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Fringe topics missing children, hunters, elderly etc.

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Fringe topics including missing children hunters and elderly


I posted on this but not exclusively I like to think NEVER is a fallacy as when the word is used  it is in context that IT did happen --- but it NEVER happened before.


People ignore warnings at their peril the subject matter is not up for questioning it has happened too many people have died under mysterious circumstances the FBI and very talented officers have investigated and were stumped some bodies found most have never been found !


Some information is controversial but never the less people are disappearing by the thousands and it is rare that any are found alive and when they are they are confused disoriented and naked. Some were armed or hunting most were alone some were taken from a group as they got separated for moments.


Please keep an open mind this topic delves into some extreme weirdness but it is because it makes no sense it takes only seconds and these people go missing no foot prints dogs can't track them FLIR can't spot them hundreds of searchers and only single or minute scraps of evidence are found. 


Last one is a radio pod cast


The strangeness continues as this subject includes a lot of conjecture because of interviews with the few survivors small children found after days is confusing or nightmarish.

this subject is seen from First Nation people or Indian cultures and trying to relate old stories from other cultures trying to understand what might be.


inter-dimensional beings, Cryptids or big foot wolf people stone spirits aliens Banshee's some missing have looked to have been eaten and other very very odd evidence.


My personal view is all of this is demonic masquerading  as other beings to throw off the fact they are evil spirits malevolent murderous dividing and conquering the belief in one God / Christ as this topic and sighting seems to split people into "camps" but basically all of these reject the God of the bible and the Biblical narrative that angels fell and had children and those children were the enemy of mankind they corrupted the seed of man and a flood took them but as in Genesis 6 apparently they still exist in some form working evil on the earth.


I have considered that evil and odd things are becoming more obvious and common or in my mind something is changing and not for the better satanic worship demon hunting spirit guides astral projection séances ghost hunting witch craft black and white voodoo santaria etc etc etc some families have practiced black arts for generations and admit it openly it is not new mentioned in Biblical text many times but interacting with these beings is always dangerous and they have no good intentions toward mankind the Bible warns people to steer clear and even have no relations with those that do -- there must be a reason as it is all consuming and it is not just they want you dead but your spirit compromised and that is the central all this causes people to question God and loosing focus on that makes you prime game for separation and elimination IMHO.


I have seem some extreme weird people even some I thought could be possessed I kinda know the difference between touched or mentally challenged and a person driven like a vehicle remote controlled sliding in and out of themselves one moment normal then even stating for "them" to leave them alone speaking in different voices and they were in prison so it is not like it benefited them to do so and it was not an act.  So what could I think why did a few poor souls fall into such a state ? why could doctors not help but could only medicate these people into a drugged zombie ?  There are more things out there than we know as well we need to have a game plan or foreknowledge so we are not caught flat footed I lived in the woods on rivers and lakes and a few times I felt uncomfortable for no reason I could see. I have heard things that I could not recognize the dogs and horses seemed wary so I today have interest in some of these topic as not all of these people could be liars or wrong IMHO.

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