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Things to have or never run out of

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These  items are very basic medicinal comfort health wellness and too numerous benefits to mention.

Look up all the uses of each of these and you will see why.

1 baking soda (think pounds they sell a 13 pound bag a few is not to many)

2 salt (100 pounds is a good start)

3 Hydrogen peroxide 3%  (A case or 2 of quarts keep in the dark)

4 vinegar white and cider (5 gallons is not too much)

5 borax ( 40 mule team ) 1 box ought to last a very long time.

6 Vicks Vaporub  (a few large 6 ounce jars)

7 Vaseline  large jar

8 Vodka depends but if your not a drinker at minimum a gallon

9 triple antibiotic ointment half dozen tubes

10 Sulfur powdered 

there are others but their use is not so straight foward.



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Chopped fire wood , having 5 cords would be a bare minimum for folks living in colder areas per winter season.

Lead, 100 lbs if the need arises to cast projectiles.

Gunpowder powder, about 5 pounds would be a good start for most things. A bit more if your heavy into loading shotgun loads & rifles.

Primers, 5-8 thousands.

Water filters a dozen is a good start to have.

Seeds, is what I like to stockpile of various varieties hundreds of each would be a bare minimum.

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On 10/14/2017 at 10:02 PM, kevin said:

Ok snake. Why the sulphur powder?

To mix with phospherous and potash?  YES

Add acidity to soil? YES

Keep snakes at bay....nah couldn't be that one. still Yes

Unless someone is allergic test on a eraser size patch of skin in a water based past it is a anti-fungal and can be used as an antibacterial  for dogs cats / large animals and humans. My cat was shot through the leg I dusted the wound and in a couple of days he was right s rain.

and all the other you mention in your other post but as a watered down spray to kill plant fungus.

Before antibiotics sulfa as the go to medication for infections

Silver in wire when used with a few 9 volt / 3 in series or  12 volt battery makes a colloidal silver not for drinking but good for wounds burns etc.

Coconut hull charcoal is one of the best for water treatment charcoal.


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Vinegar is not easy to make it is basically air contact of wine that is why they use a an airlock  looks like an "S" goes in a plug with water in it allows the gas to escape and not let air in humm  like a "P" trap does in plumbing  Point is it is a waste to make wine and then turn it into vinegar when it is so cheap now and wine is a fantastic barter item.

Baking soda is good fro raising breads you can also make baking powder with baking soda 1/4 tsp and creme of tarter 1/4 tsp and corn starch 1/2 tsp  So I guess having creme of tarter in bulk maybe a half to 1 pound would be good because it taste better than soda bread I ate plenty when I worked in the prison system. as they don't use yeast because inmates steal it and make apple jack raisin jack hell anything as long as it had alcohol content.

There is a lot of things I learned from convicts :ph34r:

look up Borax for health.

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Candy & chewing gum, are what I call comfort food.

Most of it will be consumed by children.

It’s like booze, smokes & coffee to others & worthy contender for bartering if need.

Chewing gum has other uses as well, once your done with it.

I’ve used it for bait for fishing & they do work  quite well from experience.


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33 minutes ago, juzcallmesnake said:

The only thing I would miss is Dr. Pepper and Coca Cola  I can make root beer from Sassafras root but to make it fizzy I would need to use a CO2 fire extinguisher I have a CO2 tank but in TEOTWAWKI to make it cold need a lot of gas w/ a funnel.

Sorry Snake, I hate drinking most soda pop, needs to be caffeine free.

Gives me a headache for hours.

Even the smell of Coffee/Expresso etc, gives me a headache.

When ever I smell freshly brewed coffee, I do a 180 degree turn the other way & im gone. You won’t see me hanging around.

Good old H2O / Water, thank you very much! Or  squeezed orange juice.



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Borax is a good item I saw a utube video where mix one cup hydrogen peroxide with two cups water. Add 3 tbsp. of borax, and let dissolve. Used to rid people and animals of mange or scabies basically soak into skin or fur allow to air dry and keep applying until all signs are gone.  as well I saw where coconut oil  a cup and tea tree oil about a teaspoon will also work as these are all caused by parasites and either chemically or with oil choking them out.

I like this over using a pyrethrin that is a "possible" neurotoxin and the creme is hard to get to the skin on some dogs as they have an undercoat or double coat.

Here is a shortcut to 15 uses for Borax

15 uses for Borax

20 uses food grade diatomaceous earth

21 uses for Epsom salt

boric acid uses

trisodium phosphate

Trisodium phosphate cleaner flux and much more PDF

Borax, trisodium phosphate, boric acid, diatomaceous-earth and Epsom salt are staple for so many reasons look them up and you will be amazed at just how impossible it is to live without them.

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6 hours ago, juzcallmesnake said:

having been a diver I think I can say that I have never raised the water level more than an infinitesimal amount but it was either rum or tequila / mescal flavored and I am sure the fish appreciated a stiff one :D.   

Rum is the only booze I enjoy consuming, a few shots & im all good.

In moderation & not to the point, I’m intoxicated/drunk.

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2 hours ago, wally said:

very interesting i didn't know that...

there are plenty of nay sayers but they are all in elite countries that have options such as tier on hospitals antivenin and skilled doctors with a pharmacy and all the supplies and equipment, and don't mind charging you for flying in from other locations more antivenin.  Whereas if you live in the jungles or 3rd world where help is days away if at all they work with what the have.

one understanding is that you do not use the probes in the bite / wound but use an X or * pattern avoiding the punctures or bite because it can seal or cauterize the wound and you want that to weep or drain.

I post this as a hail Mary for a time or place where there is no doctor or access to emergency services of course if it were myself I would zap it as I was waiting for the ambulance. People need to be cautious that the person does not have a pacemaker or heart / health condition  that may endanger the victims life.

The stungun I chose was a low voltage model that used a 9 volt battery, I did not want a rechargeable because if the internal battery goes bad there is no replacement unless your knowledgeable and they use a wall plug or wall wart to recharge.  Some of my other gear use 9 volt batteries like my Paklites.

I have managed to keep my battery needs down to CR123, 9 volt AA AAA and CR32. as these are chargeable by my solar charger.


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Here’s an idea for folks who are in a extremely limited budget.Say $50 maybe less, if you need to light up most of the rooms in you dwelling. This is for having lights & nothing else, no cooking, no fridge, no fan, no air conditioning, no washer & dryer, etc etc. 

One can purchase walkway solar lights from dollar stores, Home Depot, etc.

These items cost from $3-5 each, In my area. You leave them outside to charge during the day time, then at night time, bring them indoors.

Put as many as you want to brighten up a room or just one for low lighting. 

For $50 one could get at least a dozen, if not more of these  walkway solar lights.

They are cheap but effective.

Put one on the outside of your bug out bag for charging in the day time, At night you’ll be a beacon of light.

Now that you know, go get one or a dozen .

Lights for everyone!



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