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 for storage and general use.


Latex Free Tourniquets  when you give blood they use lots of colors and you can buy them if you want more.


Plastic test tubes with stoppers many uses you will never run out of ideas best for keeping dry and organized. Plastic prescription bottles are good you can buy them from some pharmacies


Stainless steel flasks and or plastic flasks you need to research as to what liquids they can tolerate first.


Chain welded link not much but about 3 foot when repelling the edge is hard on your line there are other ways but a chain is also good for suspending cookware over a fire  top link for Tee pee poles for a shelter or a overhead lifting structure. the limit in size is if your caribiners can link into it.


Tyvek material I have a Tootsie roll setup a tube I can roll inside itself and rolled up inverted Tootsie roll is a better explanation to keep out water and dampness also it can be used as a shelter or carry litter with poles inside. this is my tarp lighter and personally configurable. I dare say it can be used to make a boat / flotation device as long as it is structurally sound use / wear makes it less water resistant but as long as the angle is like a shelter half water will shed and not drip through a note on other materials of tents if a item inside lays against the sheet / roof it may form a contact leak.  another good reason for tyvek is for a ground sheet.

Water and dampness in a high humidity region or one with continual rain makes it near impossible to dry your gear and you have to carry that to your next location so any cover that does not hold water or attract humidity is a positive Tyvek is also a good waterproof gear/ pack cover and it is very light and tough.

I won't get into an argument but alcohol based dye or stain is best to color this and gorily glue but I would stitch it as well if your considering it to hold weight use a rope in the seam and sewn eyelets so any pressure is not on the eyelet but the rope look up sail making and you'll get the idea. for rope I would use kernmantle same but  larger version of 550 cord  I would use 7/16ths or 9MM range and a size of sheet 7' X  9' or more depending on the type of shelter more for a Tee Pee less for a bivy sack or cover.


I use aluminum pipe and make my own tent pegs and they are important as if the wind is high enough your gear will go bye bye aluminum shavings are good as far as a hiking stick an aluminum pipe schedule 40 would be my choice and adapt gigs spear head and other items to it. woods strength can be fickle and it can have weal areas not easily seen although I like chinese wax wood.



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