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Wilson Comabt accessories

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Wilson Combat accessories many of which I have installed used and abused and all have shown they are well thought out and well made.

my observation today is about their flat recoil spring it is a fantastic upgrade from a original round coil spring one note you need either their recoil spring guide as a normal guide rod is to large in diameter and will not fit into the Wilson flat recoil spring  or you can opt for the full length recoil spring guide rod with spring plug you can buy products separate or as a kit.

the increased spring for ball loads I ended up with a 17# and it actually felt better than an original 15# round coil version this came with a shock buff, the spring makes it feel smother does not have that "spring suction cup gun sound" and more consistent compression not jerky I also note that the spring guide rod is solid rides more fit to the spring than original parts IMO

I have looked in on many posts on 1911 forums and find that many agree that the colt either came with a 14 or 15 # spring originally as many thought it was too soft for ball or +P ammo and over time lost its power all I know is I agree that the original spring was not best for +P loads and as most of us we shoot generic and carry self defense ammo thats power level is greater well for most people that is not an issue as most pistols have less than a few boxes of shells shot through them and the rest of the time they decorate a drawer or a table top or are a safe queen. For the people interested in shooting and enjoy it your not going to wear out a 1911 anytime soon.

I cannot leave it that there is a difference between manufacturers and it is not price and the argument over cast versus milled is all dependent on the parts we are talking about investment casting has been a corner stone of many reliable firearm companies. It is best to do your own research on companies and their products recent posts on other forums are bashing a 3500 dollar 1911 and many of this companies other versions because most people want much different looks or safety features I would buy basic and build up.

I found that extended levers can be more a problem they can require a different holster as some will release the safety or the mag release if sat on or leaned into as well as making the original wider ambidextrous may be good for some I d'ont see it as once it is game on the safety stays off  and who said you would have a thumb to operate it with no matter what orientation.. long ago I learmed that a standard rear sight make a hell of a slide cocker off a belt or jeans. I am not a purist I am a realist what works is for you if you have to adapt to the customizations and think to hard imagine if your under stress If you have to look to insure your rod is hot practice or find another IMHO.



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LMAO yea I just made a post about you get what you pay for Cylinder & slide are the #1 place for the BHP for parts or to get it made into just about anything you want.

on the 1911 the old thumb buster trigger WWII style commander hammers are too snubby for my thumbs of course you always sit easy unless you want to get gigged by the hammer spur or of cocked & locked still rubs a lint ball on your shirt or tell tale oil stain on your wife beater T-shirt.  I did have a pre-ejaculation problem with a extended 1911 mag release that was embarrassing sat down and the mag shot out like a greased BB but I fixed that I'm all better now :D 

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I got a recoil spring plug, cause it was a Wilson and decided to dig around and made sure I had "extra parts" most any arm you need to have certain parts some break firing pins and extractors all you have to do is research your arm on the net and find the possible parts to get lost or break or need replacing on as needed basis

Semiauto's always need extra mags as 90% of problems with these are magazine related.

1911 I keep extra grip screws bushings recoil spring plug, safety  / slide release spring with both detent pins, Front sight,  IMO taking down beyond basic field strip is not needed unless you waded a mud bog.

On bolt Rifles a firing pin & spring  extractor and any other items that may fall off or break. Military rifles are pretty solid but some do break firing pins once in a life time and extractors can chip or snap if the chamber is rough or ammo is corroded.  Maybe a bolt stop w pin or screw.

Lever actions front & rear sight if the rear uses an "elevator?" have a couple maybe an ejector & extractor and any springs.

Semiauto rifles each is it's own series of issues ones built off of military models are less prone to loosing parts or wearing out but with all the modifications (mods) and non original parts you would know if you shoot it regularly OEM type AR's are not prone to things falling off nor are M1 Garand  or the carbine the M14 or H&K rifles.

if there are any special tools simple things like a 1911 bushing tool or OEM cleaning kit that has some widget on it those are good to have an armorers kit & special tools may as well carry a second weapon.

Most things in the field to fix I have my Swiss Army Explorer.

