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USS Fitzgerald DDG 62

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I am aghast at this incident, it is an unfathomable incident and the horrible waste of all of whom seem to have been great human beings.

My problem is that an average speed of this vessel is a minimum of 33 knots close to 40 miles per hour and the weather was calm and clear it's ability to escape and evade other vessels should have been without question a freighter has a top speed of 25 mph I was being conservative that the USS Fitzgerald would exceed a reported speed by much much more and has way more maneuverability than any commercial vessel PERIOD.   

Stats on both the USS Fitzgerald and the ACX Crystal  Length height weight etc.    Size and weight differential

Details on equipment and other interesting facts   Michael Savage on the USS Fitzgerald

Time line problem and why did the USS Fitzgerald not make a call ???  time line and communications issue

Track of the ACX Crystal before and after the incident  tracking of the ACX Crystal

Really interesting the Navy web page for the USS Fitzgerald I got more information on a box of matches it's terrible. Navy web page

The Navy has appointed an investigator  here are His stats    Rear ADM Brian Fort

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I was wondering beyond what was in the news about the weather and as far as all reports it was a calm sea almost flat there was a 1/3 moon and visibility was unhindered no fog or other weather to obscure a watches ability to see or hear.

One instance a mother of one of the deceased was reported as saying that the freighter did not have marker lights on and or some other anomalous issues.

another issue brought up was why did the USS Fitzgerald not send a alert / distress call ? it appears that the freighter called in the report to Japanese officials.

I find it impossible that the USS Fitzgerald was unable to avoid being run down by a vessel with half it's speed and maneuverability unless there was a severe problem and why did the watch normally port (left) and starboard (right) and  fantail watch minimal as well you have the bridge and that has displays and numerous radar sonar and 3D 360 degree bubble of information including satellite GPS information in REAL TIME ! 

I would expect you could ski behind any of our vessels from 0 to top speed classified but it is not a tug boat it's a damn DESTROYER !

I also I of the mind we have to many electronic toys and it makes people complacent electronic or electrical or wired instruments or communication is the point of intrusion or disabling or manipulation with EMP or pulse weapons can effect any wired piece of equipment except manually operated mechanical only that means it cannot be overcome by any means other then human intervention  or a force that can destroy it why did we get away from the old blower for communications you know blow into it and the plug on the other end had a valve that whistled and you answered by uncorking it and yelling into the tube ?  we would not need but a few like from the bridge to engine room, fire control  and damage control  At some time in order to be advanced you need to look back what worked before and how you can incorporate it alongside new technology.

Weapons I have researched of late make me consider that human interface on the battlefield or at sea is in more danger than ever weapons we only heard of in comic books are reality weapons the size of a beer keg can wipe out all technology and blackout a continent germ warfare that can target specific genetic attributes Aurel weapons magnetic rail guns  launching projectiles a 10,000 fps a 30MM only goes 3,500 FPS and 3 round burst turns a tank into chunks and other things, and other things   "The time has come," the Walrus said,"To talk of many things: Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--Of cabbages--and kings-- And why the sea is boiling hot--And whether pigs have wings."

Strange things are happening just below Panama in Columbia and also Venezuela evil things partnering with the middle east evil loves to rub shoulders and have no conscience money is their only end game and power all of south America is infested with foreign agents and as far as I know we have NO friends in the "global" community, it is time to open our eyes and see that we are friendless and once our money is of no value and we can no longer afford to buy the bar a round the party will end "they: will strip us naked kill us and throw us in the gutter.

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New Chinese shipping container pod full O missiles so every shipping freighter is now a problem these rockets can go 400 miles in 10 seconds I only post this now because is is widely known but this is the future of hostile weapons and North Korea China and Iran know this as well so for all the stupid people that think a country has to have a ballistic system capable of thousands of miles your idiots these can be shipped trucked from a friendly port. as many vessels that carry a contingent of political ambassadors and other reasons may not or could be excluded from searches.  China has a container that is capable f controlling 4 other container weapons and can launch multiple types of rockets missiles decoys etc etc . or Multiple munitions from a single rocket.

South of the boarder  Rafael south American military industrial complex

Other packages can be stuffed into these taco's or eggrolls or spring rolls depending on the origin of these little beauties.

the left better pull their head out of their azz and wake up as well as the lame fake news media. we still have no idea of where approximately  199 suitcase nukes are lost in the 1980's nor a box car of other things that went missing when the former USSR fell every country under it's control had arsenals of all kinds of party favors.

