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Geiger Counter?

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there are some basics here


A bit more but not really explicit


Here is a good reference in a spread sheet format


    1 Sievert (Sv) = 100 Rems

    1 Rem = 0.01 Sv

    1 milliSievert (mSv) = 100 milliRems (mRem)

    1 microSievert (uSv) = 100 microRems (uRem)

    1 milliRem = 0.01 milliSievert


The one issue is that most numbers are subjective it is an assumption that a person can survive X exposure for X time but reality is each human is effected differently male female children infants the elderly all are differing exposure rates and end results and in what time frame BUT the higher the exposure and the type as to how dangerous it is 


here is a good bit of information


OSHA information location


somewhat of a guide chart


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We are exposed to some form of radiation every moment but as best as I could attempt to describe it is much like shotgun pellets the closer the more the further the less only some has more ability to penetrate and damage DNA. then there is the bodies ability to regenerate if the damage is too severe well you get that I am sure probably TMI but there it is.


So concentration and proximity is very important then you hear if a planet goes super nova it expels gamma radiation and if our planet is in the direction even from many light years away it would become a burned out cinder.


Fukashima has made me more watchful of food earth maps overlaid with wind chart / jet stream appears to show an ever increasing amount of "dust" as of now it is mostly in the northern portion and the totality of the west coast but that is not telling us the density of the material and I doubt we would be told even if there was a problem.

daily a sample is pulled for "air quality"  here is where we find the amounts of pollen and dust etc if you take a coffee filter and a aquarium pump into a jar to pull air through the filter taped over the top  the tube need to be out of the jar so the air sucked through the filter is expelled out of the jar.  and then test you would have a sense of what is in your area if anything.  now here is a fun fact let us say that a speck falls here and is inhaled that person would eventually succumb to effects where that speck stuck to, it may take months or years even decades depending on material


research the unit and see if it has a range meter or if you get instructions and FAQs from their site.


Since Fukashima the powers that be have been moving the goal posts before the exposure rates were less now it is more and TEPCO by my understanding has moved them up more than once but the containment area has remained unchanged and people and farm animals living in the zone are showing signs 

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I think / hope to shed some light on this subject my problem is I am a novice / work related need to know stuff I know it is a fact that radiation is dangerous even extremely deadly problem is scientists want to cloak it in ambiguity or make it so the lay person is not able to fully or partially get a handle on the information or find good sources of empirical data. 


Many years ago I dealt with isotopes and other sources and I can say that many times it is treated rather cavalierly IMO.

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