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Who Survives The Collapse: " Intellectuals VS Layman ".

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This dude makes some opinions sound like he is an authority he is assuming a whole hell of a lot like anything will make sense from any angle you shoot from.

at least in the civil war there were governing bodies that had separate but ideological differences and a definite plan of the future.

What we are seeing there is NO repeat NO parallel except maybe the fall of Rome because there will be no central control "HERE" as I see it our governing body will fracture in so many factions we would be easy for a "POWER" to wrestle control by theological means as nature deplores a vacuum, we are looking at the future when we see all these social justice warriors these people are the sheeple of the future dumb as dog sh*t ignorant refuse to accept facts and choose to follow pie in the sky ideals that turn over their freedom to some ideology that make themselves a slave to works refusing to see morality and decency has anything to do with their spirit and sell their soul to "freedom"    to be and do every lecherous thing as long as they recycle hug trees and not judge they can all sing we are the world and be reincarnated as a flower -_-  there are only a few dozen things that are flowing to the same cess pool of one world government non elected industrial corporation rule like the EU that is partially why the Brits exited ( Brexit) they saw the faceless rule telling them how to live in minutia from not allowing them electric tea pots microwaves and hair dryers and taxes of 13 % extra to divide to 3rd world countries as "THEY SEE FIT" IE the carbon tax or the Paris accord and the Kyoto treaty same sh*t different charter.

Most of America will end up looking like Syrian drone footage as most of the inner cities are a diced up pie of ethnic groups that hate distrust or want to ethnically cleanse one another !  last time I was inside the loop in Houston the only language I did not hear was ENGLISH ! imagine  each of them blaming each other or raiding relief trucks IF THEY EVER COME  or imagine Katrina with no rescue ever.


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