Janes directory of military hardware and Popular science and a few other sites can educate people to new technology

I am very very disappointed at the Fitzgerald because it make us America look like a bunch of rubes billions of dollars or R&D years of testing trials and this ship cost between 1.7 billion to 2 billion dollars and cannot evade a floating barge it is more than a challenge to wrap my mind around especially once you see the Satellite track of the ACX Crystal it appears to have purposely diverted from course and intentionally rammed the Fitzgerald then took a 90 degree diversion then altered course north east then doubled back south west then south back toward the Fitzgerald and NO repeat NO signal supposedly came from the Fitzgerald but from the ACX Crystal and with a time discrepancy of over an hour and there had to be backup weather hand held or alternate communications onboard  not to mention if the alphabet soup watch all and knows all why was a strike on a 2 billion dollar vessel not noticed were they watching miley cyrus twerking  GPS military is within 1 foot where are all the billions of dollars pissed away by our government going who the hell watches the watchers and why have a few hundred people tasked to watch and duty it is to protect and defend our people in harms way ? I want heads to roll court-marshals satellite companies fined engineers fired tracking and control officers and staff stripped of their classifications in all levels that had access to this intel in eal time because now who in the hell believes we are a world power this makes us look like a paper tiger run by fools and every company that had a hand in building that ship should be drug through the ringer fined fired from government contracts restricted from bids if their equipment was at fault and it should ba open transparent and all the guilty should be made public.

Why am I so upset because those 7 people were left to drown to save the other on that ship locked in waiting to die all the while knowing what would happen once that hatch was closed and probably in the dark looking for air pockets trying to stay alive hoping beyond hope some one could break through or find an alternative hatch and get them out from a stranger than fiction supposed accident General Keene his version read like a script all the traffic could be seen on satellite in real time and he said "it was dark" 2 billion dollars cutting edge radar sonar and other computers a 360 degree bubble for out to at least 60 miles and that is what he had to say ? Susan Rice was more believable when she said Benghazi was started by an Internet video. we need to start calling him Susan and the other dip in the road Admiral John Kirby then press secretary under Obama his fictional account ought to win him a Pulitzer prize his acting an Oscar IMHO. if we ever need 3 test pilots to fly a rocket ship to  Uranus John McCain General Keene and Admiral Kirby  just to round out the crew Nancy Pelosi can run communications as she is an anus here maybe she can communicate with the Uranuses there.  Just a thought and an opinion I could or could not be mistaken or have misspoke about this poor misunderstood people :D

China cruise missile rocket container Zhuhai 2016

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The news cycle on this has been shorter than a 3 hour old  tuna sandwich on a picnic table in the dead of summer.  We have not seen the bodies brought back or news from the families or squat what about the odd track of the container ship the NYT had a piece that the 7 sailors were brought back last month.

Three were injured and the Commander on Friday air lifted to Yokosuka  then released on Monday. 

The Crystal has a VDR or Voyage data recorder and it like a flight data recorder keeps track of all changes track speed and records conversations between persons via internal communications,

The coast guard is investigating and have brought in Coastguard specialists from the states to augment the small contingent in Japan to aid in the investigation.

It just seems very quiet reports are sketchy at best and regurgitated excuses for both vessels to cover the hour or more between the incident and contact with anyone who could help for over an hour other ships were in the area the Japanese are very capable and were were the Fitzgerald's 

The USS Fitzgerald collision is the third mishap since February involving Navy warships near Japan. 

In February, USS Antietam, a guided-missile cruiser, damaged its propellers and spilled hydraulic oil into the ocean after running aground off the coast of Japan. At the time, officials told Fox News the warship had dragged its anchor after 30 knot winds blew the ship from its anchorage onto shoal water grounding the ship.

Last month, USS Lake Champlain a guided-missile cruiser hit a South Korean fishing boat, near the Korean peninsula but no injuries were reported.

Something is awry ......crew can be from 130 to just over 300 depending on the class newer means fewer crew if incidents are so common place so few would have a real time making repairs underway after an incident it comes to mind we are to vested in technology and not bolstering it with manpower as a ship cannot repair itself and there need to be enough trained and experienced officers to make command decisions the Fitzgerald appeared to be able to maneuver and make it back to port 80 miles  was not listing from what little I could find flooding had to have been contained I'll leave it there........

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