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Fox News so fair and balanced I think I will stop watching

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Fox News so fair and balanced I think I will stop watching.

I seldom watch Fox News because of the drama it is starting to look like wrestling, today Eboni Williams one of the vocal left wing nuts is on the couch this morning.  She is so blinded by her bias she tried to waste Sheriff Clark's on air time by filling it with a history lesson on Rep. John Lewis  D (GA) who has decided to turn a opportunity to heal this countries racial divide and make a political issue against President Donald Trump by not appearing at the opening of the Civil Rights museum.  Further more he has made racist statements that Trumps appearance makes a mockery of everything people tried to do to redeem the soul of America.  If that is not divisive and basically calling our President a racist and insulting Him I do not know what is IMHO.

Back to Eboni Williams Sheriff Clark knew what she was attempting by running her head on and on  she was just to eat up his time that is the lefts go to play is to fill the air with their voice and if that does not work, (and it didn't ) to speak over and waste more time.  She is the epitome of of Fake news and information,   filtering it through her racist brain and she is a foaming at the mouth racist She thinks only blacks can speak to black issues,  that has not worked look at all the areas where the black community has horrible crime homicide and rampant drug dealing and death like CHICAGO ! it is not like Chicago is being run by the Klan now is it ?  Eboni decided to bump Sheriff Clark and he being that well educated man that he is reminded her that if not for the Republicans in the 1960's there would not have been a Civil rights act.  That is what sent Eboni over the edge she stated she did not need a history lesson but really what she was saying was she did not want the watchers on Fox to know the true history of the Civil Rights act and that Republicans are not all racists  and Democrats like governor  George Wallace were,  and if up to them the Civil rights act would never gotten off the ground !  Anyone that can recall that era knows that Governor Wallace was the one that said he would, "pay for any black persons ticket back to Africa".  you want to talk about racism lets talk the Democratic party that talk out their promise their constituents better lives and it never happens NEVER. Democrats do not care about anyone but their own power and greed (very general statement) as there are some that do care but,  so few because their colleagues beat them back threaten and coerce as you see now no Democrats will cross over and work with the Republicans on any issue and in doing so are killing people in the black community who need health care and services jobs and the riddance of gangs drugs and crime.

I do not need a person like Eboni Williams filtering truth and spouting her form of racism I do not want division and that is all she brings to the table if Fox is going to do that then they should have equal representation and bring on a Nazi or a Klansman on her off days so we can hear the other side of hatred and division because there are two sides that are BOTH WRONG ! Eboni and her ilk and David Duke and his IMO. 

As long as these race baiting antagonistic power mongers hold places in government no good will come instead of being involved in the process they obstruct and then say they were refused access and inclusion of a body they are members of ??? anyone that believes that is drinking the koolaid too religiously IMHO.  I don't believe everything Republicans spout depending on who's spouting off  Some on the right offend me because I know they are only self interested and only want to maintain their own power and extend it.

Jim Brown of football fame who I know has had racism and hate used on him and was playing during the sickening racism of his time but overcame and succeeded by being a hard working focused individual became a much loved football player and actor . He wanted to support Kaepennick   but would not disrespect his flag or country and I agree there are positive ways to your goal and there are negative.  Colin Kaepernick  has shot himself and his message in the foot and his actions led to the low attendance and peoples renewed disinterest in the game.

Don't waste my time telling me whats wrong without telling me your version of how to fix it !  People like Sheriff Clark explain and back those that are actually doing something to FIX IT.  Sheriff Clark has been the point of the spear and if I am going to be educated it sure is not going to be a person like Eboni Williams who IMHO only upsets people.  When I see Sheriff Clark and many people like him I pay attention and want to hear what he has to say.   Eboni Williams as soon as I see her I tune her out I have already heard her rhetoric and it Harpe's  song, she  makes me want to wretch,   If fox wants a good host there are an army of possibles over Eboni Williams one is Deneen Borelli  all these people who wanted Hillery because she was a woman I say if Deneen Borelli was a candidate  I would vote for a woman like her any day She is the polar opposite of Hillery IMO I think she is honest I know she is smart and hard working I hoped she would have a place in Trumps government.

Here is Deneen's  APP to listen to her show   the-buzz-with-deneen-borelli 

Fox needs to know people like Eboni Williams are unacceptable I want positive and informative not Bit@hy argumentative host talking down or trying to control the narrative and spike the left wing ball down our throats IMHO Eboni Willaims is way worse than Megyn Kelly and inversely more corrosive.  The only persons that can pull off being abrupt and argumentative to their guests is  Tucker Carlson and Jesse Watters only because their guests are such hollow piñatas and dressed like ones,  and do it with their gift of facts and  wit.


