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    • Tell him to learn how to reload his own ammunition. A 44 spl 300 grain pill in FMJ should do. Me personally, I would never buy  a Kel Tec product ever again, pure utter garbage!  Kel Tec = garbage/ junk / your money miss spent.
    • this is from someone who is not exactly a friend in NZ

      Hi Wally, I have just acquired a full length suppressed barrel Ruger 77 in 44 mag. Cost me far too much. Ruger make the standard rifle and a NZ gun shop add the suppressed barrel. Now my problem is I thought I could buy off the shelf subsonic 44 mag so all I would hear is the click but that is not the case unless i buy 44 special which is a bit too slow and has the trajectory of a brick. I was hoping to use this at ranges out to about 125 metres so need a round travelling at about 1100ft/per second at muzzle. The special is much slower. I have trawled the internet to find a solution and can't find anything other than a 300 grain lead pill which will foul the suppressor. You being in the USA, you may have the knowledge of something I am missing here. I have checked Hornady and Federal. I am also about to buy another 223, my first semi for years since I gave up meat shooting. It's a Kel tec. Looks like its made in China but the gunshop says they are fine. Have you heard of them and any feed back. This is for use on big mobs of wild goats that are devastating the bush. The three things I like about them are weight, spare 5 shot mags kept in the stock and the fore end folds down to make a bi pod.
    • TPSnodgrass LMAO  I knoew you lived on the edge !  now to increase that acetaminophen you need to wash it down with an alcoholic beverage as it enhances the pain killing effect and ruins your liver faster. I watched this morning as FOX news had a panel of six it looked like 2 men and four women all supposedly well educated and NOT ONE OF THEM cited the fact that your a police state if only police have guns and none ZERO stated the reason why our founding fathers were so vehement abut Americans ability to have guns is because they came from feudal and or monarchies (kings and queens) where the people had NO RIGHTS the leaders cavorted and took whatever personal freedoms or lands they wanted in fact most people lived on a Duke or Earls land and were literally sharecroppers.  If they displeased their MASTERS and I do mean that in every sense they evens were required to call these sick b@stards lord or master they could be kicked out of their homes and left with NOTHING living in the street in a city because the countryside belonged to the NOBLES. One woman was so stupid as to say that the NRA was making money by selling guns ??? it a lobby group made up of like minded people just like the Demoncrat party it is just as political and want their voices heard so people pay to belong to the NRA and give money to insure their rights are sacrosanct as the second amendment spells out. Let us not kid ourselves when lives are being lost and people are dying and seconds count emergency services are minutes away ! The lady that mistakenly thought the NRA was a gum manufacturer and seller alluded to Australia gun confiscation as a glowing example of how they stopped violence she failed to mention that people are now being killed with household and sports equipment and the government keeps many FACTS hidden on violence so how and what do we know it a secret !!! The problem here is that we have race baiters and hate mongers and people that cannot face the truth in any form they are so politically correct due to their position politically they will NEVER accept the truth even if facts expose the truth DAILY. Watch the video of Ann Coulter taking on mooslim violence and watch Houston police chief Art Acevedo squirm and defend the "religion of peace"  If a police chief cannot understand that this may be an issue when a mooslim event happens they WILL bleach the information so the public will never know it was a terror attack or muddle the information like at Fort Hood deny deny and turn on Americans to foster the idea that jihadi violence is a nothing burger ...... There have been numerous attempts to sue the government local state and federal as well as police and agencies for the failure to respond or act in a timely manner to saves the lives of citizens and GUESS WHAT the government states that the responsibility is yours to defend yourself NOT the agencies we pay to do so !  As well the courts and parole boards give no regard to public safety as many release illegal aliens who are dangerous and felons that are homicidal maniacs habitual offenders rapists and armed robbers all in one. I know some middle eastern folk as well and I can say that the ones I know are mooslim only in culture they do not pray 5 times do not go to a mosque and because they live here they can if they lived in the middle east they would be accused of being a heretic and killed  ASAP ! The lefts version is tainted with irrelevant or out right lies or worse total misunderstandings that they choose to believe-- in other words are lying to themselves and want to believe their own B.S.  it's their way or the hiway that is why I don't want any alteration in laws because once they get a crack in the dam they will like water rush to it and try to destroy the whole thing. Demoncrats have wanted to rewrite the constitution for years but because it would take a 75% majority vote CAN'T  even when they had it all as far as power goes under obummer they could still not get it done. I do not want to demean or chastise the police but they have gone rouge even in the U.S. and so have the military just read up on Black Jack Pershing IT CAN HAPPEN  laws are only rules it takes honest people to enforce equality non violence and decency we see laws screw us all the time ! did everyone forget Waco or Ruby Ridge or Philadelphia thats one no one remembers the black panthers had a building and the police came for them and the police blew up the whole damn building !!! a reverse Waco instead of blacks whites were targeted for their beliefs and vice versa.  educated people generally believe that written words are important well they are only as important as those in power to respect them. Given enough money most lawyers will fight any law case or contract even one they wrote as long as the paycheck or media exposure it worth the effort. I see where the focus is on "semiautomatic" and or magazine capacity AGAIN here is why Americans are allowed all of the above, Ice-T gets it    We see the world going down in flames leaders going against their people giving their land homes and money away to mooslims not allowing the laws to be applied equally and no go zones in ther own country and they are being silenced the news is being controlled. If we are not allowed firearms this will happen more often and this soldier was not allowed a weapon because he lives in London in a country where you only have the rights given you but all the politicians have bodyguards or police if and when they need them.  
