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Things never to be caught without

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I have posted on this but a revisit as I am looking off road pouch .

Swiss Army champ  I got to have a saw file and magnifier on my knife.

pocket sharpening steel


couple BIC lighters

Pak-lite 9volt light

test tubes of aspirin benadryl immodium claritin

small made up  first aid kit triple antibiotic foil packets lip balm  band aids dental floss roll of electrical tape etc

tiny sewing kit has a needle threader

Ben's 100% DEET

stainless 3X4 mirror

Whistle made mine from steel banding strap

waterproof match container with matches needles fish hooks

large bandanna 

head net

emergency space blanket

single packs coffee tea other drink mixes hard candy salt & pepper packets

velcroed to the outside hank of 550 paracord  gloves ( leather)  mini binocs

clipped on a couple of carabiners  one has a water bottle stainless

My key chain/s all about the same has a thumb size LED light P38 can opener Swiss Army classic flash drive with encoded info

keep a sling pack has food quart of extra water and cup  fencing pliers saw hatchet crescent wrench mini block & tackle folding stove trioxane fuel tabs.

Too many times you can get stuck out on a broken tractor or vehicle and have to hoof it back or get on a roll and a drink and a snack will tide you over most people do not consider a water fountain store or spigot are not more than a few minutes away and that is very telling of their survival preps now and then I deal with cattle and horses heavy equipment.  Recently a friends tractor locked up and went into a barbed wire fence cut him up a bit a few years ago another friend was attacked by a heifer looking out for her calf and there are always stray dogs chances of coming up on a rabid animals so I stay armed and try to keep my mobile phone charged up and I keep a usb cable with a battery bank backup.

Any vehicle should be a mobile office and camp site if needed blanket pillow food water I keep a 12 volt cooler and a small ice chest a bit of money just in case the power is out I can pay for my coffee with cash  :lol:


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I have a pretty substantial BOB/GHB in my truck, but if I'm heading out the door in the wife's Subaru with family in tow, I usually grab my Condor pistol bag that has (what I consider) the bare essentials:

-Sig P320 Compact 9mm, with Streamlight TLR-1 and three spare mags - two with Sig Elite V-crown 124 grn JHP, and one with 115-grain Winchester ball ammo, kydex holster and mag pouch

-two Bic lighters

-Clip-on Suunto compass

-small first-generation Leatherman

-Streamlight Polytac flashlight and a couple spare CR123A batteries

-pistol lanyard

-two MRE entrees

-zip-lock bag with toilet paper for use after the MREs

-small tube of hand sanitizer

-small tube of Advil, a couple band-aids and triple antibiotic 

-RATS Tourniquet

-small folding HK knife


I did a write-up a couple years ago on the bag; it's evolved a bit since then.


All our automobiles have either sleeping bags or wool disaster blankets and a few bottles of water in them. I also carry on my person at all times a Benchmade Mini-Griptilian folder, a Streamlight Microstream or Fenix LD02, and a Magpul Tejas gunbelt.


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LMAO no more true statement about MRE's has ever been made

"-zip-lock bag with toilet paper for use after the MREs"

-small tube of hand sanitizer -------- now here is where I have Viva paper towels keep the "PUNCH THROUGH" AT A MINIMUM  I also like the baby wipes keep some of those in the truck as well. in a head rest hanger / organizer and some in my sling pack and a quart of cheap vodka at the price of rubbing alcohol I would rather have something I can trade and is dual purpose.

Even tough I am not over a half mile from help or cover when I am out getting hurt by flying rocks bouncing off trees while bush hogging ir limbs falling even with a ROPS ( roll over protection / cage ) wire animals or snakes it is best to have a pack on you for a tourniquet paper towels I also keep a box of salt in a plastic zip bag as just the vapor will cause things to rust if not in a bag.  Anyway the salt is good to slap on a minor wound or bite snake dog hog or squirrel as salt draws and your going to the hospital ASAP anyway and probably going to wash it out with saline once you get there. 