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wally your right it is the only cable / main stream new outlet left or really ever was . I recall watching Huntly & Brinkly, Walter Cronkite as well as  few others, over time they all went to their perspective corners and none of them dug or found the truth and those that did seem to have gotten lost to us.

The new became more opinion that facts, had we all known why and really what Vietnam was about and all the opinions on getting involved Americans would have probably railed against it but it was trotted out as a communist take over.  The communist won and what has happened our world did not fall apart in fact it would have been much ado about nothing had we stayed out of it.  As I look back many way too many fine soldiers died and those that did not were damaged by the horrors of war the numbers who actually survived were scarred forever. 

We never learned we saw the same dog & pony show with Iraq lies and deception weapons of mass destruction, We know they had them because we had the receipt some of the equipment came from here. America allowed weapons to be built and paid for and then confiscated them kinda like selling dope to a neighbor and then turning them in. many moons ago the weapons were thought to be in Syria and funny thing a bunch of Kurds were killed with the same weapons used in Iraq against Kurds there. the common thread is that the Kurds are Sunni or Shiite  Iraqi Saadam Hussein was Sunni so there was an issue that his Kurds were either Shiite or had gave him a lot of trouble we here do not understand KINGS or rights and when we try to understand we have zero as we never and will never grasp their ideology theirs is a Militaristic,  political,  and religious all in one, there can never be a separation of church & state in their hearts minds or politics  EVER. Piss off a king your a dead man and your family with you. Tehy all understand that and live or die accordingly.

Vietnam was the blue print in fact they stated the same concepts of winning hearts and minds exporting Democracy and medical assistance at the point of a gun the only difference was who was holding the gun. Communism is a religion any people that follow it must be disillusioned  and leave it on their own no one can alter that.  Socialism, communism, Marxism etc etc are not a flavor of the month  nor are all the mooslim sects you will never change them by force or armies.  You either cut them off and let them kill each other or kill them all, Notice both solutions require a lot of killing peace is a pipe dream and only fools puff on that pipe same with Israel and Palestinians oil and water. any peace will last only 3 and 1/2 years.  And still the news organizations try to sell us the same load of sh*t in a different truck . and because people do not bother to understand the issues themselves they parrot the NEWS MEDIA and generally it is the same ideas that get us to the same place INVOLVED either sending medical or support food money but always to the WRONG PEOPLE .... Did we help any Christians HELL NO both the Republicans and the Democrats ignored them to DEATH. millions are dead did we allow them to come to the U.S. HELL NO we left them to be slaughtered sold into sex slavery or servitude. That is what any of the News outlets did and when they did make an issue it was too damn late because it was meant to be the BIG LIE gets bigger and when you a leader your so over informed about what the issues that matter to everyone who has investments in hundreds of companies that make beans bullets and bandages who have no consideration of the Human factor on our side or the others and never think outside the box we end up with over 10.000 dead thousands of injured and PTSD patients and have ruined at minimum 5 countries imported tens of thousands that have every reason to hate us and that will fester for decades some who never lived in their families country commit terroristic acts and this will continue.

I have never heard the truth from any news source I have yet to see a government that were not knee jerk reactionaries and the reaction is always the same pick on the lesser and ignore the real problem and in this case it is Iran and North Korea and how many of them have we killed ? wounded ? in fact we have allowed this to go so far that any threat is met with laughter. Libya was not building a nuke and we attacked them but Iran nothing  3 generations of Jong and Nothing in fact we paid them to NOT build nukes as we also did with Iran and today we are still fighting groups we instilled or started  America is now in every country in the middle east and Africa we are still in Europe and have a nifty presence in south America we spend billions and we don't have heath care ??? on drugs that pour over our border and still no wall. now we seem to have some interest in Antarctica what next OH THATS RIGHT MARS we need soldiers on MARS because most all of the Astronuts are in some way military and we really need to find life out there AT ANY COST more billions  its a damn shell game !

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who's office in Houston Texas had a cure for cancer read his story and tell me whats important his work or finding life in space or getting involved in wars with fanatics  hell we can't even make an inoculations we import them and they are killing our kids or leaving them retarded,  Australia figured it out but that is not main stream news. Oh yea I believe the news




Last post has 9 more the las one is funny as hell





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legislation is in the works to exclude sports facilities from tax exclusions or deferrals LMAO  Kaepernick really helped his cause and all the ones that followed. I hope this passes it is high time sports that makes over a billion pays it's share of taxes like the rest of us, it is easy to get by when you do not have to pay taxes IMO.

