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Baja Bum

Solar Flare

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Just wondering if anyone is noticing and disturbance due to the solar flare? I am watching the bowl games and have noticed outages on Direct TV. Not sure about cell interference, haven't used the phone. Could be my slight paranoia, but thought I would ask everyone outside my little corner of the world.

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The communications satellites orbit in such a way that they appear to stay of about the same spot all the time, called geosynchronous orbit. At certain times of the year, the sun is directly behind the satellite as seen from earth. Think of driving east into a rising sun. Can't see a blessed thing. Radio has the same problem since the sun is a radio star. EVERY year, during certain times the channels are out. Flares can cause problems as well and I can hear aurora on the ham bands but so far, nothing too dangerous.

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Space Weather Message Code: WARK05

Serial Number: 766

Issue Time: 2012 Apr 23 1725 UTC


WARNING: Geomagnetic K-index of 5 expected

Valid From: 2012 Apr 23 1725 UTC

Valid To: 2012 Apr 23 2359 UTC

Warning Condition: Onset

NOAA Scale: G1 - Minor

Potential Impacts: Area of impact primarily poleward of 60 degrees Geomagnetic Latitude.

Induced Currents - Weak power grid fluctuations can occur.

Spacecraft - Minor impact on satellite operations possible.

Aurora - Aurora may be visible at high latitudes, i.e., northern tier of the U.S. such as northern Michigan and Maine.

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