I was asked why I did not opt for hex screws on pistols because there is nowhere to keep the tool on it, in a rifle drill out the butt stock and you have a stash area and that is where you place your extra parts if the stock is wood or might get wet cosmoline  gauze wrap and rust proof paper coat them stick in plastic baggy so they do not turn to rust balls as out of sight out of mind.

all the rage is Titanium firing pins and parts I like the better lock time but springs can still corrode even stainless as t is not "pure" stainless and this is why people should remove grips regularly and wipe the fram with a cloth with a drop of oil and remember some oils are hygroscopic and or will mix with water like WD  so search the net for info.

bare steel is not a sin most battle rifles or pistols  used long term are still work horses just not pristine looking now rust is a sin there is no reason for rust just keep it wiped down.


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When I was running a 1911 in IDPA, I ran Wilson Combat parts almost exclusively, save the King's Match Trigger. It's been a while, but I think I used a 16# (?) round recoil spring on a standard-length guide rod with a handload of 4.6 grains of Bullseye under a H&G 68 200 grain LSWC. Ragged one-hole groups at 15 yards. It was impossible to miss with that gun.

Hm....I kinda want to dig it out of the safe now...Oh, wait! Here's a Sig P220. Never mind. :)

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Mods spring kits and improved replacement parts are ways to improve accuracy function ergonomics and to just look cool.

Trigger jobs may not be needed if you choose a good spring kit. New trigger or trigger groups can solve many problems.

Firing pins for bolt & semi's made with stronger lighter Titanium give faster lock times better for accuracy.

Adding specific parts like a button oversize mag release can cause problems it can cause the magazine to release when the arm is holstered. on the other hand if the holster is properly fit for such parts it is a benefit to the shooter.

Replacing sights with glow or hiviz sights and the numerous designs helps accuracy for most people.

Before you decide on a improvement research how those that took the plunge fell about it and some of the drawbacks some alterations require that the arm be reblued or blasted finish to complete the integration and not look like a vehicle from spare parts stove bolts and milk crates.

many stoked rifles can improve by free floating the barrel and or bedding the action.

It is not one thing that takes the rifle to it's optimum abilities once you eliminate the obstacles then it is time to practice and hone your skills , If your unsure of your accuracy allow someone else to shoot for their best MOA  once that is made clear you know what goal to set for yourself.

My father did not shoot much paper he only checked his sights and scope before season.  He hunted for food because he like wild game. Mostly he liked venison quail and dove rabbit and squirrel., and was a rifle shotgun man. Pistols were work guns he was fast and good enough to hit softball size targets off hand. I learned that the arms I had access to their abilities so there was no excuse for my not being able to shoot as well as the weapon could as I had seen it in practice. Many people do not have that or another close individual to help or that knows how to instruct a friend and not be a guffawing jackazz..

Shooting is many positive things incorporated to achieve a task either speed bulls eyes or meat on the table. It is or should be humbling and spiritually centering when hunting as your taking a life one you did not create feed or care for. The waste of is morally objectionable for the most part this is separate from managing vermin varmints  and destroyers of homestead livestock and food sources of both ourselves and stock.  The uninformed and anti hunting / firearm crowd neither take responsibility for the earth or managing problem animals and expect everyone to live catch and move to another habitat and sometimes I do and other times I do not the damage a rat squirrel coon or other critters can do to wiring insulation and the smells from urine and fecal deposits the repair and cleanup the disease potential termination by lead is expedient and permanent either we control them or like old Europe we die  from numerous diseases what hollyweird types do not know keeps them ignorant  all the restaurants and places they live require constant trapping poisoning and removal of vermin pests animals  and swarming insects., We in the uncouth and deplorable's  camp, since we do not make 20 million a movie or have a charity that brings home the bacon have to do it ourselves with the means at our disposal

I hope all of you do it with style class w/ a nicely modified or improved weapon of choice with a good trigger, sights, and speed kit it also does improve your chances by adding a dot optic laser or scope or all three with a flashlight. Got to love them bolt on picatinny rails :D

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      Шпигуни пд прикриттям (2019). Spies in1 год 41 хв. Голосування буде доступне псля релзу. Скажене веслля 2 Трейлер Судити по совст (2019).
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