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a list of items to have on hand for long term

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First and foremost this is a list of things to find at garage sales on sale or impulse buy items that you may need down the road

This is not food but many items we may need and when we do we need plenty

a balanced fertilizer like 10-10-10

Epsom Salt this is a fertilizer as well as a good soaking bath for the body also laxative 

insecticides liquid sevin great thing is that you can use it on garden plants even after fruitation and wash it off before eating. a bottle a season if your frugal and your garden is lets say 400 square foot

baking soda I have seen 13 pound bags at bulk stores

quick lime a little dusted in your outhouse keeps it less stinky

Salt pure you can buy water treatment salt in 40 to 50 pound bags a couple ought to do as meat takes a lot of salt to cure

roll of barbed wire it has 1320 foot on a roll sounds like a lot but keeps things out of gardens homes etc if you do it right and wire staples. fencing pliers and learn how to build a corner post tighten string wire and T posts I buy these from scrap people yard sales etc.

Box of nails 50 pounds 16 D and or 30 D galvanized  galvanized last a long time screws will be of little use without power tools  and a REAL hammer like a framing hammer. learn how to make a fruit of veggie into a battery as well.

Black mild steel wire / bailing wire

1/8th inch aircraft cable same as on your garage doors and learn how to make a loop or how to plait together.

barrels BLUE 30 to 60 gallon no electricity NO WATER one 55 gallon barrel per person and animal using emergency rations this will last for drinking alone less than 2 months if you have a garden better pray for rain.

Natural hardwood charcoal a 55 gallon drum is good great for making water filtration starting fires

5 gallons of kerosene and lanterns we may not have batteries and or electricity.

tape measures rulers calipers even a tailors tape ( I got one in a roll of medical tape)

Chain falls and or a block & tackle with rope I use Kernmantle or braided climbing rope as it does not turn and twist under load you can find it as well as caribiners at REI or sometimes a tree cutter quits after they get long in the tooth.

copper sulfate and or 5 gallon bucket of roofing tar wood posts rot if not treated and the lumber yard may be closed mixed with kerosene its that Greek fire that sticks to everything

Gimlets an or a brace & bits without these its a pain it the azz to drill a hole.

a large container of both gun bore cleaner and weapons oil NOT WD-40 if your a prepper and do not have some way to defend or secure your stuff then a pair of soft gloves for holding your ankles and a case of tampons instead your going to need them.

post hole digger and or auger shovels are nifty but fence poles fall over if dug to large auger can be used to drill a shallow well if you have steel extensions.

limb loppers garden shears manual hedge clippers hoe

set of wood and steel chisels hole punches

draw knife

farm jack bumper jack these are DANGEROUS but they are able to lift higher than a screw or hydraulic jack but you need these as well.

Iron rake not a steel fan rake

pointed shovel and a square point shovel

depends where you live but I have both a pick and a grubbing hoe

4 pound sledge hammer  2 pound shop hammer

vice NO NOT that kind one to hold items with


Gloves it is not a stretch that you need a dozen pair of cotton black dot and a dozen leather gloves real work you use these up they can be darned or mended.

grass seed

weed killer the good stuff be careful as this sh*t will kill a steel post make sure the wind is not blowing and spot spray or edge carefully  You can use diesel and salt but not withing 3 to 6 foot of berry vines as far as trees a good general rule is the roots go out as far as the limbs

top wire heavy fence wire this is for a cloths line may as well have 2 T pipes of good pipe and cement them in family of 4 needs 25 foot between and 3 lines if we have monetary problems skimping on using the dryer will lower your electric bill and if no electricity gonna need it anyway and a hundred clothes pins.

Whirligigs these are spinners turned bu the wind they scare pests by movement and vibration cheap and effective.

Animal traps, flat spring, coil spring,  live traps large and small, rat traps mice traps  if your all warm and fuzzy about critters your going to die slowly BY STARVATION.

Screen wire not plastic screens on your windows and doors.

old timey scrub board for washing clothes

5 gallons of soap I like 2X dawn but clothes soap is low suds so have 5 gallons of it unless you rinse your clothes well you'll have rashes galore.

