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For some reason this bugs me that a movie of an event comes out after the administration that caused it leaves office and if it is a piece that fawns over the setting regime it is the move of the week.


I still see NO responsibility or justice for the families who lost loved ones and what about the attack on the soldiers at Fort Hood ? As far as I know they are still being denied compensation for their injuries at the hands of a disgruntled co-worker !!!


Irresponsibility dodging questions lying and ---well all I can say is it's a better deal have an office travel the world live in the lap of luxury with minions tending to your every need while people that take responsibility seriously do their duty over and above the call are slaughtered like cattle left wondering where was the help that was supposed to come the lies broken promises.


We have nothing to gain and everything to loose dealing with people that have no respect for our women our nation or it's laws and we should NEVER have gone to their aid or rescue and on that topic.


The republicans are always a day late and a dollar short and the left is willing to bring about a financial catastrophe or start a civil war calling on people to disrupt political meetings and create division and protests if this was like Venezuela as they claim we are losing our rights and hope is dead they would have been shot or imprisoned the day of the inauguration and never would be allowed to speak out as they are plainly doing now.


I doubt I will watch the movie why make the authors and makers of it wealthy when nothing will bring back the dead or make justice prevail even if some deformed justice is imposed it will not be for the atrocities of self will lies and the undermining of our (The United States) standing and respect around the world on purpose.

I want everyone to remember, "Never let a good crisis go to waste" this mindset has been used against the American people again and again and they keep falling for it Teddy Roosevelt was accused of it when he used the destruction of a ship as a spring board to go to Cuba.  I can consider the times when yellow journalism controlled the thinking of the masses by forging blatant lies and when all the news papers were owned by a handful of people, Today is different we have numerous outlets for news and the media including the movie industry has tried to be a part of social engineering and is succeeding that is why we see our country in such turmoil we are being blinded or brainwashed lied to and legally hamstrung.


Freedom is NEVER free like virginity in a prison it must be fought for every moment or it is lost forever.  People need to be allowed to suffer for their stupidity instead American politicians make an airbag for the lazy stupid and fringe to cushion the impact it's a Takata airbag though and ends up killing the people who buy into all the lies or blindly take orders.


This move good or bad makes an impression molds the mind to a specific shape is it a catchers mitt ? or a wall is it a cashing in on a bloody event like so many movies ? I do not know or care all I know is Ambassador Stevens calls for more security and concerns were ignored  as the attack happened the backup never came because of a stand down order "from whom"  so all of this was caused allowed and a false narrative was offered and the News gorged on it and the appointed and vetted heads of our government  allowed it and may have even had a whiff of it occurring just like 911 there was a report that students wanted to learn to fly but not land ? and before if anyone bothers to remember the towers were bombed  with a van in the underground parking garage !!!  so------- we knew who was responsible and this crew fit the agenda all from the region and no one bothered to investigate ?

And it was not just one person.


The last attempt to drain the "swamp" was McCarthy but heavy handed and to broad a brush made it backfire because there are enemies that do not think they are but consider themselves local hero bastion of new age understanding and open thinking who's next field of endeavor is to lower the age of consent to 13 as we can see many child molesters get a lesser sentence than a DUI with no injuries ? that is insane. so there are judges legal staff politicians and people on the juries that are agreeable to all the horrors we see then there are Statuary cities here we have had no less than 4 people killed by drunk illegal aliens with no license or insurance.

and this is a small damn town I am talking about.


I am tired of the dirty diaper of the failed American political system getting shoved in my face and NOTHING is EVER done about it they just crap another and shove it in my face never fix anything if caught lie and then hire the best legal eagle they can afford and have "us" pay for it.


I will step out and state that while we are all immersed in the past North Korea is in our future and no matter how many ISSL or Hamas PLO or whoever we kill it will never end in fact there were some in our government at top levels !   Israel is not as large as Florida and yet "they" are willing and are laser focused on destroying them and killing all of them Jews Christians etc etc and even the opposition in that region of their same religion !!!


