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Happy People ( a 4 part series. )

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WOW I watched them and now I'm blind they may be happy but the are one bunch of fugly people looks like IMHO the Alaskan bush people intermarried with honeyboo boo's family then had incestuous relationships AAAAHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAA. ! living proof that beauty may only be skin deep but ugly goes to the bone.  I checked but this is a fur piece from the Daytalov pass for a minute I though bigfoot had been breeding with their women.


Daytalov pass incident

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    • TP searching, finding, sending, retrieving, archiving are not functions of AI. Using a voice recognition "personal assistant" to do them is...when you type in "phone" and it starts to give you suggestions that change as you continue to type, that is AI (and these are increasingly user specific). The issue is when the AI in the personal assistant with an open mic catches "keywords" like gun, Christ, flat tax,freedom...then gets good enough to do "key phrases" like " I don't care if they pass that law I'm not turning in my gun, they don't even know about the S&W..." then archives them under your personal record that while not " ...containing individual personal info ..." On your identity has all the info stored in pieces unconnected so as to not be an actual "identity" but a few keystrokes from it. When you are being Phished, Catfished, targeted, or engaged by these (and you are....those clumsy emails and ads) they can argue that it is an attempt to better serve you as a consumer. The real issue is the use of the data and info gleaned, gathered, or stolen by these AI programs and those who have it.... The FBI has already attempted to subpoena audio from open mics on Google products, now I know as a LEO you can see the advantage of access to these to stop criminals, rescue stolen children, catch drug dealers and rapists....but as the saying goes "we can't throw out the baby with the bath water" or "start down that slippery slope" and if we " wait to burn that bridge when we get to it" we will be on the wrong side with no way back...and " up {#^+ creek without a paddle"....
    • I can remember phone booths and dropping a dime, rotary dial phones and  real operators who actually connected your call and person to person long distance.  I can also remember when prefixes came in before we had numbers like Lincoln 5-5555 exchanges.  I am starting to feel like I need a shot of geritol LMAO
    • I well remember the quizzical looks from younger police officers, in several classes I was teaching. I spoke of having a “knife fight in a phone booth”, and got crickets and thousand yard stares. Then I found (after lunch), online photos of phone booths with sliding doors, and also had to explain the term, “dropping the dime”, to them.  AI can be a wonderful thing, IF, used correctly.  Alas, it will not ever be used for good. The good old days, just got a lot more distant.....
    • that my friend is just not a pretty picture...sigh