Thread and buttons needles and thimbles pins needle threader as no matter how good your eyes are now even a blid person can thread a needle with one.

Hand spray bottles

a drum of old cotton sheets from tying up plants to bandages (use white)and making clothes this is the cheapest material you can buy in place of cheese cloth I have used it to strain oil berries and water.

White mesh fabric I use this to cover the seed heads on plants to capture the seeds

Steel binder clips all sizes  a million uses.

oil based paint rust and insects is your enemy paint works and many places sales sell it add a bit of gas or kerosene and loosens it up even if it is old pull off the skim / dried paint off the top.

brushes natural and plastic nail to scrub and shop brushes and dust pans steel not plastic 

knee and elbow pads face shield reading glasses safety glasses filter masks (remember the dust bowl ) allergies and bad stuff in the air.

hand tools wrenches etc... a couple of rear axles and you have a dutch windmill  just because there is no power does not mean we cannot use or re-purpose mechanical items like spindles hubs and axles plastic pipe for blades your imagination is your only barrier year ago plants were driven by leather belts the whole shop was driven by a windmill or water wheel some even used animals on grist wheel.

I have animals so I have a corn grinder and sheller.

everything we have today is a result of cheap oil mechanical and industrial revolution and if you own a home or property your going to need all this sh*t anyway




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LOL TPSnodgrass

I do use all this stuff and have plenty more on hand. needing more sevin liquid but I have 3 powder ones but I have found powder is not as effective as liquid in a pump up sprayer and I have 4 of those every year I get another as they fail once and a while but the parts can keep the others going. and I keep specific chemicals in separate ones you do not want to use the same sprayer for a defoliant in a home insecticide sprayer nor a exterior only insecticide as they can cause irritation of airways illness allergies and worse the fact is that certain insecticides and chemicals in concentrated form are poisons  used as directed they are safe and effective over the consequences of not using them insect infestations and destruction of homes and personal items is very costly. some people are allergic to roaches or bee or wasp stings so we need insecticide but as minimal approach as possible but not wait until an infestation is out of control then the need to use complete coverage instead of barrier strips of spray.

the tar is a multitool the one thing we all need is a dry place or a way to plug a wall and know insects and water are repelled today we have foam problem is it goes bad in the can, used with Dacron polyester to cover holes in roofs caulk and chink boats log homes thinned with spirits and repels insects and preserve wood it is flammable until dry but if we have no choices it is what it is

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well when I was younger ........... LOL


I did  forget you will need a few sling blades swing blades  or yoyo's to cut your grass depends on where your from as to the name BUT cutting grass is only the half next you need to allow it to dry so you need to watch the weather then collect it and store it in a dry covered place this is how hay was collected back in the day before bailers and roll hay equipment and it takes a lot of physical strength to bail and stack as well as haul and dried hay is a crop and today hay costs 5 to 10 dollars a bail it depends on quality and type.

this is one of the reasons why I raise chickens and rabbits a balance of resources and my ability to store and area for grass for feed large animals are great but it takes a specific amount of grass rain and area per animal and usually those numbers are minimum so double that so when drought and other trouble comes you have a natural reserve.

In a world with no power or limited or expensive power and no access to cheap fertilizer from oil and gas it will not be easy and your water will not be easy to come by a hand pump puts out 8 to 16 ounces a stroke the water level drops as to drought and others use from the same aquifer rivers and lakes have dried up in days or a few years.

shade is a resource people fail to consider animals need to get out of the sun it reduces their water need and any animals need medication such as wormer fly spray gentian violet or otherwise called purple medicine mineral oil and flea and tick dips and soaps. it is also good to keep all your NON DETERGENT or plain old used motor oil we used it for years to treat mange on dogs, sulfur is also a good animal medication animals need salt blocks and molasses etc it would not hurt to keep a season of whatever you need and rotate JITIM or just in time inventory management is a fools paradise any number of issues can leave shelves empty and take many months if not years to rebuild the inventory ask anyone looking for 22 Long rifle shells.

