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AR option, the Mini-14

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First I am not a snob about firearms I can see both sides but, in certain cases I consider I need to follow another path.

One issue with an AR15 is that it can fire out of battery and or cook off out of battery or because it is very dirty ( bolt not locked up) this causes a catastrophic event destroying the weapon.

The Mini-14 does not suffer from this problem unless the bolt locks up it will not fire,  Accuracy can be fickle depending on serial / series the newer the better, there are add on parts or replacements parts that greatly improve the accuracy as well as helps to prevent recoil damage (over time) or severe use, Is it perfect no, no firearm is. There are some firearms that have a well deserved reputation for ruggedness but let us not forget every arms company sells spare parts if they were "perfect" they would not need them or make them.

One thing to consider is the "look" I know, I know, but face it people that fear or despise firearm ownership tend to be optic oriented if it does not look like a battle rifle its just a rifle and that is where the Mini-14's with a 5 round mag looks like any hunting rifle with the option of higher capacity mags.  If you choose you can make it look tacticool with after market  stocks and militaristic looking add on parts.

All of the Mini 14's except the Mini-14 Target Model can fire .223 or 5.56 I am all about NATO calibers, these are 5.56 / 7.62 / 9MM / 12 ga. and most all nations have used 22LR for practice or firearm indoctrination some years ago military police had revolvers in 38 special / 357 Magnum.  Am I against other caliber ? well no but consider that some calibers have such a small following that dealers carry almost nothing compared to NATO standard most stocking dealers carry cases of NATO and 5 to 10 boxes of non mainstream calibers  so the reality is a single person could buy up all the ammo in certain calibers like .380 or 10MM with a credit card and a pickup in a large city. As I recall it took about 2 to 3 months for all the 22 LR to disappear and years for it to fill the shelves again, argue all you want to about any conspiracy or other theory why the ammo shortage occurred fact is it happened. 

The .223 or arms that are able to also fire either have so little recoil most any person of any size or age can use or learn to handle one easier than larger heavier calibers weight ratio to power effective range and capacity f ammunition makes it one to have in your collection.

When asked what to buy, my pat answer is better to have one quality  rifle and one pistol you can use exceptionally with enough ammo than a bunch of mediocre or cheap weapons.  the basic collection should consist for the all around hunter shooter, prep or self defense oriented person would be first a  Ruger 10/22 in 22 long rifle caliber next a .pistol like a Smith & Wesson 22A  and or a compact high quality 22 LR pistol with these you have personal protection as well as the ability to hunt small to medium size game. Next a .223 / 5.56 X 45  like a mini-14 or a AR anyone that considers this too small consider Alaskan reality shows where they take bear moose etc with it.  A 9mm pistol in a full size pistol and one in a compact then depending on your ability to handle recoil A 12 ga. pump like the 870 Remington any good rifle in .308 / 7.62 X 51  One consideration is should you live in a area where large dangerous predators roam a pistol of a large and powerful caliber  to defend yourself in a holster / shoulder holster and allow your  hands to be free. Other calibers main stream ones there are a few 270 Winchester 30-06 Springfield 30-30 Winchester 38 special /357 magnum better to have a 357 as it fires both  There has been a resurgence of wheel guns (revolvers)  45 ACP (auto) has never died and my never all other calibers are a fraction of the total number of these mentioned and once you go off the reservation caliber wise you can find yourself very alone without the ability to find ammo unless you plan ahead and have a healthy supply off your own on hand as in todays world one instance could start a run on arms and ammo. People never ask what caliber is being fired at them as long as you have enough to sustain you through your defense / situation me or anyone else s going to question your choices IMHO  I would advise that a semi auto with high capacity has more merit than a double derringer or a double barrel shotgun with a trunk load of ammo.

