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California has decrimialized knowingly giving HIV without informing partner

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Jerry Brown governor of Commiefornia  signed legislation so knowingly giving HIV and not informing the recipient is no longer a major crime but has been reduced to a 50$ fine and you do not have to inform you are HIV positive and can give blood and blood products.

Tainting the blood supply if some right wing extremist poisoned a water supply he would die like Timothy Macvey but because it is California it is progressive and sheik what next allowing Charles Manson out to restart his cult or electrocuting newborn white babies  !

at 9:40 to 10:00 minutes in report on HIV is no longer a crime but a 50$ ticket

I do not know how true it is but mixing blood and shipping it is not uncommon back in the day knowingly tainted blood was shipped to Canada and sold you just have to look it up.

When you get to the fork in the road ----Take it. quote from Yogi Berra

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