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Chapel of Bethleham

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Here is the first paragraph:

The Chapelle de Bethléem (Saint-Jean-de-Boiseau) is a jewel of late middle ages Gothic Architecture and, like many buildings in the area, can attribute its deterioration to Brittany’s capricious weather.

What has happened is a group of idiots repaired or rebuilt this chapel a old Christian monument and turned it into a fun factory of American horror movies, here is the link to the blasphemous denigration of a historical religious site  I'll bet a months pay they would NEVER in a million years profane a Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or any other religions chapel mosque or temple that way ! here is the link with pictures of this disgusting debacle   desecration of a Chapel .

History is important since these dumbazzes decided to make this chapel all artsy,  nouveau décolletage why should anyone believe any history as some dumbazz in the past may well have put his artistic vomit over a whole region, Like the Sphinx as far as I know it was fine in the late 1700's until some nation decided to alter it and drawings over 3 centuries show 3 different faces.  On to another icon Stone Henge I have pictures from the 1950s where they rebuilt it so what you see now is not at all what it was, so no one knows if it was a solar observatory or a friggin latrine.  This kinda sh*t annoys me as well as the Smithsonian dumping valuable historical evidence in the ocean hiding artifacts and destroying scientist that do not follow in lock step with their Darwinian principles and religion. Fake news hell everything is FAKE or a bald face lie I am sick to death of scientists who's only reason for being is to destroy any sane persons definition of  mankind.

They all say every place got wet but there was no flood yes people may have been big but that was a genetic anomaly We come from apes because our DNA s so close hell a clam has 40 chromosomes so why are we not trying to converse with them obviously they are more advanced and have hidden knowledge of the Acashic record  as they were around then, OMG these b@stards need an enema in the worst way!

One last point is there are numerous names for NIMROD he was the king of the know world and history and science convolute and use his name from another region to contort the time line and without a time line you cannot access the truth as any homicide detective can tell you.

All I can say is someone needs to take these morons out behind the barn and tan their hide until they walk funny for a week, and then make them fix it back !

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I don't either wally, but I can understand and respect those who chose not to follow the Christian faith because a religion that is not of free will is worthless whether your in it or on the outside. Anyone should be able to quit move to a new church etc. as they please. If your not their for God He already knows that your fooling no one but yourself.

Christianity should attract people unfortunately I get judgmental everyone no matter if they are a Christian or not crosses that bridge. Ther is a difference between judgment by virtue if it is obvious that molesting a child is wrong then convicting a person who does is not being judgmental, your upholding law and order. If we do not uphold law and order then if your child is raped or yourself you have no protection through the law. Bibically we are allowed to make laws have police and courts, but when we refute Biblical rules of behavior we cast the burden onto ourselves  our children and   our families are open to the crimes or distortion of justice we allow IMHO.

Yesterday was a sad sad day Kate Stienly was denied justice by a jury in San Francisco the least should have been involuntary homicide. I watched Jeanean Pirro and she basically stated that other states should send their illegal alien criminals from their prisons to California as why should they pay for criminals to fill prisons in their state.  Now there is a guy that want to legalize magic mushrooms in California WTFudge and he really can't see the problem :( a child or wife is walking or playing and encounters a person hallucinating and may have other mental issues like Jared  Loughner who shot Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords  or simple as driving a vehicle going to a store or running away from a hallucination now you have endangered hundreds of lives for the want of a individual to avoid reality.  As far as I am concerned if your sick you can take or have anything you want as long as your under supervision as your not a threat to anyone other than your overseer who must naturally accept the responsibility of their life and their ward.  I am all for freedom as long as your not under the influence driving or handling firearms or power tools,  in public and on your own property or space. Psilocybe mushrooms are not new or original or moldy rye bread but I ask everyone to remember that NOTHING has zero effect some day science will find it has a negative effect like some people that smoke weed for decades some find it turns on them and instead of being laid back and calm they become violent and unreasonable and or paranoid.  You get nothing for nothing there is a price and you cannot avoid it and like a wreck it is just how bad it harms you as to how you will feel about it is you survive.

People that have no obvious mental disorders have been institutionalized for a mental break and never came out of it percentages are low for that but still it happens if thats you in the corner of the rubber room with a load of crap in your pants drooling on yourself, how proud your parents must be ?  There are also no victim less crimes or injuries you do to yourself someone has to suffer your family or the rest of us have the financial burden of higher taxes to keep you in a safe place or prison where all the nice people will use you as a sex toy, if your aware in or out of your mind does not really matter to them.

All I can say is I want a registry if your for certain actions like legalizing of all drugs or sanctuary cities then I wnat your name on a contract that exempts you from taking legal action if one of these peripherally causes you or your family death injury or maiming loss of job or any other disaster that "WILL" befall you. In other words I don't wanna hear you bit@hing and moaning crying about poor pitiful you ! or asking for disability food stamps health care or anything else you have placed yourself above common sense, rules or God you have cut the tether than binds you to a full life and happiness  respect of your peers and most of all place yourself on the roulette wheel of life without a AAA, airbag or seat belt  like all the people that choose not to wear a motorcycle helmet I have no problem but when your insurance runs out we pull the plug you made your choice now die with it. Whereas you try wear a helmet and are not careless we should do all reasonable to keep you alive you did your part we do our in both cases IMHO.


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For me personally, I do believe in God’s Divine Plan of Happiness, for us, all of us, (even Hillary if she chooses), to gain our mortal bodies, and one day, return to His presence. However, just as we as allegedly practicing Christians, should, BY EXAMPLE, (note:this includes all who profess to be Judeo-Christian, including politicians, intellectuals, etc.) be kind to each other. This does not mean I am going to turn my behind into a local thug’s bicycle rack, turning the other cheek, means forgiveness. However, with that forgiveness, justice must still be  meted out . If you are a thug, and abusing  any innocent or vulnerable person, in my presence, expect your mortality on this world to be immediately hastened. Turning whomever into non-consensual victims, is NOT “tolerance, equality, or love”. While I do try to practice what I preach, it is difficult. The difference, is, I do keep on trying to do good to my fellow beings. 

Just as we shouldn’t censor ideas, or thoughts that are in disagreement with ours, don’t demand that I “look the other way”, just because in some thug’s culture, or religious ideology, he can abuse, rape, sodomize or murder to his hearts content.

In this Republic’s culture and religious ideology, that kind of “behavior”, rightly is prohibited by both God and mankind. Don’t like it? Then practice Sharia Law, or your political selfishness someplace else. I refuse to submit to your expectation of “tolerance and/or re-education.”

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