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Mr Trumps speech today.

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Did anyone watch Mr Trumps speech today?

Being a Canadian next door & watching from the sidelines, I will say he's a man of honour.

Being in office for about 2 months now, he's the type of person that talks the talk & he walks the walk.

If he keeps on doing what he says he's going to do, he will make America Great Again!

Though I'm not an American, just a Canuck up north next door, he would get 100% of my support.

Now if we Canadians could get Kevin O' Leary as prime minister of Canada, I would be jumping for joy.

As far as I can see, Justin T will be known as a selfie prime minister in Canada.

A self loving, selfish pecker head & has done nothing for the goodness of Canada.

Well back to Mr Trump, what are your thoughts, do tell.

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