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A Sense of Wonder has been raped by judgment

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While we all were sleeping an ugly truth has risen to the surface, we have failed our children we have let everyone teachers and professors and everything like the pop TV culture raise and inform our youth on those things we should have like sex,  the talk you never had with your dad or the understanding that the world does not have to agree support or give you a safe space, to hug your blankie.

Recently the circus has died not many noticed but I would like to say a few words in defense of Radical American Exceptionalism -- It Worked.  Were some people mistreated you have to ask them but most stated no but it is funny that SJW social justice warriors instead of seeing a group living independent lives making a living and enjoying life as a travesty and it is abuse to allow ones self to be an exhibit or exhibited to make a living all the while we see them self promoting using violence and lies to enrage and engage their base.  Their only goal is to make us all like them a joy and soul sucking pariah sweeping the land who have no joy or happiness that can be found in them !

P.T. Barnum

“A human soul, ‘that God has created and Christ died for,’ is not to be trifled with,” Barnum proclaimed. “It may tenant the body of a Chinaman, a Turk, an Arab or a Hottentot—it is still an immortal spirit.”

I find it very funny that the mindset of millennials that poses to be fair and wants everyone to be fulfilled and respected at the expense of everyone and everything the greatest nation on earth has ever accomplished by throwing all of our history culture and books under the bus of political correctness.

For all the flaws of mankind many people although imperfect in order to make a living to get their piece of the American dream we have all had to make choices. In the future will we destroy all the pictures of our past in order to quench the conscience we think we have ? and subjecting our forefathers to obscurity and cursing them as lunatics heretics or tics on the jugular of society ?

I recall the freak shows carnival geeks and the midway interviews of the "retired" side show freaks in Florida all of them expressed they had lost popularity their living and self respect as they once could proudly hold their heads up and know they were the masters of their life and instead of being the town abnormality shunned and laughed at,  their afflictions and birth defects could make them a good living and even popular but the social justice warrior class like the Temperance movement attempting to impose their will on everyone else and it didn't work as we still have drunks and prohibition failed miserably.

A post in an online source basically derided Barnum for his opinion on the use of "bull hooks" on Elephants and because the gentle beast LMAO apparently this person has never witnessed elephants in the wild they are anything but gentle rogues are still being "put down" SHOT for attacking people villages wrecking farm land  lions tigers and bears OH NO ! they are not friendly their whole lives they seek out and kill anything that fills their belly or they consider intruding on their territory.

Animal rights want to exalt animals above humans to a point where capitol punishment would be used in crimes (as to their judgment ) on people who hunt fish or keep animals. here is the conundrum the people that support these morons are themselves guilty of all the accusations leveled against  hunters fishermen and animals owners as well as have plans and have used them against humans to KILL THEM ! look ot agenda 21 look up GMO's death disease and illness from inoculations limiting / metering of health care  and the rising interest in euthanasia. 

wealthy people do not care about humans they are consumers and as long as they consume more than they use they are useful serfs.  The remain aloof seldom seen and moving in invisible circles but those they allow to front for them like a certain billionaire software mogul a female black tv host who stated on national television that there are "many ways to heaven / god"  and the crowd roared in agreement.

Obama was right we are NOT a Christian nation we are a nation posing as one when it suits us. On religion one of the largest has made fantastic claims and act like they have the power to over rule Gods word and there are other religious groups proclaiming the same lie.

I had the privilege to listen to a physicist well versed in science and super colliders, and the intent is not to empower mankind or heighten knowledge but to glean knowledge from the Akashic record in the other dimensions and they are doing it and that is supposed to be the best kept secret and it is not some God fearing people who have worked on projects see the evil that surrounds efforts to extract dark energy or antimatter from the void as antimatter is a magnet once you have some it attracts more BUT there is a natural barrier the prevents direct transmission and that is the barrier science is trying to break down rejecting religion and condemning other scientists that see that barrier as a protection against what is on the other side and some feel it is all knowing and all evil.  The Nazi's used the occult to divine untapped knowledge and used it to produce weapons they had working jet aircraft at the end of the war that could easily have destroyed our squadrons and our air superiority had they not been on the ropes.

