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Why are some so willing to blow themselves up ?

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Eclectic and Willing to listen and seek out answers I do not shun uncomfortable subjects or people because they are different but once I see the empirical evidence and I form my opinion I am that stick in the mud ( am not going to move much). Here is what some investigation has turned up, that a culture that has defiled itself and its women and children where it's people live in fear or shame and when a system of abuse and degradation exists to such a level even death looks good as well as to define some portion of their life honorable and garner some respect through martyrdom. Here are a few videos that explain and define why a culture is so determined and willing to murder anyone and everyone including themselves.

Ann Barnhardt explains the Islamic culture and nature

9 out of 10 think about this

how can people be so twisted.

truly sick and evil

what is not mentioned it that this s a Islamic cultural norm in a minimum of 28 countries

this is why some people would rather die than live in a world of hate and being a possession

sick demented and vile

Separation of church and state not in Islam

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The jihadis are almost always uneducated goat-rapers at best, and I'm sure a few can actually read and write in their native languages. The lack of education is a great recruiting ground when their families are promised a better financial life after Achmed and BahBoo detonate themselves into puddles of former hummus.

There will never be a shortage of willing cannon fodder in the Middle East cultures, because they've never known anything remotely like Western freedom at all, since the dawn of time.

For once, I'd love to read about a few of these Sons of Islaa'am, going off a little early, like in the bomb factory and taking out several of their leash holders, instead of innocent men, women and children. It would definitely be THE will of MY All'ah, were that to occur regularly.

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