Technology marches on for the small framed light person that is sensitive to recoil or because of health one caliber with the proper ammo seems to be able to handle most any American animal or normal threat s the 5.7 FN they are expensive but it comes in a rifle and pistol the pistol by virtue of the magazine can be somewhat compact of large it function from it's high velocity and well made ammo it is not easy to reload and both are  or can be high capacity.

The sum total of survival is willingness to stand and fight knowledge training and preparation and the arms to do so, even with all that nothing is certain even the finest trained soldier officer of the law or hunter can still die but at least some of us still hold to the idea that to die on your feet is better than shot in the back of your head on your knees.............


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Many years ago, while serving as a law enforcement officer in Southern California, I chose a Mini-14 over the AR-15 as my primary anti-thug rifle for personal defense of hearth and home, because I idiotically reasoned (then) "NO, way, California legislators would ever outlaw/prohibit law abiding residents from possessing one in my native state". 

How wrong I was. I made sure We had a large supply of 20 round magazines(factory of course) and several five rounders to be politically correct. Rat-illegitimiti, did it anyway. While mine does have the pencil barrel, it has sported a stabilizing brace for a long time now which defeats the vertical stringing of shots when the barrel is quite hot. I have never been a fan of the Middle-eastern spray and Allah Ahkbar routine anyway. I make my shots count. I used several variants of the M4/AR rifle in law enforcement and now have ARs in the stable so to speak. My got to 5.56 is my Mini-14, because it just feels right. Besides, my wife is a superb shooter with it as well, and I like to keep her happy. I think for most "social engagements", people find themselves in now, a Mini-14 either an "old school" one like mine or one with the sturdier barrels is more than "enough" for any situation one may encounter. I also do not subscribe to the "Golden Horde theory" either. Haven't seen it happen yet in North or South America or in Europe, as the Muslim "refugees" are not refugees at all, nor are they "fleeing" war and civil strife in their countries of origin. The current Euro-appeasement scenario, reminds me a lot of when the Soviets "expelled" all the so-called Jews from Mother Russia. Most of those people were members of the Russian mafiyah, and related sub-sets of organized crime gangs. A few Europeans with Mini-14 rifles could easily dissuade the epidemic of sexual molestation, rape and sodomy attacks on European children that are so prevalent now. It really is the only thing that those so-called "migrants" can comprehend. Maybe Ruger should consider a special Euro-Mini marketing strategy.Their stocks could be an attractive EUblue with shiny stars....

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TPSnodgrass you are the one, I do not know what one you are but your the one ! EUblue w/ stars thats a hoot... maybe buy one get a EUblue helmet with it.

Ruger did build a .222 rem I think it was for the foreign market as many countries do not allow civilians to own military / NATO calibers.  For one reason or other they do not make that version I guess it did not pan out.

Personally I like the Mini because it is a nimble carbine even with a 10 round mag in it, I also opt for stainless when it is available I can always paint it with black bar-b-q paint or use a gun wrap it's kinda hard to know what color it is from looking at the muzzle.

The modifications for anything is going to be a durable grip or stock best speed kit or spring kit on the market and save the replaced for spares. then accurizing  as in glass bedding etc. and I replace fiber parts like colt mainspring housings w/ steel ones. I am not looking for light most times but balanced and weighty enough to not whip around like a greased piglet in my hand.  my person view is if I cannot place 3 rapid fire shots in a playing card at 15 to 20 foot it's back to the drawing board and there are plenty of options trigger jobs I have used weighted grip panels and checkering or different style grip safeties ammo by different weights you know the drill TPSnodgrass and one way or another most firearms can be adapted to shoot well as to the shooter well that is another story.

California is a beautiful state I loved it there years ago but like any place that hates individualism and wants to tell everyone what to do --- akin to Charles Mason or the hive mindset all they want is worker slaves with no ambition and no options and it is so strange that people would accept that anywhere If they like to be told what to do from cradle to the grave Iran is nice this time of year and the mountains are just like the ones of the western states they even have deserts they also have4 a sea and a gulf surfing sucks but you can't have everything.

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