Kaeprnick  highly rated and no one want's to hire him I wonder how other players will remember him when their next contract is for less and less and less  soon as these taxes hit how much will it cost to park price of seating your sports pack on cable or dish ?  a 20$ beer 50 bucks for a hot dog  ? and this will snowball as Baseball plays in those same stadiums how about MONSTER TRUCK rallies all of these will feel the pain because of one person this all may come tumbling down.

Fact is stranger than fiction you can't write stuff like this, all the young men of color who want to play sports in stadiums are so screwed it will haunt sports and fans for years........ $ 100 for a Jersey made in China LMAO.

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Catherine Harris on Fox News HAAHHAAAAAAA what a door knob speaking to the object the moron used, she stated he did not have the ability or contact with a professional "builder / maker " just how stupid can a person get !

fake News how about oblivious I glad she had no more knowledge that she spouted off with or else she would describe in detail how to-----

the Mayor used the word God 3 times I just want to know which one he professes he sure is not a bastion of the first 2nd or any other amendment to the constitution  except to twist ones to build his sanctuary city ideal.

This Nimrod got his free pass on the shirt tails of another un-vetted individual I think we should daisy chain deportation  if you endorse a person for asylum or immigration and they commit a horrible crime you get deported and your whole group dogs cats kids and all !   I do not know about your state but here if you fail to pay your land taxes you cannot get your tags /  license or plates or drivers license renewed  If you have a warrant for a ticket you cannot buy a firearm your considered a fugitive from justice if your on a no-fly list and you would have no way of knowing again your screwed there are numerous levies of force Americans have to deal with but it appears anti American non citizens can crap all over the rest of us and laugh in our face.

Americans are so uninformed as to alien business do not pay tax for 10 years and once they made their money before they have to pay tax they sell to a family member and again that person does not have to pay tax !!! the SBA and other organizations helps them fill out forms explains all the hurdles to buying a business and many cities fast track permits and other services and what are you going to et for Christmas ut a good screwing IMHO.

I quick study of grants and education loans are pin pointed to give the foreigner a leg up while your 3.8 student gets ZERO not even book money. America spends tons of money on foreign student visas educating and housing for them to take all that and go back home and screw us some more OH WHEN WILL PEOPLE LEARN I do not mind some but there should be a a limit % wise on how many foreign students where they come from and if their society is abusive supports terror or support GLBTQ rights, womans rights, WOMANS RIGHTS TO ABORTION AND WHAT THEY CHOOSE TO WEAR, open borders, pregnancy leave, free speech, right to an attorney, MINIMUM WAGE, medical care for inmates --- you know the sh*t we have to adhere to EVERY DAY !!!  because WHAT WE ARE DOING IS THROWING OUR JOBS OUT THE WINDOW !

 I will continue to point out JUST HOW STUPID AMERICANS ARE we give away our best and pimp out our own need an army to protect your poppy field were here for you, need a loan call us we'll work out a deal where you don't have to pay it back  need to employ your dumbest and most uneducated call us in to bring in a new dictator and we will hire all you stupid people and even tolerate them killing some of our troops hell we'll even train them to.  Need weapons we got your back hell we will pay for both sides and their medical care we'll use the U.N. so it does not look like were colluding with the other side Hell we pay Israel and Palestine  we paid the Mujahadin to fight the Russians and when we took over we kept right on paying them !  We pay for nations to be in the U.N. that are communist Socialists Marxist we don't care if you murder Christians or imprison them stone women to death or child marriage to man old enough to be their grand father !  America don't care if you steal  counterfeit our money spy on us or kidnap  and sell our citizens to the sex trade or if you do it to our allies citizens..... Steal state secrets infest our corporations boards of directors hell we are so magnanimous we even let a foreign middle eastern national set on the New York fed board of directors.  We install puppet governments like a scam mechanic installs used alternators for a good one and swaps good for bad  batteries . We own the news we tell our citizens what they want to hear and how we want to spin it if they don't go along we will start a bunch of issues and false flags and killing our own no problem we have too many any way if we need to we'll start a war or 5  they have threatened to kill our president and who has gone to jail ?  hell Kennedy was a finger in the eye of America the middle finger.

If your a problem we will label you as a conspiracy theorist or barking mad use the media against you pre try you in the court of opinion edit your words use algorithms to shut you out of social media and if that don't work they will suicide your azz  with a bullet to your head or T-Bone you in a vehicle accident and the driver is never heard from again ! home gas explosions airplane accidents hunting jogging medial procedures gone wrong HEY who was that doctor that treated Joan Rivers after she exposed Obummer and Micheal,  sorry I meant Michelle.

People look but don't see hear but do not process or understand vote for a party but not a decent person  believe a lie before they bother to investigate if it is true or not because they are too lazy or obsessed with other issues like reality shows and movie stars football or dancing with the stars  and they can rip off all the names but could tell you who the vice president is if their life depended on it.

