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Alphabet soup leaking on our shoes

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All of the agencies are freaking out about Wikileaks, I can see it is disconcerting on ll levels but let us go back to John F. Kennedy's speech that got him killed ( personal thought )  here is a link to the speech.

John F. Kennedy speech against secrecy

I understand where we need clandestine methods to eavesdrop on our enemies but as we saw the impact of the tapping of Angela Merkel's ( German Chancellor ) phone almost became an international incident and they are supposed to be a staunch ally.  The alphabet soup agencies have abused this power it is suppose to be used against enemies and look at the enemy list from one agency was first military veterans ????? then Christians ???? if that kind of thinking does not concern you your an idiot.

We also have a paid asset problem there are snitches that actively look to turn people ( into fed inmates ) granted they get people to commit crime only as they prod them and prod them offer them money and entrap them Ruby Ridge is an example was it illegal yes but it need to be looked at in the light of the complete context who what why where when etc.

Recently we were told that people inside the agencies were spying on their girl friends ex wives and I am just as sure individuals who they personally did not like.  We cannot trust a billion dollar agency EVER look up how many times over the years where they tested drugs on innocent victims chemical weapons or psychological techniques IE Pavlov's dog experiments.  If there were no outlet like Wikileaks we would all be illegally under surveillance and sources for REAL news stories that have an impact on American citizens would dry up there is a reason why we should not trust the deep state they have gone rouge and misused their power over and over without legal penalties and the victims hare rarely been compensated and those are the incidents we know about so IMHO that is about 10% or less.  HERE IS ANOTHER VIDEO   AGENCIES USING INNOCENT VICTIMS

Beyond all the rhetoric we know there are deep state paid assets hat work for or in news networks some are probably independent press agents as well anyone that reads knows that most of it is fluff or overblown to illicit a reaction control the narrative control the masses anyone that bothers to look up the number of police shootings can see by the numbers that race creed or color had little to do with almost all it was the temperament and irrational actions of the individual the police encountered.

DTA "Don't trust anyone" even the good guys have a turncoat now and again and with compartmentalization the left hand may not know what the left is up to,  and need to know hidden assets  ghost legions not even the people on the inside are aware of.  in order to have a fact check system you have to be able to drop a bait and see were it surfaces and then who takes is then you have a trail so a controller can find their leak  the name WEB is a perfect analogy notice the boxes created by the concentric rings our is more like a black widows web it is erratic and never the same as another black widows web each part is responsible for a particular job and as world political changes wars and problem as with any other business the web shifts money and talent shift with it the use of private or subcontractors has led to a leaky mess and that is why I am really concerned where a subcontracted asset makes a virus or trogan and then alters it to suit their own nefarious purposes so just because Wikileaks let the cat out of the bag  to the public does by no ways means that the black web does not know about or use these same utilities for their own use tweaking them as most can be a plug and play by adjusting the code as to what output the designer chooses. 

Trust there isn't any,  trust is a cocked rat trap and the information you allow out can trip it with your azz in it.

I know people that wrapped their mail in aluminum foil or mylar and other tricks to prevent tampering and just because they look tamper proof the right treatment they open like Ali Baba's cave.  There is no medium today that cannot be turned against you.  all it takes to rip away the facade of honor is for an unnamed source to post a naked pic of you on a social media account and with all the SMART appliances phones and other gadgets that is so easy.  Now edit that some more LOL  I marvel at the shear ignorance it is almost like talking to a flat worlder and there are actually people that think we are on a flat earth AAAHHHHHHHAAA makes me wonder !

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