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I was there in 95 or 96 anywho Seattle city decided to sell off all the snow equipment because it had not snowed in 10 years just then a blizzard hit,  hilarious I sat and watched yuppies brave the storm to go to the Bon Marche {mall} on a steep hill topped w/ snow and ice one after another like baby ducks.  At the bottom of the hill were dozens  of Audi's BMWs Mercedes and Porsche`s that had saw what had happened to the previous and drove on brake lights all the way, until they smashed into the car before them.  No pickup trucks were injured LMAO.


There was a chubby girl on public access TV that got stoned and sat naked monologuing some delirious thought processes that would dead end like her life I hope !

The great Northwest I was never happier to leave a place the most beautiful asylum I have ever been in it is like a politically correct crack house and anything will trigger them it's more fun than the monkey house at the zoo IMHO. 

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