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Weight of ammo cans & capacity for common calibers

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Weight of ammo cans & capacity for common calibers

Thank this gentleman gunnyswagger from for his hard work that he provided for all of us to be able to cut and paste and print to our Survival notebook !

The weight of empty ammo cans AMOUNT PER CAN IS BASED ON LOOSE ROUNDS

If at sometime in the future you need to swap for items it is good to have an off the cuff idea of what your trading for and how much taking for granted that some portion is not sand or rocks this is true of grain flours and other items fuel and oil float on water so if you trade it is best to transfer from one container to another to check your getting fuel or oil and not water.

Gold & silver bullion and coins has been counterfeited, gem stones are always suspicious trade good today as most anything can be man made and even have inclusions / imperfections made into them to make them look authentic. there are test sets but the average person could not tell a faux from fine.

purveyors of illegal substances have been fooled by dried ground weeds sheetrock chips colored tablets and powders.

Recently visitors to Mexico have been poisoned by probably methanol alcohol mixed in the liquor there is no law in the jungle called profit and if the gangs are making the businesses pay protection or force them to buy from their liquor distributors someone may get greedy and take a cut for themselves by watering it down or substitution of another substance, this is true today as all of history.

Banks are no above giving out counterfeit when you cash a check nor are stores it is like musical chairs the last one out looses.

The lack of morality is not that much worse than before it is just there are so many people today it is more likely hat you will cross their path a majority of people when asked believe in God problem is 3/4s of that number cannot tell you if that is the God of the bible or some minor deity or demonic / satanic force, or their bookie.

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