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This is the positive thinking that helps the prepper of all other times this could happen last night the day before the hurricane is due to hit mu thermocouple on my demand water heater bit the bullet. BUT this happened after I had the unit 4 or 5 years. When I ordered I got 2 I probably should have gotten 3 but I stuck back the other and so I had a replacement on hand as sson as this storm ends I will order 2 more.

Certain parts are only designed for the specific model so there is doubtful a way to jury rig a repair in this case I like the original as it has a built in safety feature that keep the valve closed if one water is not flowing or the pilot light goes out.

I opted for the model that used a pilot light the amount of propane used is insignificant to trying to feed power to get hot water engineers must be kin to those that tell you if your having problems with your internet connection go online and ------- if I could have got online I would not be asking for phone technical services !

all of your appliances have abnormalities my stove will work as long as I light it with a match without power the oven will not work without power.

As we turn the corner into 2 1/2 minutes to nuclear midnight our numerous agencies have failed us completely gas has ethanol cans have pull tabs and the inside of a beer can has more technology to keep it fresh and perky than any ANY of our steel food cans most packaging is advertising and does not keep the contents from going stale.  New "SAFETY" gas cans make it more dangerous because they are so difficult to use on lawn mowers and generators etc. anyone that preps figures out early on that tupperwear is your best friend once you get the items home it is best to transfer them to mason jars or tupperwear or else the web worms or other bugs will infest your stock. grains such as corn meal flour oats and other grains need to be frozen for 10 days then brought in covered / wrapped with a towel and allowed 2 days to come back to room temperature too quick and ambient humidity  will moisten your grain and cause it to mold or spoil.

part of prepping here is to have enough paper plates plastic bowels and plastic ware as in a event you do not want to be washing dishes wasting water. In fact packaging that allows for cooking in the bag is beautiful conserve energy watch getting dehydrated or hypothermia or overheated take your time being injured will not help use heat wisely in summer cook outside in winter try to cook indoors.

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