We live in a supernatural world and supernatural forces exist the pit will eventually be opened and what is bound there will be released anyone that reads Genesis 6:4 or the book of Enoch  PDF book of Enoch There is a problem with Christians and Agnostics they refuse to hear the word NO ! like a child playing near a hot stove they refuse to understand that there are limits and geneticist have produced chimeras ( animal human hybrids ) this is the abomination of OUR genetics this is what made God destroy the earth with a flood IMO. but even Christians see this as an allegory a story like Aesops fables meant to be a educational tool not a real event and thats where we make the mistake it was real it did happen and by the Bible it is going to be like the days of Noah where everything is corrupted GMO's plant manipulation Chimeras being created children are being raised before they understand sexuality that their gender is optional or wrong and is assigned for them by a parent that I deem as mentally unsound even a popular internet poster tranny thinks this is insane and child abuse.

You know that part in the movie where the earths crust is breaking up and people are sliding into oblivion swallowed up by the earth ? scientifically socially and philosophically we are there it's the end of the road folks.  genetic manipulation is the line in the sand that kick into high gear Gods plan of Revelation and if you do not believe in God then imagine a world of chimeras illegitimate children raising themselves into mindless selfishness crime and child sex rape and crime or look at Chicago :lol: now look at local school districts allowing or covering for insane topics and actions of teachers, if you spank your child they will report you if one of their teachers molest your child your the last to know and if they could they would make it disappear forever !  Sexual perversion is being pushed as a cultural norm it is only stealing if your the one taken from where only the effected have an opinion and only they can be racially mistreated and only they need special rights and exclusions from laws they believe are stiffing their expression of life no matter how disruptive to the culture nation or neighbors. women are using false reports of rape and assaults to manipulate everyone around them using the police and courts to steal property and torment anyone that gets in their way.

Here are some interesting people to follow on youtube I do not agree with all their assumptions some of their conclusions are erroneous some of their research is colored by their personal opinions or experiences but all in all there are facts and research that will astound you or hopefully open your eyes to opinion or conclusion your effected by and did not understand how why or who was behind it.

Of all the explanations I could muster here is one I pray you can accept all of the persons below have are in a pitch black room a handful of hair of this beast it is huge each are explaining what they feel or experience and what facts they can garnish all of them want answers but are limited by personal beliefs or grudges against God yes God the Bible is a prophetic  book it has predicted hundred of events more so than Edgar Cayce or Nostradamus or any other prophet living or dead combined. Like it or not Satan can appear as an angel of light and other demonic entities use humans to work their evil on the earth and soon will gain entry into our dimension and like the days of Noah wreak hell on earth, even now the love of man waxes cold people give themselves over to seducing spirits are profane in all their thoughts and refuse to repent against their evil deeds / drug abuse terrorism etc. we see it talk about it watch it snake fascinated on the news then do nothing and go about our day head stuck in our mobile phone walking into oncoming traffic, that is how blind we are.

Trey Smith, Jordan Maxwell, L. A. Marzuli, Bill Cooper, Ted Gunderson, Chuck Missler, Chip Tatum, Anthony J. Hilder, David Icke, Andrew Breitbart, Robert Welch, General Westley Clark, Alex Jones, Art Bell, George Norry, Kent Hovind, David Paulides, George Knapp and the other videos that pop up from these searches and alternative streams.  All of these people use research where it is found that slips from interviews of alphabet agencies have exposed the plots against Americans and humanity.

It is high time we all look for the truth and ferret it out wherever and from whomever it comes from find these pears of wisdom and string them into a coherent narrative and act on it before it kills the rest of us. Everyone is under attack your children grandchildren no matter your political affiliation race creed religion everyone of these is being turned against you to make you react in short to bring about a civil war to destroy our constitution our laws and our station in the world to install a one world government run by the banks for the banks and all revenue to the banks. where everyone will be equally poor where individualism and exceptionalism will be a sin no one will own property and all of these will have exceptions very few like in North Korea where a handful of million have enough to eat or warm cloths to wear health care or a job not forced on you where you'll either be happy or placed in a retraining center or put down like a insane mangy dog .






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Snake, the United Stats has a war driven economy and the REALLY BIG money understands that fact and are using small parts of that really big money to buy support and create a need for weapons and weapon systems.  Project overruns are built into the system.  The lawmakers get rich by approving the overruns.  The war machine MUST have conflict somewhere to create demand for their product.

