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? Internet to be shutdown for 24 hours ?

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This has been spoken of for a time but now it is getting more sinister if and once the Internet goes down what will come back once it is turned back on > are we watching a new effort of censorship ? a take down of our government legal attempt to undermine we the people and the government that allowed Trump to become elected ? 

alteration to the constitution attempt

uh oh

too many embedded neocons and insiders around Trump

The noose it tightening all the conspiracy theories just may be very true freedom of speech is under attack and a socialist indoctrination of the young has now started to emerge Berkley College is the first shot fired this has not been a bloodless attempt to quash the constitution but violence will increase.

Here is a conspiracy that has been found to be true

Chelsea is not Bill's daughter LMAO

Chelsea is just so compassionate

Chelsea is just so religious

Chelsea is just so GREEN !

Fox news is on it's way out it seems that Fox is owed by Rupert Murdoch and his children are NOT in line with his politics 2nd largest owner is Prince Alwaleed bin Tala his uncle is King Abdullah.  They are circling the wagons and we the people are the Indians and they are trying to control the military so ... you understand we are being warned in little ways and NO ONE IS LISTENING !

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