murdered lives ruined.  Just remember this post when you think your all empowered and on the side of right because once you step off the curb it becomes your baby IMHO.


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    • I am glad this is happening if there is not a example to show sheeple how completely wrong it is not vet or to saddle the American people with groups that are a anathema to our political and judicial system.  the want to change our system to theirs and overthrow any semblance of America.  Strange that the pest holes they come from are smoking pile of death and destruction you would think they would grow a brain and choose peace and life but that is not possible for a religion of peace as I only judge people by their actions.