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well youtube is being a jerk and taking advertising away from channels that are NOT family friendly by their measure like wranglerstar, hickok45 nutnfancy and any that might be firearm friendly, christian friendly etc...etc..

so most of our channels are going to be closed down...

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Freedom of speech it is the first fatality of civil war.

I tell people and they do not believe me that "WE" America is in a civil war, the combatants are on the one side fools being used the other is oblivious to the wiles of the enemy they have yet to spot amongst the camouflage / deceptions of politics and education.  I do not speak lightly of the immanent danger we are in, we are on the brink of disaster and I have never seen a country so close to flying apart.  It takes little research to see where societies have birthed their own demise,

Recent riots disrespect call to murder them, the police and statements from all levels against a legal and verified election call to to harm threats to incite riot and the last is an overt attack against our government is by rich elite individuals actually paying people to create civil unrest, it flabbergasts me that these "foreign"enemies have not been run to earth and interred in Gitmo as terrorists as they are more dangerous than knife wielding / truck driving / Boston pressure cooking person as the death of a few pales in the face of the death of a nation.  What is happening now is no lees different than what kicked off the Venezuelan decent into hell the only difference is as far as I can tell we have a earnest man at the helm, unfortunately he is surrounded by war mongers and or the industrial military complex  deep state intel groups and last but the most dangerous, family.

WE need to PRAY for our leaders, Prayer is not all we need to act n the best interest of our country to keep all of its freedoms intact. We have an infection and it needs to be treated with truth, the truth that violence makes us all victims it give over the power from the people to the system and a system, any system is a machine with no heart no conscience and it will grind the good the bad and the uninvolved into it and destroy them. Venezuela is a present and perfect example of the road we are on our leaders need to be mindful not to create a martyr of a group or individual like in the 1960's of citizens, but they can make examples of foreigners that meddle in our affairs and should immediately or else this spark will turn into a fire like the one that Nero fiddled to IMHO. 

this is really funny

we could be next


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    • I've found that selecting a large baker type potato, for "sock use", makes an excellent dog deterrent, or for conking someone that needs an attitude adjustment. You can either bake the evidence and eat it, or, if feeling charitable, give it away to someone who will gladly dispose of the evidence for you. I wielded one many times when I had two paper routes as a young boy, even smacked a hippie once who tried to jack my bicycle. I hit him so hard with a giant Baker that it knocked him down. Not too bad for a 12 year old....
    • for simplicity to take care of yourself small back pack to keep your souvenirs  and the following Lifestraw  water filter water bottle as water cost plenty in shops small pocket first aid kit w/ antibiotic and a selection of band aids and alcohol prep pads  to clean prior to covering. crushable / boonie hat and or appropriate weather clothing. Bandanna good size / large one and or a umbrella for shade or rain. Good polarized polycarbonate glasses see into water cuts glare. Cell phone camera lens kit turns your cell phone camera into a macro fisheye or wide angel camera, you need to have good megapixle of 5 or more to get good images or videos. also you need to have a micro flash card maximum to store your images. A walking stick  to defend yourself from animals or whatever. some snacks or hard candy always a good pair of shoes for what activities your attempting  a small roll of cellophane if your heel or foot gets a rub spot some of this makes it slip against the inside of your shoe and not make blisters. always get some cards from your hotel in case the driver is not multilingual ask and look for brochures for events or sites you want to visit you can also use these to show bus drivers or taxi drivers so they know where your intending to go. Phone apps for the local language and or a phrase book phone battery recharger  and learn how to charge your phone with a 9 volt battery and other items for extending your phone battery. menthol inhaler there are some smells you want a break from and many places do not have sewer systems.    
    • Here is my guesstimating, thinking the Rockefellers, Bill Gates, etc are paying for this.They have billion$ of dollar$, a few millions of dollar$ is just a drop in the bucket for them. Not to mention these Alexa devices are eves dropping/ listening in your conversation all the time at your dwelling. Imagin talking to family member/s, friend/s, business partner/s about some idea, then you find out it was stolen from you, right under you noses. Inventions are stolen from people all the time, it’s the registered patten that counts the most, even then you better register the patten in almost every country, if you want to protect your ideas. Even iPhones & ipads are listening devices , someone is listening if not recording every word your saying.  Freedom, what freedom, their is non, we are tied to an invincible rope if you think your not your highly mistaken. IMHO !
    • The thing I like to ask the people who are so enthralled with this tech....So this technology is so very useful, powerful, and can basically run your life for you, it was designed and developed is maintained, expanded and improved constantly....but...the "service" is free and only requires a purchase of under $50 or is simply part of the free phone your cellphone provider handed you. Who paid for this and continues to? How does something like this become a billion dollar industry by charging nothing?
    • AI is gonna be a doom if were not careful...