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Mini-Maglite LED conversion

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Folks if your looking for cheap AA /AAA LED flash lights ranging from $4 to $10 , I would look up Ali Baba or Ali Express . Com .

I have a bunch of them ranging from 50 lumins to 350 lumins.

The only draw back is their lumins rating is questionable.

I bought 2 flash lights that were rated for 800 & 1,000 lumins that used cr123 battery's.

They were bright, but the body do get quite warm, if used for longer than 10 minutes.

On the plus side of things, they were great for cold winter weather conditions.

They kept my hands warm in the snowing outdoor activities.

For under $10 each they were a bargain & not a deal breaker.

Oh shipping was FREE as well to Canada, not sure about USA & other countries.

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Got the Nite Ize kits Mini-Maglite installed - they're not bad. They come with a push-button tailcap which seems to work well, but they also pleasingly work with the original tailcaps so you can stand them upright and illuminate a room, which is a nice feature when the power goes out. The projected light doesn't seem much brighter - it's a whitish-blue beam as opposed to the original krypton bulb's yellow beam. The beam is focusable, just the same as the original bulb.


I think it's a solid investment for the $11 or $12 each they cost off Amazon - the 50,000-hour-rated LEDs will sip power from the batteries compared to the original krypton bulbs, so the units will pay for themselves in battery savings alone.




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I have been trying to hunt down my old maglite mini and as soon as I do I will get a conversion as it looks way better than the original configuration.

Hell, you can get new Mini Maglites at Wal Mart for like 14 bucks.


Nite Ize also makes conversion kits for the big 2-5 D cell maglites too. So when you have to bludgeon an elk to death with one, you can rest assured your old-school krypton bulb won't break.

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