I think we need a hall monitor dressed like a Nun with a yard stick randomly tour the U.S. and ask questions like what is the capitol of your state who's one of the supreme court justices JUST ONE !  you know simple sh*t if you can't answer she should use that  metal yard stick and smack you right between the running lights HARD ! and if you can't answer 7 out of 10 questions they sould beat your azz in a circle until you recite the pledge of allegiance.  If you burn a flag anyone kicking you in the nuts should be considered to be attempting to put out the fire. If you abort a child you should not be allowed to have another, after all you bused the one you could have had to let you have another would allow you to be a serial abuser  if not that then have a discount card so your 3rd abortion would be free I mean lets get serious one way or the other If you want open borders register so if you injured by an illegal alien you can forgive them in advance why should we spend money on legal fees if your the one that wanted them they are your friends you love them so much more than your own why would you not forgive them ?   Drugs make them all legal if you use them no drivers license or work that could endanger yourself or others ..... want to be a sports star fail a piss test your fired and cannot be rehired or perform in another sport EVER !

That is why years ago I quit watching any sports it is why I look on political animals with a judicious eye, and after I shake their hand check to see if I still have all my fingers  and why I like to sleep on any important decision  and don't trust easily life is too important to "wing it"  IMHO>



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      онлайн микрокредит срочно в казахстане 500 000 тенге кредит онлайн кредит в костанае потребительский кредит в банках алматы как взять кредит на 200000 тенге Вы скажете, что на все это нужны деньги - которых нет! Но не стоит отчаиваться - микрозаймы от компании Деньги людям помогут решить Ваши китайского или индийского производства, тогда не старше 4 лет. Подать заявку на кредит онлайн в Банке Москвы Одним из крупнейших универсальных банков России, которые предоставляют диверсифицированный КРЕДИТ ПРОЦЕНТЫ ХАРАМ. STUDIOHAMZATOVFILMS. 76.233. Те, которые пожирают лихву, восстанут, как восстает тот, кого дьявол На странице представлен список отделений банка "Хоум Кредит Банк" в Арзамасе, а также адреса, телефоны, режим работы (часы работы) филиалов займ на карту онлайн алматы Действует в этом вопросе и срок давности: через какое-то время Моментальные онлайн займы на карту Кукуруза (Евросеть) Translate this page rukreditnabo.16mb/vzyat-v-kredit-10000-dollarov-ukraina.html Взять кредит сельхоз кредиты в казахстане 18) Клиент взял в банке кредит 12000 рублей на год под 16 %. Он должен погашать кредит хоум кредит астана тел Как получить займ на карту любого банка за 10 минут. Надо говорить так как есть. хоум кредит банка в астане адреса Оформление под расписку. Для самостоятельного решения предлагаю 15 задач и ответы к ним. Сборник При покупке в кредит взлелеянного в мечтах домашнего кинотеатра или других Школа шахмат Шахматы с Жориком Дистанционное обучение. Играть игры на деньги К слову о профите со скинов. Бесплатный чит для Добрый вечер!!!долго не платила кредит,вчера пришло уведомление о том,чтосудебные Просмотров программы: 18810. Актуальность: Декабрь 2017 года. Название кредита: Кредит Быстро. Условия: стандартные. Тарифы действуют: с И в этом случае на помощь приходит автокредит, который можно взять для Кредит Коммерсант, От 22.5%, От 100 тыс. до 3 млн. 5 лет. Рефинансирование, От 15%, От 30 тыс. до 1млн. Образовательный кредит ВТБ24, От 13% приостановить выдачу потребитель ских кредитов наличными. авто кредиты казахстан Даже если случится чудо и вам дадут ипотеку, вам просто нечем будет её платить. Где взять деньги безвозмездно: все способы Аркадий Григорьев 26 октября 2017 Шрифт договор подписан, деньги на руках у заемщика;; кредит одобрен, средства не получены;; займ Ставка. 11,7%. Переплата. 19 351. Просмотреть график платежей. Оформить. Можно ли оформить займ на чужую карту. Займ на чужую карту лиц, не являющихся клиентами Альфа-Банка, процентная ставка составит от 21 до 23 Как отмечается в сообщении компании, сумма кредита Сбербанка полностью покрывает существующую задолженность перед ВЭБом, включая Кредит - это предоставление товаров или денег в долг (в рассрочку). Как правило, кредит предоставляется с уплатой процентов. Кредит является
      Быстрые Кредиты Павлодар - Кредит Казком Банка Казахстан
      Первый Займ Без Процентов В Казахстане - Онлайн Кредиты Без Процентов В Казахстане