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We live in interesting times and it's speeding up..

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The oceans are telling us something but no one can figure it out   strange ocean happenings

Fishing numbers are way off some species numbers are not there    Low fishing numbers

ABC news tells radiation is up 10 times   this is 2015 it has not gotten any better

Schools now are forcing their opinion on children

Here is a revelation that we should have known in 1969  fear and astonishment

5 Astronauts admit there are aliens and UFO's  the cat is out of the bag now !

Earthquakes more powerful and frequent   significant earthquakes increasing

More proof of increasing earthquakes   totals grow exponentially

Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink   water is not acting normally

Game of thrones is not just a TV series   Heads will roll LITERALLY

Slavery has never been ended    slavery

Pedophiles    child sex is common in parts of the world and no one cares

Europe is filled with pedophiles and is a vacation destination for illicit sex of all kinds including slavery    through the glass filthy

And you thought a single Baptist investing in porno films in the 1980's was bad   WOW


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