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OK we cannot use the name Hitler ? if a word or name is excluded then eventually the lesson or reason why we correlate disappears,  I personally never want humanity to forget how and why 50 million people were killed murdered poisoned gassed tortured and used as lab rats in ghastly experiments we are too sensitive IMO.   Assad is and has done the same things to Kurds Christians and his own people that are against him Saddam Husein and his sons fed people to their zoo animals and watched and much worse castrated men disfigured women murder tortured starved burned alive  as I am just as sure the rest of these countries do in private just not enough to brig attention to themselves.

Hitler is a perfect analogy these middle eastern nations want the total annihilation of the Jews, Israel, and anyone that supports them. I support Israels right to exist I am against the 2 state solution as there are no Palestinians any DNA test will prove it they are no longer a people and really never were per say. The 800 pound gorilla in the room is that NOT ONE TIME IS AL Aqsa Mosque or the Temple mount mentioned in the mooslim holy book as are the 2  other holy sites BOTH are in Saudi Arabia if the temple mount were a holy site to the mooslims women would not be allowed there and they would not use the surrounding  as a picnic area or a soccer practice area.

It is high time people learned history and it gets taught in schools including college first learning about Hadrian and the Jewish diaspora 800 years before Christ or BCE it never was a Palestine any historic map does not mention Palestine that land was inhabited by people long dead.

Before people let lies come out of their mouths they need to read the book they cite as peaceful an original BOOK was found and it bares little to the one today and as far as I know there are 26 versions and a collections of writing and since the SUPPOSED WRITER WAS ILLITERATE  DUH ! how could he have written it not to mention Hadiths 4 to 7 THOUSAND  so many that many were thrown out as fakes lol .fake news never ends.  Beyond that it is stupid to assume something not in evidence like PEACE.

Kim Jong Un or however you spell it s as bad

As far as the word police on Fox news BITE ME if you take this tone your as bad as the snowflakes it never amazes me how people want to silence or control language call it offensive or insulting all the while professing freedom ? freedom from what others opinions.  Let us Remember Fox news was not for Trump a few ere but not the network as a whole. Even today the gaff of the use of the name Hitler was repeated every 5 minutes with video they are like a toy dog on a stuffed animal chewing ripping and humping it to death once they get a NON story.

George Carlin of all people put it best here is his video AND IT HAS NO FOUL LANGUAGE  here is the youtube link. please watch and share  George Carlin on political correctness



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Obama-Hitler-IF, he could have gotten away with it

Trump=Hitler-only time will tell






Israelis=Hitler-only sometimes



Afghanistan=InfectedBunghole of theWorld

China=RudolfHess(sorta willing to negotiate)

MitchMcConell=Hitler's inbred brother with 6 toes

HerrSenatorSchumer=Hitler's Goebbels


Mexico=LongbeenaffiliatedwithHitler and narcotrafficantecartels and Hizbollah


MayorDeBlasio=WalkingtalkingpileofPigExcrement and Hitler

MayorRahmEmmanuel=Hitler'sGoebbelsbutstillcan'tmanageto get thelimpright


and the list goes on.......


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......ok, disappear for years...come my mouth....yep that's me!


we (pats, cons, Americans, tradionialists....whatever...) have to see these snowflakes as what they are....possible allies in the greatest fight we have at this point, Islam....IF we can get them to see the truth of their treatment of their favorite groups LGBTQWEFTEY ( whatever it up to now), women, furries, unicorns etc....we can get them to help us. I don't care WHY they support bombing Muslims as long as they support bombing be clear simple human rights concerns for the LGBTQBLAHBLAHBLAH and women ARE a concern for us as Christian, constitionally conservative, humans...

If you look you will find that there are a number of organizations, news outlets, and the like getting ground with the story of the treatment of gays and women...and as a side note they often throw in Christians and other "religious minorities" in these Muslim countries. 