        Movie stars they can afford body guards.  Rural areas and that is 80% of America can wait  from 5 minutes to an hour for help add in weather or a planned attack word may not get out PERIOD. but city dwellers think they can afflict us with their stupidity --- I just saw a story where a German Shepard was shot 3 times defending 2 people and they only left when they heard the police sirens criminals are getting bolder home invasions are more common and carjackings are more murder and steal the car women and people of color should be more concerned s they are targeted more so than other demographics and for more reasons. It is my belief that if we cannot trust you with a firearm you need to be in prison or a mental facility not walking around because if you have any other means to harm people YOU WILL ! In prisons spools of dental floss are not allowed all bones are broken / cut in food access to kitchen ware is controlled because it is made of metal and that is made into stabbing weapons or keys. soap is the tiny size and pad locks are dangerous as hell why because most of these people in prison are EVIL  in fact some are psychotic but because we do not have asylums for the criminally insane as we used to we use prisons to house our nutballs. Here is why we do not need blanket protection of any sex / sexual group or age as ANYONE can be a psycho killer and more so anyone with the right weapon can defend and save their own life even children have defended themselves in their own homes from home invaders of course if we listen to antigun or lawyer bullied people we need to keep our guns locked up even if our children are old enough mature and competent  they would not be allowed to have the key or combination. You live or die by your actions or choices we as a people have decided on freedom and our individual choice to defend ourselves, beyond that and more important is the Declaration of Independence and within STATES CLEARLY  IN THE SECOND PARAGRAPH THE FOLLOWING  We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — How can you defend yourself against a rouge government or  Criminal with any weapon like a pipe a bat or a knife or a psychopath with untold strength of a madman or doped up ???  Life if you cannot defend it it is worthless as any of the unfortunate half of Cambodia under Pol Pot in less than 10 years murdered off HALF OF HIS PEOPLE he was a Marxists one of the regimes proverbs was,  "To keep you is no benefit, to destroy you is no loss.". Hundreds of thousands of the new people, and later the depositees, were taken out in shackles to dig their own mass graves. Then the Khmer Rouge soldiers buried them alive. A Khmer Rouge extermination prison directive ordered "Bullets are not to be wasted." Such mass graves are often referred to as "the Killing Fields". Demoncrats are so quick to give away any or all their rights thinking, "we are different these are different times"  well people are never different some are CRAZY and if they had power would kill off anyone that posed a threat. it never changes people are stupid we also call them sheeple and some are just interested in their own selves with no care of tomorrow or their children or even to have children. One of the reason for a lot of killing is the constant in your face news coverage of blood and gore if it bleeds it leads problem I can see if we need public eyes to find a killer to make it news worthy if it is a done and over and the police catch them keep it as a small notation I get tired of seeing blinking police lights and maybe a covered body on a gurney with no context or facts only hearsay.  It does not help that children can't see porn but can buy a game with the same smut only digital with all the shooting killing but there is no real pain just points.  some people never become mature act out and die all pissy bad attitude blame everyone and lash out just like children without control or concern of others. if you can't buy a rifle because we cannot trust you why should we allow you to buy a video game that teaches you how to ??? we are not allowed to watch jihadi videos well I guess you may but I am sure the POWERS will be at your door. What about American jihadi training sites ??? they have them and how do they get away with having firearms ??? and why with all this guys problems and actual threats was he not in jail ??? The police have to have substations why do they not have one in every school as they get calls there all the time. Another issue is parents not allowed or controlled or no contact trying to snag their kids at school ex students selling drugs on school grounds kids are always being caught with knives guns and other weapons so why no metal detectors they already look like a prison another issue is the schools are built with NO consideration of security the bullsh*t of lock down is a joke you have to isolate sections if the place is open and all the students know how where there are any deterrents they can be overcome just like this kid did he pulled the fire alarm.  How stupid are people most schools are built of concrete with metal roofs and sprayed fire retardant just what would burn ??? in a place of education you would get the idea someone would think, a school today is a bunch of separate buildings so a fire alarm does not mean for the whole school to go out and lookie loo and wander the grounds  this in it's self should make you quiver if you think that through !!!  None ofr the gungrabbers have a idea that once guns are gone we will have truck attacks etc etc etc and just pray tell how will they handle that ?? take some more rights more ID's more police more control less freedom more internet spying as of now as it should be it is online users reporting bad people and I like that a real witness with verifiable proof IMHO.  Law enforcement failed people reporting failed all the agencies failed school security failed  and we are supposed to agree to place ourselves in under their shield of protection, their power and control I think not.  In an emergency remember all the students had to hold their hands up and the shooter actually escaped the school !!! a reminder why we cannot trust --- recent gun confiscation And AGAIN  it is not about guns it is about total control and when they get the chance they will do it again remember that the areas where this happened was politically Demoncrat controlled the Governor the mayor and the police were either demoncrats or I was only taking orders useless POS notice they got AR's and M16's  semiauto pistols attack dogs and come in as a swat team !! HERE IS THE BEST ONE YET I'm was only taking orders it is your representatives  legislators you need to talk to them or your lawyer.    Government of U.S. Virgin Islands  seizes guns ahead of hurricane Irma     here is what the demoncrats don't care about is if the gun grab causes what Sheriff Clark states here HELL they want it to happen so they can force more draconian laws and use those "CAMPS"     Did Fox or the main stream news tell you about this ?   Watch later Watch later      
    • Let’s see, My wife and I both have bikes, both of us are over 40, by a long shot, (2 wheeled),  carry our concealed handguns on our persons when we ride, as well as a folding stocked carbine or two, (Gasp!) Regularly take an Ibuprofen/Tylenol cocktail for joint pain, but, take nothing for my “bad attitude”(politically incorrect viewpoints), and in general now, have  an “FTW” out look on surviving the latest financial holacaust our esteemed members of Congress and the Senate are driving us towards at a reckless pace. Oh well........