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Welcome! There are many great posts buried here, just look around and enjoy.....The first step to preparedness is understanding it doesn't come in a box delivered by Amazon, it is a mind set. You start thinking about the "cushion" in the things that allow you are yours to THRIVE ( yeah not just survive). Don't run your gas tank down to empty and fill it in the morning, don't let the cupboard get down to where you need to go to the for next week, then start shopping for two weeks from now...then a month. Remember the rule of three you are three from dying....three minutes without air, three days without water, three weeks without food, three months without companionship. Start slow...imagine that you are cut off from the world entirely, secure 24 hrs, then 48hrs then 72hrs. Look at where you are in the world and decide the most likely SHTF and prepare for that (flood, hurricane, blizzard....etc.). Skills are cheaper, lighter and harder to lose than gear so be sure to "stockpile" them as well as the materials.....

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