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22 Long Rifle not something to snicker at

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When one is out with friends, well versed in firearms, and the subject of the "puny, ineffective" .22LR caliber comes up, ask them, who is willing to get shot with one? You will have no volunteers whatsoever.

The older I get, the more I've come to realize how important it really is, to have and excellent supply of quality .22LR ammo on hand, and if you are like me, also have a good supply of .22WMR as well.(.22 magnum)

I was thinking a few nights ago, about "what if" scenarios. Ok so we have 7 grandkids, what if, our family was under seize, or attack from a band of bi-ped predators? If all but the youngest two members of our family had a 10/22 for example, and only the 10 round rotary magazines, we could immediately bring to bear, an instant fusilade of 140 aimed shots at the felons. Would you want to the and dance through those rain drops? Now, multiply that times our standard 25 round magazine loads. Not trying to re-hash the idiotic "McNamara Doctrine" of the ZViet Nam Era, where number of rounds expended equals numbers of dead VC lunacy. One can see that judivious use of the .22LR caliber, is a no-brainer for those who choose to be prepared a bit better. Snake is spot on in my book.

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On 9/24/2017 at 10:57 PM, wally said:

i've heard of people saying the 22 is not worth anything but i disagree a well placed shot can do much damage. i've heard of people getting booted from forums for defending the 22...

That is the reality of Forums I have visited I do not see why they bother to post as it is a parroted continuation of all the previous posts so there are no balance or alternative opinions, like one member that only touted the M4 above ANY other weapon up and to where you were not suppose to have even a pistol or shotgun.

I posted long time back where a 10/22  rifle a pistol like a S&W 22A and a derringer in 22 LR and 1K rounds  your still lighter than a deer rifle with 300 rounds. My only reasoning is purely weight and the ability to consistently hit      16 X 24 inch targets out to 200 yards

Although it is not legal at present to hunt deer with a 22LR and that is reasonable and responsible IMHO.

Personal testing hunting and experience made me decide on CCI Mini-Mag High Velocity copper plated round nose. Copper plated has no wax lube so it is much cleaner it is powerful enough to operate all semiauto pistols and rifles but not so powerful as to be excessive in small pistols like the Beretta 21 and less expensive pistols parts break if you ump a lot of really powerful ammo in them. I also demand consistency as it is directly conducive to accuracy and round nose feeds in every pistil or rifle I ever had where as hollow points I have had issues in some weapons .

As far as failure to fire or feed I can say less than 10 in decades of using CCI in any configuration / style. It is only a personal opinion that common barrel twists can easily stabilize and accurately place a 40 grain HV bullet on target the higher velocity lighter / shorter bullets are more erratic in flight / less stable over a distance and as the velocity decreases the ability for the hollow point to expand fails, at any distance 0 to 700 yards  the 40 grain penetrates 9 to 13 inches quite impressive and falls within many ballisticians and experienced warriors like General Hatcher, "Wild" bill Donovan, Sykes & Fairbairn of the OSS opinions  on depth of wound to be lethal or incapacitating.

Trajectory if sighted at 75 yards 40 grain gilded / copper plated lead round nose HV at 1235 ft/sec

25 Yards 50 yards 75 yards 100 yards
   0.7      1.3        0.0


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