I make these lists but in reality I have a mobile wal-mart matco tool truck. In my experience NEVER BUT NEVER be without a large light colored  bandanna decent size pocket knife 3 to 3.5 inch if you can do so a real belt that you can use as a tourniquet pint water bottle and a keychain light and a pen, a good sturdy one like the bic stick pens.  these are the Rosetta stone of preparedness the bandanna as a / for a damp cooling towel tourniquet hat head cover a sack. the pen and knife can both be weapons and can fulcrum to twist the bandanna and lock it as an impromptu tourniquet or pressure bandage  secure a popped out eyeball as a arm sling etc etc. as we see attacks can happen anywhere anytime and if your there you are the first responder and as soon as you can do a pan video of all the people vehicles concentrate on faces and license plates as evil doers sometimes like to witness their handy work. As far as that happening is one in many million but vehicle accidents are common as grass.  Either your proactive or a victim of circumstance or your failure to be prepared.

I think all these teacher / professor "snowflakes" that want to protest Trunp would be have time better spent to teach some basic first aid the above paragraph situational awareness I would like for a national rule for all graduates from elementary school to college to have first aid minor lifeguard /water safety and fire knowledge. when seconds count being surrounded by morons in shock or ignorance add to injuries or death or makes matters worse.

IMHO America instead of being the point of the spear is the butt of the is not that America is not a fantastic place but it really could be a utopia instead of being so concerned as to what bathroom someone should use or protecting illegal aliens from themselves and their crimes or being so sensitive about matters that do not concern you like a religious exhibit or icon freedom means you cannot agree with everyone tolerance is not telling everyone how to live what to say or how to act up and to the rights of others.

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Snake, I learn more from your posts, than from any useless academic, (called intellectuals) prior to WWII. We have been giving the  " gift of prepar dress" to ou.r adult kids and to the grandkids. Zipper pull led lights work quite well, and have many uses. The older grandkids also got compasses for their zipper pulls as well.  The two oldest ones got quality folding knives this past Christmas and haven't cut themselves or anyone else...yet. All the kids and daughter in law are "gunned up" now, so I can at least sleep better. We always travel with both TP and paper towels off the roll in zip lock plastic bags for "just in case" contingencies, and those have happened. Also, I always have skin sanitizer wipes and flushable wipes in zip locks, so they don't dry out in their original packaging, because they ALWAYS do over time, if not put into additional aiR tight packaging. On a road trip, it's nice to refresh your tired face with a soothing wipe from a sanitizer wipe that smells good. Find those smaller packs in the trial and travel aisle of yr local grocery establishment. Yeah,  even some liquor stores carry them. While we don't drink booze, we also carry small airline or hotel size outlets for barter or trade if necessary. We also make sure the veehickle we are in, is the normal urban gun boat, I prefer to travel in, for "contingency purposes", as well as for comfort. Yeah, I'm selfish as I get older, I like being safe AND "comfortable", and having access to "items of comfort" as I see fit.

I'm not "going out easy", for any predator or member of the thug demographic, parolee or Golden Horde aficionados. Screw 'Em, they're going to have to work for it.

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Thanks TPSnodgrass somewhere in my posts I hope to spread the knowledge or at least the manure around.

I am with you I feel giving sh*t away like my possessions or my life cheap and easy only enables and builds confidence in those "predator parolee or member of the golden horde" and they will attack others so I consider myself a drill sergeant for the boot camp of the criminally minded to help them see the light or black out / lights out. I never go looking but if it finds me I want to meet them with a smokin' rod cold steel and a smile it makes them uneasy in a creepy sort of way.

I long for the days when you could carry a blackjack but in todays politically correct world a screen door spring is a source of delight and couple of steel nuts on the end of a paracord key fob whatever we do we must look at the bright side as it ain't us thats in pain and be happy that we are not taking a ambulance or a helicopter ride, I am of the mind that stupid should hurt and badly enough to prevent a person from doing that again IMHO.


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I, ah....ahem....used actually was ISSUED a sap after my law enforcement rookie probation period, and ordered to have it on my person while in patrol. Used a few times with great effect, still have it...somewhere around here, I'm sure.

Have a couple of grandsons that are "into" paracord projects. Sent them a jig and oodles of paracord, along with one inch diameter steel balls, for "key fonts, for each of the adults I. The family. About half are finished, so I'll pick them up in June. Never can tell when a key fob will be needed....

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