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BUYER BEWARE ebay sellers are dumping bad parts

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 A recent romp through ebay I was checking out 1911 parts and found quite a few had obvious problems like too deeply throated so the case would not be supported one had a missing ear off the lugs was missing another had a ding in the crown of the muzzle good size one. used or new some on ebay sell seconds and as long as they are well documented and good pictures a buyer can know if they can alter or fix them to a special market if the price is right buying a hundred at pennies on the piece the ones that do work can be sold and a general profit made.

other parts can be made junk by over polishing or file work it is always good to look at the sellers return policy and or seller feedback if it is less than 99.3 and the number of sales is low best to click on the feedback number and look at the remarks but also take them with a grain of salt some people are never satisfied and nitpick and shipping lag is a sticking point but ebay sellers if they are ranked as high quantity bulk or thousands of sales a month get preferential treatment and feedback is limited some it is almost impossible to lodge a complaint I have had only a few problems but when you do it is usually a real pain.

Remember to double check the origin of the item and really look at the shipping cost some of the real pricks try to double their profits by unqualified costs but remember if it is larger than flat rate shipping boxes it is going to be a higher price and irregular size shape or length not all shipping cost are unreasonable but buyer beware. I do not mind a bit of overcharge labels ink as to and from etc plus the cost of ebay and or paypal can be up to 20%

it is best to know what your buying and what it should looks like originally ask questions but not a day before the auction ends expect the further away the longer it takes shipping from China a couple of weeks to a month I bought some wrist bands for VBS and planned ahead bought them 2 months early got them in 3 weeks well withing the agreed time and seller and I are both happy. expect one out of a hundred buys or sells a problem may emerge if there are more it is either a expectation problem on your end or generally you did not do your due diligence and check shipping cost place it's being shipped from or check the buyer or sellers feedback or feedback score abd like I stated if it is lower than 99.3 and less than 100 sales a month you might ought to find another seller of the item you want that has a better score IMHO.

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