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a pair of walkies some rechargeable batteries solar panel set up for them and a Kaito 500 emergency radio

has all the bands and 5 way ability to power Kaito makes great radios with ease of use and not too pricey about 60 bucks people are so insecure I do not need constant input / news i have gone months alone without hearing from a soul its very unique experience and anytime a group gets together they choose leaders and I do not like being led I also do not like leading others just give me a list of common courtesies and I am good try to micro manage my life and I will go around you and scr*ew you every chance I get.

I have a core of friends they are prepared by varying degrees thats the problem with the country no live

and let live rules for rules on top of rules building codes are good but having to deal with some of these

inspectors oh crap and some are common sense road rules are good I like speed limits except when its obvious you cannot exit a crowded freeway to 25 mph off a short exit full of cars.

don't pollute it effects everyone if you make a mess clean it up quick take it to a hazard waste site make a report agency should come and check a cost to cover the check and I ain't gonna' care things happen

but the government seems to want to crush with paperwork and fines this is why today's /new companies go into cover up mode.

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if you don't have ham license and FMRS radio is too crowded consider 2x marine walkie talkies. Yes, supposed to be licensed but maybe 1% do. Away from marine areas these channels are empty.

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