Simple solution, create law that FORBIDS our representation from accepting ANY funding beyond their salary and donations from THEIR CERTIFIED CONSTITUANTS.

The only problem with that is that hell will have glaciers before that would ever pass.



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    • AlGore, has always been all about the money. He, like J@ckson and Sharpton, have found a way to “cash in”. None of then can even spell ethics, much less engage in it.
    • It seems that global warming is a misnomer or better yet a bust.  Weather is NOT a linear thing there are decades that are dry called droughts and rainy seasons even in desert areas.  Climatologists should be very ashamed of themselves for jumping on the global warming bandwagon it is suppose to be a science but they turned it into a side show marketing the Kyoto treaty carbon tax and here again Trump was right by pulling out of the Paris accord  as any fuel and many products would have skyrocketed in price over night. This area sees this kind of weather every 10 to 20 years and I am glad this will kill off many ticks fleas limit insects come spring.  This is a natural defense that helps mankind the earth is an amazing thing it can heal itself and overcome things mankind thinks we need to have a superfund for I would love to see all these "funds" audited, and I bet my bippy they have figured out how to clean them out. just like every other cash cow they make up out of paper telling us all kinds of bedtime stories of how they are looking out for us. We are praying for everyone north it is going to be a long bitter winter and please all of you take safety seriously drive like your bringing your first child home from the hospital try to be a good neighbor check on each other in times like this people trying to stay warm die from carbon monoxide in their homes and sometimes stuck in a snowbank in their vehicles. never use charcoal indoors be very careful with liquid fuels and make sure appliances can be used indoors for heating r cooking purposes, still make sure of proper ventilation.  you can use aluminum foil between your sock and shoe or between 2 socks. just wrap lower foot not the whole foot maybe 3/4 air flow to prevent foot sweating because that will make your feet freeze or get really cold.  Layers and even a slicker suit to cut the wind your vehicle should have supplies in case that your stranded.   
    • Wind in trees is diffused unless its broadside in an open area in hunting distances of less than 200 yards i would keep my hunting shots 100 to max 150 for so many reasons but mainly flight time, bullet performance, back stop /other hunters safety as bullets can travel 1.5 miles take right angles on ricochets so better to be cautious IMO. I have shot most all my groups less than a pack of cigarettes at 300 wind rain (lots of that sh*t) sleet or hail including heat waves or mirage effect. it is beyond 300 where in most people start to have a problem mostly because they do not have access to ranges that long and time to practice. friends of mine all come to the same conclusion that most figure if they can hit a pie plate at a hundred it's good to hunt with and that is scary for the animal I mean  Other accuracy is not vetted on the same curve or rules instead of subsistence it is existence and that is a whole different game and the rules are rough to nonexistent. 
    • well testing continues cans laid down in 2012 only less than 1% had issues it was obvious  indent was weak or puffed up [ can ends] this was remotely stored stable temp in a root cellar.  some items need to be dried / flaked like potatoes highly acidic fruits should be bought in jars like fruits pickles or peppers. My original thought was long term dehydrated or freeze dried got in 2000 and are unaffected .  A can / soda rack oldest first shows the best method for rotation in 2 to 3 years everything shou;d be used and refreshed so there should never be any loss. to refresh the home made desiccant /O2 / oxygen absorbers   patch of 100% cotton piece of 4 ought steel wool about a teaspoon worth {scant drop of water on it}  top with 1/2 teaspoon canning salt wrapped in the cotton patch & tied with bread ties dropped into a quart to a gallon jar to store dried stuff like beans  store in a cool dark place. Steel absorbs oxygen when it turns to rust salt also absorbs dampness all of these including cotton are edible / will not bother you in tiny amounts bot do remove the O2 or Oxygen from inside of containers the size of the absorber would be the internal size of your container and I would use more than just a BIG SINGLE as in a confined space depending on pack density one will not effect the whole area within the lets say a drum. * canning salt has no other elements like Iodine etc. it is also good for canning A good source of "PURE" salt is water treatment (softner) salt you can find it at China mart and harware stores for 5 bucks for 40 pounds get granular not pellets it is more useful in that medium as it is easier to measure /use. store in snap lid 5 gallon buckets with a seal in the lid this lasts as long as the buckets. I buy buckets or get them free from POOL companies these are bleach pucks or pellets I salvage all the dry bleach and place in a single bucket and in / on an area where the runoff will not kill grass or my plants or bleach stone or concrete,  I wash out all the buckets and lids allow to completely dry and seal the lid and store until I need them.   