Depression era survivors who turned into hoarders had a real reason or internal fear as there was NOTHING that did not have a value BUMS used old news paper inside their clothes to keep from freezing to death old homes do not have insulation some used to plaster in news paper to keep the wind from whistling between the boards and many roofs were tin and you could see through holes in the tin only the ones that leaked were tarred. I recall an old home you could see through the floor boards and old log homes had to be rechinked on a as need basis.

one last thought is Kerosene and coal oil are 2 very different things that can both be used for fuel look it up and make good use of the information.

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..I will add a good solid two wheeled cart. Makes MANY things easier from hauling water to mucking stalls (some of that soap between these jobs would be a good idea) when you don't have/can't afford to use gas for the truck....if you see an old tool and you don't have one you might want to it...and another like it.

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i am a jack of all trades and have a few hobbies and plenty of life experience, and it means diddly when the power goes out. we as a nation are so immersed in just in time ordering all of the shelves would be bare in days. after an event you will have to lay low or get sniped, as opportunists looters, refugees  and criminals like in Venezuela rolling blackouts if there is power.

People need to watch Honduras Venezuela Chile Bolivia Peru radiation is up in Europe France had 3 explosions at nuke plants we are mushrooms kept in the dark and fed sh*t Fukashima all it needs is another 6.0+ quake the rods touch and it is or will make a worse disaster than ever seen in history our west coast could become unlivable ! 

There is so much going on in real time no one can keep track there has been no time EVER in history where so much natural or man made disasters and wars all at once except WWII and at that time more than half the world barley had technology or manufacturing there are still places where natives come out of the jungle in a thong and never seen lived in a town or a city STILL.

The shear ignorance of Americans with all their technology information at their finger tips and dumb as hell amazes me REALLY I could watch a person pull a tribe of monkeys out of their azz each with an umbrella doing a high wire act and not be as surprised, my head almost explodes at how awkward and illiterate stupid and mentally lazy cannot free associate or fathom abstract ideas like we have a 2 party system and each wins and looses and we go on, not this crazy train of bring down the system mayhem and riot and none of them have a clue what would happen if they got what they want and do not even know what they want except free sh*t :rolleyes:

there are at least a half dozen places where a earthquake would render a huge swath of land unlivable it is just a matter of time when an Island or Islands will sink and all on them will be fish food. what we are watching now is NOTHING it is coming unraveled almost every nation is at odds with its neighbor over immigration monetary manipulation resources like oil coal food pharmaceuticals.

People that have yet to commit to a prep life style are going to suffer, people do not seem to get it that in Venezuela there are people that are still rich eat shop and have guards but those are the top 3%  everyone else is on starvation rations at best some people are starving to death sexual predation murder and corruption is in their face people are bussed to stores because they are down with the government in power all the other people stand in line a half a day for a half a single walmart size sack of food.

Once the countries that can afford food start to buy on the open market all the countries that do not have a valuable currency will be starved out ! it is already happening I may be one of the few that see the slide as food gets more expensive people will eat less expensive food and I have seen stores that have half width shelving more and more just in time replenishment no warehousing of stock ! what you see it whats there for a whole area of town and in some places there are few competitors more and more people buy online so some items will NOT be stocked as why stock an item that has a low turn over ? like essential oils differing over the counter medications ?

As each generation gets older many items are no longer stocked as they were like hog head cheese powdered milk or powdered eggs in order to get long term food you go to sports / camping stores any hardware store will be closed in a dire event hospitals may be filled to capacity and medications on shelves will be gone this happened this last year to a minor degree from a flu outbreak and it was not real bad serious all the local hospitals were full and beds were in the halls waiting rooms were full but they were still able to just get by

Whatever straw that will break our back is here we just have yet to see it stick it's head up but by then it will be too late if you ain't got it your doing without maybe for over a year as Venezuela and it is getting much worse there. If we do not have a wall and south America goes batsh*t look out IMHO.

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