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Question about a Faraday Cage

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you tube has some good info on faraday cages.

the cheapest I have seen is the one with a metal trash can lined with card board top to bottom and sides.

The guy puts a portable radio in side and closes the lid.

This cuts off the signal to the radio.

Try it with a cell phone.

put one in and call the phone if it rings with the lid off and does not with the lid on.

just some ideas.

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I don't know enough about airport security to give you a good answer.


Now figure out how high (altitude) most planes (private jets and commercial airliners) can get and you'll have an idea how far an EMP would go.


Unless you are "bunker busting" a surface burst is rarely the optimal spot for a nuke. The calculation for optimal height is classified but you must decide if you are interested in blast, fallout, or EMP. It makes a lot of difference.


Most private jets fly below 40,000 feet. About the max altitude a civil jet can get to is 50,000 and only a couple of biz jets can do that. Usually figure in the 25,000 to 40,000 foot range.


Airport security does NOT exist at most general aviation airports. Even commercial airports are cracker boxes if you know what you're looking for; especially if there is a general aviation side of the airfield. I will not discuss how; that would not be appropriate but I will say that all of the TSA's stuff is a meaningless, intrusive attempt to control the population that provides absolutely no increase in security. The real increase in airline security is that the passengers will not allow another 9/11.


A private plane, a train car, a panel truck or even a ship in a port (anybody else realize how incredibly STUPID it is to check for nukes AFTER the ship is docked in the freaking port?) can get a nuke into the city destined for destruction. The good news is you guys are correct, a ground burst's EMP is limited in scope to a distance that is already hard hit by the blast. We don't have to worry about it.


Of course if you are not interested in a precise target on the ground, a ship in a port or just off shore could put a SCUD class rocket high enough to have a decent emp effect on (a SCUD for each coast) both coasts.


Feel safer now?

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I came across this on another site has quite a bit of info related to the general direction of this thread....


There is a link to a Heritage Foundation site that has a ton of info. It was at the bottom of the first page if I remember correctly.


I was looking through a ULINE catalog....they are shipping supplies specialists. They have several pages of anti-static products from boxes to static shielding bubble bags to rolls of static shielding material. There is a reference to Mil-Std-3010 4046, EIA 541, EIA 625 and ANSI/ESD S20.20 and other specs. depending on the product. It may be possible to get some of the products used from electronics stores....never hurts to ask.

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LivngGray: If your pole barn is like most pole barns than it would be rather difficult to convert it to a Faraday Cage simply by grounding it. However, there are rather simple and cheap ways of building Faraday Cages to protect electronic equipment.


A steel box with steel tight lid. Cardboard used as a liner all around inside the box will keep electronic equipment safe. Grounded.


A wooden box or container with cardboard as a liner inside and wrapped twice with 1 inch chicken wire will also work. Grounded.


A cardboard box (even better with one cardboard box tightly fit into another) covered in Tin Foil or mylar, also works. Larger boxes can fit small computers, laptops, TVs, VCRs, DVD players and even fill one with your favorite cassette tapes. These do not have to be grounded, but if you feel it should be, make sure it is a seperate ground for each box and not grounded to the house ground. Or store them in a metal grounded shed.


If you want to protect your larger items such as a large TV, you can use a sheet of mylar (space blanket) that is taped to some 6 Mil plastic. This helps make the sheet of mylar stronger. This can be thrown over any large object and tucked all around it to help shield it, In most cases you won't know the EMP is coming so it is good for things you are storing and not an everyday type of item to throw over your TV when you are at home.


Another way is having a Safe Room for your equipment which can be a closet you don't use as much or some room in the garage that was an old office. Use either mylar, (space blanket), large rolls of tin foil or chicken wire and cover the walls and ceilings (hopefully there are no windows or block them up) and then have a wire going out to a ground about 20 feet from the building which you can bury all the way and then you have a safe room to store your equipment, even throw some mylar blankets over your equipment for extra protection.


Good luck and Fairwinds

This is info I thought should be re-posted

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