Grain or flour or meal needs to be frozen 10 days wrapped in a large towel and allowed to slowly come to room temperature so as not to absorb moisture from the air after 2 days place in a Mylar bag I get mine from Ffill the bag wipe dust from left over inner bag with dry paper towel remove all the air twist bend back to it self and tie very tight with a piece of cord fit into bucket and seal I have used flour after 10 years with no appreciable difference in taste  freezing removes moisture kills insect larvae which is in ALL flours and grains or else you will open your bag and it will be filled with weevils in an emergency you can use a sifter to remove them but why have them at all. Dried bleach / powdered or in pucks CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO GET WET IN A BUCKET !!! THEY WILL BUILD UP HEAT AND GO BOOM !  so make sure if you want to safe it seal the lid well and store in a cool dry place until you need it. Survival is not ONE thing it is  broad base of knowledge it is so vast that I would cut paste and use your office program to make documents print and make a preppers notebook in case you need a hard copy,  as well as save files and videos on a flash drive.  Keeping recipes for quick breads so you do not have to waste hours making old fashion recipes and using a lot of resources too cook, find the best method try and test for taste and how long it lasts. I had a devil of a time tracking down a good pilot rackers  recipe because many use oil and oils get rancid and make the crackers taste very bad, This is why stored crackers after a few onths taste like crap crackers will also absorb scents or even pickup dusty odors so pilot crackers need to be stored in a air tight jar or I buy #10 canned pilot crackers. breads and cakes can be cooked in a Iron skillet under low to medium heat but you need oil / cooking  grease or fat. One last bit is you can buy 5 gallon buckets of cooking lard you can repack in mason jars and can them in a bath canner make sure the edge of the jar is clean before placing the lid before you place them in the bath canner after they cool they will seal or PING those that don't you can reclean the jar edge and use a NEW lid and try again or just use it first --- keep open ones closed in a cool or refrigerated place until you need it. All of you thinking you don't use "LARD" or need it think again, manufactured "FOOD" like twink'les and other such items use all kinds of oils greases and saturated and non saturated oils and fats  labeled in such a way you have no idea that they are actually FAT. some are very bad for your cholesterol count !  the best pie crust is made from flour pinch of salt and using a dough cutter cutting in "lard" there is also vegetable lard as it does not burn as easily as butter. it is flaky light and OH SO GOOD ! for cobblers pies and Quiche's although Quiche is not considered a Man's food (thats just silly) it is a good way to use up excess eggs before they go bad and make them into a good hearty meal you can add left over meat vegetables and greens in them. Frying was a way to add texture flavor and caloric value like gravy potatoes and breads  in the old world people actually worked in all kinds of weather and needed the extra fat and calories to sustain them in hard labor over hours in the cold you body need fats and oils to make your skin elastic and build most every type of cell by converting it to collagen the basic building block for all cells. I have eaten "fried" biscuits over a coal fire cooked in an iron skillet because we were camping and had no oven made cake in a dutch oven  I guess if i had to make an extended camp or old homestead I would have a griddle fry pan 2/ lid and a dutch oven in cast iron they are heavy but nothing cooks like cast iron after you wipe it out wipe on a bit of lard heat it and store it for the next use it does not need to be "washed" the seasoning "baked on oil" makes it fairly non stick a hot pan sticks less start from a cold pan will stick every time. Dutch ovens can be hung over the fore with a triple tree on a chain placed in or buried in the coals or next to them as tour heat recipes needs allow. accessories should be a stainless spatula regular spoon, slotted spoon, ladle and carving fork a measuring cup flour sifter flour bucket or can w/ lid  chain hook on each end  and three legged  "dog"   to hold your pot and kettle over the fire you need a bowl for making bread a cutting board and a rolling pin and your going to need a big mule to haul all of it including tents tarps and sheets I would carry stainless mess trays and coffee cups as well as a coffee pot with peculator "guts"  at least 12 cups as you need hot water for cleaning scalding hot drinks and to tote water OH and a stainless bucket. just remember everything is HOT and needs a glove rag or mitt to handle we ain't talking prissy kitchen cooking of today !