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Medical kit / first aid

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My emergency medical kit is a MTM survivor dry box

Orange MTM Survivor Dry Box

more information and web site here  Survivor Dry box

internal dimensions are app 5 X 8.5 and a embedded compass this is adequate for what I deem my med kit here is a list.

Stainless steel perch hooks

unwaxed dental floss

waterproof  matches in water tight container

spool of tuffline 150 yards

5 different dental pics double ended

surgical probes 2

2 hemostats

6 inch tweezers

nasal ear pliers (opens ear and nose wider)

surgical scissors

Trauma shears  large  (clip a penny in half type)

Swiss Army classic knife

phlebotomist tourniquet

medium size nail clippers

4 inch X 1 inch vial of Q-tips needles salt packets and extra Swiss Army tweezers

matchbook sewing kit

Carmex lip etc. balm

oral pain reliever

baby aspirin

2 mini bic lighters

1- 2 inch serrated mini knife

6 -4X4  Gauze sponges

12- large bandaids

12- alcohol prep pads

Antibiotic ointment

sinus tabs


sinus inhaler or vics inhaler

contac cold & flu

Tylenol travel size

1 roll paper tape 1 roll athletic tape

2 dollars in quarters 20 dollars in ones.

snake bite kit mostly for the scalpel as these suction types are not considered useful any longer but can be used for other purposes.

OK now that I got it all out and replaced anything that needed to be it was a Chinese puzzle trying to get it all back in but as anyone that has spent a considerable amount of time out it shrinks by usage this is one kit in other pouches I also have some duplication as I have a few BIC lighters and a few plastic waterproof match containers with other OTC medications vitamins etc. 

Long term treks without vitamins minerals like Epsom salt will draw you down or knowing where to find it, that is why our predecessors life span was less than 50 years as well as no antibiotics or sulfa drugs and still many are allergic to sulfa / sulfur.

most mediactions will last a lot longer than the expiration date and much if kept in a cool dark place will last a longer time.but you have to have some counting on it being on the shelf when you need it is absurd to insane. numerous times I have seen flu and cold items gone as a wave of illness hits and it is only uncomfortable not life threatening.  Trying to use kitchen utensils in an emergency is not going to work you have not enough hands. 

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i am still struggling with having a decent med kit AND a BOB and how i might carry both WTSHTF. right now i just have a cheap cheesy med kit from walmart that fits in the palm of my hand kinda worthless i know. yours looks like it might not be to hard to carry along with the BOB however.

do you put it in your BOB snake?


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Wally it needs to be a dovetail to your skill set or knowledge of your personal needs.  I detest colds and flu so I have meds for that each person  has specific health issues or things that they want to treat headaches ingrown toenails allergies etc

If I were to start a first aid kit my personal experience of illness is where to start when it comes to prescriptions and OTC (over the counter) medications that work for you, if your allergic to aspirin don't carry it and so on.

Needles matches lighter antibiotic ointment eye drops aromatic type inhaler tape that agrees with your body paper tape is short term athletic tape last a long time gauze can be cut or rolled to fit it is the simple things that grate your nerves in the great wide open ash in your eyes splinters blisters insect bites minor scrapes rashes you need to be ready because they will happen so gear up for those things.

I have a few water tight containers like the MTM cases another is the Coghlans camp gear   I have a stainless flask I keep 100%n DEET in I hate bugs the things I have seen take people out are insect bites bad water food and not maintaining temp with clothing as in overheating getting chilled / wet damp without covering up as soon as you realize it.

actually any water tight plastic container with a large mouth to accept your items will do  I do like water proof bags but they can be punctured and that ruins them I have seen a tractor trailer tire inner tube used as a waterproof back pack.cut in half one end held shut by a hose clamp a rope for a sling other tied off with half hitches. 

As far as medical or medicines I carry more than my kit I have a shoe polish tin of carbolic salve Iodine a couple of antibiotic ointments a flask of vodka and most any OTC meds I can find benedryl for allergies and itching immodium for the sh*ts epsom salt is not actually salt but mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate numerous reasons including constipation.

I carry a white pillow case it can be a hat scarf bandages a sack head band flag signal or even a pillow case for leaves grass etc.

the funny thing about most meds is that they do not fill the container so you can in most cases carry double in a single container and you'll need them.

Mink oil is one thing to take care of leather foot wear and gloves

One thing to have is a mirror a magnified one at least 4 X and make sure it is large enough  like 4 inches have a couple I use a plastic can cover to protect mine and the reason I have a Swiss army classic is it has a nail file scissors a pen knife blade toothpick and a pair of tweezers I must have a dozen one on every key ring in each vehicle and a couple in my BOB 

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Glad you like my Idea I have used these and been satisfied and I am not easy on equipment.  Try ebay for dental pics,  surgical instruments, probes and dissection kits I may not be carving a frog but it works well enough in a pinch.

Many of my other items are found cheap and in mass quantities in the feminine hygiene section, over the counter medicine isle, and vitamin and health isle.

a repeat but having a few different astringents or antibiotics and salves to combat familiarity of infectious elements I keep carbolic acid salve zinc oxide 3 in one antibiotic, iodine, Mathilde, Carmex, sulfur powder,  iodized salt,styptic powder,aspirin, benedryl,  tylenol and nail polish for chiggers and some prescribed stuff.

I learned a long time ago from using a straight razor about styptic powder and pencils Sally beauty supply has all of the above I have a regular straight razor but I have gone to a Fromm injector straight razor save the blades the can be resharpened and used for other scraping needs

George Edward Stanhope Molyneux Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon, died from an infected mosquito bite, if you recognize the name it is because he is the man that was part of the mummies curse of king Tut. in a different time and place we can revisit from a epic event lack of treatments for minor infections can lead quickly to death  or misery for days or weeks on end. due to present medical access we seldom hear of people dying from minor injuries ut if we return to pre 1940 access to medications and educated doctors people will die like flies IMHO. we ignore it when we watch African children eyes glazed in near death fights with malnutrition infection and disease from untreated water insect bites and lack of proper vitamins. I consider this as or more important than heavy weapons or certain camping equipment. 

comfort weight of gear is 25% to 40% of body weight so your items should be chosen with care another reason I am a 22LR fan and avoiding contact moving at night and in the tree line or some cover options.

Here we have many types of cactus venomous spiders scorpions snakes ticks mosquitoes chiggers sand fleas bats a few types of bull nettle bees wasps horse flies hornets fire ants then mange red mange rabies rabbit fever etc etc etc. yea it ain't going to be ladies night half price drinks and a disco ball when the lights go out around here nor am I ignorant of other areas pitfalls so for many reasons all of us will have discomforts troubles and dangers BUT if we have a good medical kit and layers of clothing and proper gear we will all have a 100% better outlook than people that do not have knowledge or proper equipment for the long haul.


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