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Justin first report card ( A Total Failure is what it is, a F minus. )Canada's Prime Minister Junior Trudeau's first report card, Since being elected: 1) From his swearing-in on Nov. 4, 2015 to Feb 12, 2016, the Trudeau government distributed 208 ch

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Canada's Prime Minister Junior Trudeau's first report card, Since being elected:

1) From his swearing-in on Nov. 4, 2015 to Feb 12, 2016, the Trudeau
government distributed 208 cheques worth a combined $5.3 billion. But
only $997 million was for projects inside the country . The rest —
$4.3 billion — will be spent outside Canada on everything from aid for
refugees to helping poor countries fight climate change.

2) Hired 2 nannies paid for by the taxpayer.

3) He and his family flew to the Caribbean for a 10 day winter
vacation on a Department of National Defence Challenger jet, which
cost about $100,000 per flying hour to operate but reimbursed the
Canadian taxpayer only the cost of an economy air fare. Yet he could
still afford to pay $2,500 US a night to stay in a 3,400-square-foot
villa on the Island of Nevis.

4) He stopped the enforcement of the First Nations Financial
Transparency Act (FNFTA) and restored full funding without any
requirement of accountability. Achieved this by quietly eliminating
the law created by parliament demanding First Nations report on
funding spending. In addition, has appointed 5 new commissioners with
50 million dollars to investigate why aboriginal Women are
disappearing ??

5) He reinstated the Mandatory Long Form Census and the $500 fine or
up to three months in prison for refusing to fill out the survey or
providing false information.

6) In the rush to bring in the first phase of 25,000 refugees the
government back in November had our military vacate their housing on 7
military bases and are still not allowed back . The reason? There is
the possibility of more refugees moving into base housing as
complaints of hotel accommodations become more frequent. Also there
will be another influx of 25,000 more refugees by the end of 2017, to
bring the total to 50,000.

7) His "secretive Board of Internal Economy" just gave all MP's a 20%
increase in office expenses which will add an additional $57,690 for a
new office budget total of $346,140 per MP and an additional $193,029
for a new office budget total of $1,158,117 for the Speaker.

8) He began discussions on decreasing the MP's workweek by 20% by
dropping the Friday sitting of Parliament . The reason? To make
Parliament a more family-friendly workplace.

9) He paid $32.9-million (U.S.) to maintain Canada’s membership in the
F-35 buyers’ pool, despite his election promise to exclude the
aircraft when selecting this country’s next warplane. So how does he
answer to that? He creates a new secretive government committee tasked
with overseeing defence purchases.

10) He scrapped legislation introduced last year that allowed
Canadians who held dual nationalities to be stripped of their Canadian
citizenship if they were found guilty of terrorism, treason or spying
**The first person that will benefit from this is Zakaria Amara the
mastermind of the plot to bomb downtown Toronto in an effort to
terrorize Canadians and cripple the economy. He will no longer be
deported nor have his Canadian citizenship revoked.

11. In July 2016, he has successfully achieved the loss of 35,000
Canadian Jobs across Canada while our southern border friends have an
increase of over 250,000 new jobs.

Now, aren't we all glad we stopped Harper. Way to go, junior!

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