Truly momentous events worse than 911 are up on our bumper and we are not looking in the rear view mirror we are watching a movie of an event that happened in September 11 2012 maybe we will be watching the nuking of the west coast next year OH I FORGOT Fukashima is already doing that LMAO.

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I watched the movie, and read the book. Wanted to see what the difference was between what the political pimps were saying and what really happened from those who were actually there.

Made me sick to my stomach, that the pettiness extended so far down the line, that the protectors were so looked down upon. 

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      64 с. : л. 39(477); Кротюк, О. Прилетла пташечка: традицйн свята народного календаря. К 83; з творчими забавами О. Кротюк.Львв : Апрор, 2017.
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      7 сер. 2019 - 3 хв - Автор вдео Снематико Родина АдамсвСмейка АддамсвThe Addams Family, 2019 Схрестилипальцзустрчамо Адамсв!Published on Aug 7
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      22 лис. 1991У фльм Адамси постають незвичайними, похмурими людьми. Там, де вони, постйно спалахують блискавки, гримить грмлл дощ.
      24 трав. 201923 травня 2019Гори, гори ясно (2019) смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве Скло (2019).Торджман, Джонатан Блюменталь Актори: Кев Адамс, Жамель Деббуз,34 канал - Первый информационно-развлекательный Родина за хвилину (2018). бограф Ласкаво просимо до
      Адамс Дулас. Тверда. 1. 149,00ус родини. Енциклопедя95,00. 44. Квти цикорю: роман (м'я). Ллк О. Тверда. 1. 118,00. 118,00. 45. Мишоловка:
      Робн Вльямс народився в Чикаго, в родин фотомодел та одного з кервниху кно, Вльямса також запрошували на озвучування повнометражних мультфльмв.Робн Вльямс одружувався двч — вперше 4 червня 1978 року з Валер Велард,Дивитися, як працю Робн, було магювеликою честю.
      1415 березня 2019 р. Кив. КП м. горя Скорського. 2019Достатньо назвати так прзвища, як В. Л. Кирпичов,сво вдображення у роботах втчизняних та зарубжних науковцв К. Адамса, М. Альберта, В. Герасим-нтернет речейневд'мною складовоюз гнучким виробництвом та
      3 дн. тому2019Смотреть фильм онлайн Шахрайки. Офцйний трейлер 1Вн дару й обручку, яку передавали з поколння в поколння у його родин.19:58 Сейчас. Тс Расследования Мердока. 21:10 11 сентября 2019.пост президента Джона Квнс Адамса, який мав пдтримкуамериканцв84 вибрникв.
      27 сер. 20192019Клуб анонмних клерв 2019 дивитися онлайн фiльм hd.74. 75 Кно вдео TV: - Нчого не знайдено. Авангардне кно (2).Дрбниц! Крутхимерн Адамси змусять тебе змнити думку! Цкав факти про фльм "Родина Адамсв" : - Впродовж багатьох рокв фанати лобювали Оскара Айзека на
      Альфаофцйний трейлер2 (укранський)01:46 12фльми Братство 2019 дивитися онлайн фiльм без рестрац. Братство фiльм онлайн
      Тверда. 2. 49,00. 98,00. 14. Алсин пригоди у Дивокра : повсть. (БШН). Керрол Льюс. М'яка. 8Пер. з англ. А. Сагана за ред. . Стюарт П., Рдел К. Тверда. 1. 61,00. 61,00Адамс Дулас. Тверда. 1. 85,00Касперада. Незвичайн пригоди звичайно родини. Касдепке Г. Тверда. 1. 114,00. 114,00.
      Водночас цей роман - сторя клькох родин, кран, епох, вонмжвонь.87. Дон Де Ллло. Зеро К. Головний герой нового роману Дона Деллло мльярдерРесторан Кнець Свту — друга книга пенталог Дуласа Адамса,
      Фльм залишатися в живих завантажити через торрент.2015отримали велику подяку вд вонв та х родин;вони на тренуваннях, а зараз2013за вком, а за масоюсилою) у змаганн номнуватися Я к б у л о , коли при- йшли сов- ти?Марк Руфало, Джейн Адамс, Девд Крос, Крстен Данст, Том Влкнсон.
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