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I don't live in fear. But I think with these bombings people need to recognize just how sneaky the terrorists are and just how under able law enforcement is. People we know say there's just no way for LE to keep up with all the cells and networks no matter how much they work.

I took my son to a Christmas concert by a highly popular Christian artist at a big city venue in December. I knew my exits and carried my flashlight and other things in my purse. (Metal detectors there so no common weapons 'permitted.') I enjoyed it, but studied my surroundings. 

But in general we avoid crowded places. What would have to happen for you to stop going to CostCo on a Sunday or avoid large public gatherings? How bad would it have to get?

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LMAO I gave up I don't care anymore today profiling was mentioned and other stupid legal issues such as the courts intervening in presidential attempts to defend our nation and the politically correct stupidity and social justice warrior snow flakes can have it their way and die for it in less than an hour Fox News Specialists I heard every stupid comment compacted into one program that I have heard over the last 9 years.

I do not go to sports events concerts or into large cities or the metro sexual plex and love it those people ares so damn ignorant if all of the major cities were to have to live with the laws and decisions instead of making us the rural to fund their failures we would all be much better off Houston has screwed the pooch so many times on so many issues but like all cities it voter block is ignorant social bottom feeders drugged with fluoride, street drugs  and welfare / foodstamps while the political class race baiting animal trainers look for race tainted stories to feed them. Last night a quote from a member of a grand jury that stated there was no reason to charge an officer for the shooting of an unarmed man well if he was to have attacked and taken the officers gun "female officer" then there would have been a problem.

Problem is people refuse to listen to police stop means stop no means no I am not going as far as to say the police have not made the problem from abuse of power and the blue wall of silence. numerous policing agencies within 250 miles found to have done things outside the scope or legality up to and including criminal activity.

Anyone that has read any of my posts we don't need mooslims nor their oil we have an agreement with Saudi Arabia that is what keep the / our petro dollar from becoming toilet paper and why we cannot become energy independent not because we we don't have more oil than them but because they buy our debt, stocks and bonds holding up our currency  there have been hundreds of volumes of books on the subject not to mention the SWAMP is loaded with vipers if I were to list those that are in essence enemies of the state HELL THEY ARE THE STATE ! that is the problem...... we backed the Muahadin then the became Alquada now the just changed their name and got off the terror watch list LMAO whats in a name a whole hell of a lot. What if I were to tell you that for the last  years we have had foreign agents in the whitehouse ? well really 28 years ? first 8 were the Chinese next 8 were international bankers next were the mooslim brotherhood and it was a female but there were many more many military officers were kicked out our schools were allowed to teach from the mooslim holy book and our holy book was reviled and all references were removed from our schools state houses and local city buildings.

As far as the Manchester attack its all optics the political class is not changing the problem that made this the influx of mooslims without vetting allowing them to isolate and even ignore them when they police the streets as mooslim security telling locals they are in a mooslim area and must abide by mooslim rules they attack women that dress western bully GLBTQ"s and even hold Sharia courts within the infested areas and the police are not allowed or backed by the political jack in the boxes that only stick their head out like today to denounce attackes and praise locals and do nothing in the background.

It is all political theater as I have said if they are not here they are not a problem the mooslims have killed millions of Christians Kurds are Sunni (if I recall correctly) so they are still MOOSLIMS so do I care if they kill each other or die NO both have used suicide bombers killed Christians and 70 % support radical portions of isalami and the BOOK has over 100 references to murder or conversion but nothing on forgiveness or love thy neighbor pedophilia is allowed and fondling of children or using them as a humping post or thighing and a recent picture of a imam kissing a young boy on the lips was not blasted by the MSM the whole culture is revolting there are flying goats in space and pissing on yourself is a damnable offense it takes 2 black or women to be one witness and still not to the value of  a honorable follower GLBTQ's are to be killed women are treated lower than cattle a man can have 4 wives as young as 9 he can have a temp wife for less than an hour. I am sick and tired of posting and that the stupid talking heads read books like a river but not the ones that they speak on and alway meter their words with "it's a religion of peace"  Where on what page give me chapter and verse in the book or the hadith or anywhere else and besides HE could neither read nor write there are more than 27 versions of the "BOOK" He was killed by a jewish woman who he killed her family he was called / described as "WHITE" was short NO HE DID NOT LOOK LIKE FABIO.

HE plagiarized the bible and other sources 600 yeas after the fact. READ the book "the people versus Muhammad" here is a link to youtube video   crazy as batsh*t 

Until we as a people recognize that this is a never ending war and we need to address this as any life threatening disease, and use every psyops weapon against them and deed any defilement untill they are like they want to do to us converted or dead.

please send the youtube videos by email tell everyone you know fight this stupidity like you would a fire threatening your home and your children were trapped inside because they are my friends they are and are being sacrificed on the alter of political correctness

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