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Dried Beans a treatise

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It has come to my attention AGAIN that young people do not know how to cook dried beans.

how to maintain a log lasting supply of dried beans first freeze them for 10 days this kills any critters if there were any. next allow a couple days in a towel to come back to room temp make sure they are dry not damp and put them in quart mason jars and close with a lid and ring keeps out critters and prevents cross contamination of smells etc.

Beans are not any kind of a pea not green or split or garbanzo etc etc

First a family of 3 or 4 can eat a 1/2 pound of dried beans after they are cooked.

Remove the beans put on a counter or large enough space to spread them out. next check for stones rocks or little mud balls once you finished, rinse them off loosely run fingers open through them you want to clean the outside not remove the hull as this is fiber a very important part of diet. 

they may seem like too little but once they are cooked the plump up nicely.  OK now a pot 4 to 6 quarts it need to be large enough to hold the amount of water needed a couple of quarts of water dump in the cleaned beans to start  in my pinto beans pepper a half teaspoon of chili powder pinch of cumin or comino high heat until almost a boil cut back to simmer or low, add no salt until after cooking here is why half way or over an hour check water as long as it has water do not add any and in another half hour you add bacon or salt pork or ham hocks . check every 15 minutes to half hour from this point an unsoaked dried bean takes 2 1/2 to 3 hours to cook on SIMMER in the process a nice gravy and the constitution is like tomato soup them it is well done or you can allow enough water so they are like canned beans.

Lima beans I use water the same but add part chicken stock or bullion to the water pepper and a pinch of garlic powder. and the rest is the same. maybe a bit less cooking time.

Beans are almost as good as meat for protein but meat has other elements for bones teeth and ligament health.  Beans carry well last a year or more easily as they get old the center does not cook a little pit about the size of a head of a pin not bad just not as palatable.

certain spices need to be whole and kept in a mason jar and ground when needed I keep a quart of pepper on hand it is not from America as most other spices keep what you like on hand and enough to last you as to your cooking as bland food sucks.

Chili power, Paprika, powdered bullion beef and chicken canjun seasoning, cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice, pickling spice, garlic powder onion flakes, fillet gumbo or dried powdered sassafras leaves,  celery salt and seed, annaise.

sauces soy, Worcester, ketchup,  Syrups Maraschino syrup molasses,  Extracts lemon pure vanilla etc etc extracts last years . Food dye red green yellow blue  Other Malt vinegar apple cider vinegar and 5 gallons of white vinegar.

I have most all spices for different dishes but these are core and in a world where shipping or trade is limited cost rise or inability to get it will make your food very bland. I raise onions garlic and a few types of peppers if a problem existed I could trade or barter or at least have it on hand fresh.

other things a couple gallons of vodka for rubbing and medicinal purposes some brandy or Japanese plum Gekin for when your wet or chilled.

salt well a 5 gallon bucket it does not matter if it clumps you can smash it back into grains

sugar same as above

honey may crystallize but chip out what you want put in a cup set the cup in hot water and it will come back to consistency.

Americans are spoiled not in a bad way but most refuse to accept that one day there may be limits to availably of many now common items   with all the threats of global war or WWIII rationing may come back tires gas butter milk meat sugar fruit and veggies in fact most anything. so be prepared and also be ready to move as if North Korea has its way and I think they are crazy problem could arise and we ain't as friendly with Russia or China Europe middle east blah blah blah.... one day this might get serious :D

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