We have to be honest, no matter how much we dislike or disagree with the BS that these people spew at times, we, as men and women that stand by the Constitution, HAVE to stand down and aside when they ARE expressing themselves in accordance with the 1st.....we have to stop allowing the REAL goal of this, the division of the population into so many splinters (LGBTQBLAHBLAHBLAH, neocons, evangelicals, fiscal cons, social cons, femnazis, furries, goths, Emos, ricers, rednecks, metros, ....,etc....and I haven't even touched race, religion or class) that we can no long stand together to be even a speed bump to goverment and the globalists.

lets be honest...if sanity is going to be injected back into these conversations it's going to have to start with us. Don't let the .0000001% of the population that they show 98% of the time (they even have to move the same people around to keep up the illusion. We've seen it so many times) be cast as the "powerful force" they are trying to make them into....peacefully (when we can), patiently (this one is HARD for me!) FACTUALLY (SUPER important...NO fake news) engage those you can stomach and find common ground.....then you can scrub yourself with a horse brush, lye soap and scolding water when you get home to get the greasy feeling off.....but we HAVE TO TRY...we CANNOT go this fighting all the other "sliver groups", the deep state, and globalists at the same time...we MUST find allies where we can.....

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DonDon glad your back and your post is most welcome.

I had a sense of when trump got elected that although he was a better choice than globalism and a new international crime ring operating from the White House, But I digress I think people fell back asleep and think / thought we did not need to prep or somehow thought we dodged a bullet but government is minutes away when seconds count.

I saw last night where they are still blaming Bush for the disastrous Katrina rescue BUT, states are like countries unless you file and allow troops to come in it is a defacto invasion people were ready to come but the leftist mayor NAGIN and Governor refused the federal troops and aid. the media and Bush failed to make that distinction or explain it in "small words" you can say emergency but until you file the paperwork lie an insurance claim you are not going to get your sh*t fixed. 

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    • Animals are complicated and yes I can see where any animal could be a support animal, here is the kicker all animals are unpredictable and like people have good days and bad days. So let me just say I'll pass on meeting  wally, I may piss him off because I know I have eaten one of his family members and Wally may not like that. besides people have been attacked by their pets like mice rats gerbils cats and dogs much less anything with more teeth. Emotional support alligator                
    • Another fine mess,  Asteroids are smacking Earth twice as often as before, and that reminds me of Revelation 8:10- 12 -- 10 Then the third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star burning like a torch fell from heaven and landed on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. 11 The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter like wormwood oil, and many people died from the bitter waters. 12 Then the fourth angel sounded his trumpet, and a third of the sun and moon and stars were struck. A third of the stars were darkened, a third of the day. I'm not saying that this event is close but who knows what or how many are the precursors to this event, if it is like a woman in labor as the Biblical narrative describes it will increase exponentially until the end, that in the face of all the increases of fire, flood, famine,earthquakes and astrological events reminds me of Luke 21:26 men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. as recently as a few years ago a large asteroid passed between the earth and the moon or as they call it a near miss, and NASA or anyone else spotted it before it was right on top of us, so for all of you who think science and technology can save us until we build a solar sail or anchoring rockets to attach to space threats it just is going to be a bad day for some of us IMO.
    • Lmao Protests, a punch thrown and provocative jokes as Louis C.K. performs in San Jose. Louis C.K. became one of the biggest stories in the #metoo movement in 2017, after he was accused of sexual misconduct, and admitted to masturbating in front of female comics. After stepping away from the spotlight, he began performing again in New York last year, generating more controversy for his comedy, including a set in late December that appeared to mock survivors of the Parkland, Fla., school shooting. The protest was organized by Enough is Enough Voter Project. Micheal Dauber, one of the protestors pointed out that San Jose Improv has acts booked through May, with no female headliners listed, “That speaks volumes,” Dauber said. Louis CK is not that funny to make a living off comedy he is just another jerk  IMO
    • The earthquake portion of the leading quotation of this post is working overtime. A micro earthquake struck early this morning in Malibu, where residents are already dealing with heavy rainfall and mudslides Thursday. A 2.8 earthquake was reported at 12:35 a.m. at a depth of just over one mile, with an epicenter just a few miles inland from Point Dume, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. For the second morning in a row, East Bay residents were jolted out of bed by an earthquake.  Wednesday morning's 3.4-magnitude quake hit at 4:42 a.m. Three small aftershocks followed: a 1.9-magnitude at 4:45 a.m., a 2.0 at 4:48 a.m., and a 1.1 at 8:52 a.m, centered near Piedmont and the Oakland hills along the Hayward Fault. The USGS pinpointed the epicenter near the intersection State Route 24 and Tunnel Road.