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I have a few storage boxes I like Pelican brand water proof and see through.

I also like Coghlan's accessories found in Academy and dicks sporting goods stores.


Pak-lite ultra 9 volt LED 1,200 hrs soft light 80 hours high setting glow in the dark head.

Streemlight nano  ( both are chosen for their battery style as after an "event" these will probably still be found in smoke detectors and packs of hearing aid batteries that can be adapted and recharged slowly)

2 double ended dental picks

Fromm straight razor  with pack of blades

simple box cutter w/ box of blades

individually wrapped alcohol pads.

Styptic pencil

Poy-San mentholated nasal inhaler

diamond nail file

pocket diamond knife sharpening steel

Nail clippers

plastic comb

bent flat metal strap whistle  (home made)

spare Swiss army knife toothpick & tweezers

hair pins paper clips

mini stainless mutit-ool

Coghlan's waterproof match box w/ matches sewing  needles Brim fish hooks needle threader

un-waxed dental floss

Red cross dental pain reliever 

salt packets


I also have a MTM survivor waterproof box for my first aid kit it also good to have a magic marker in it.

Although a snake bite is not effective and do not use the scalpel in a snake bit incident BUT it is a scalpel 

the suction cups are useful to raise a boil or infected thorn splinter it is also good to have a syringe irrigator like from a dentist can be found on ebay.


I have Mercurochrome iodine antibiotic ointment salt powdered sulfur and carbolic acid salve in todays world of infectious diseases and microbes if one fails to work try another.

Clove oil I place in tooth picks help with sore throat and minor cough and tooth or gum pain as does salt.


There are plenty of nooks and crannies and travel size OTC meds like benedryl aspirin claritin Tums Tylenol

Advil etc etc space if not used is wasted IMHO.


You can never have enough of anything a major wound even if you can control infection takes days or weeks to heal and needs to be covered enough to prevent excess germs and dirt sweat etc from further intrusion into the wound area  pollen has a yeast factor and does feed infection people also carry staph and strep irrigation with salt water or sulfur dusting may give you time for your body to defend itself. from the infection.  some wounds that do not bleed excessively need to be lightly covered not BOUND many severe wounds gashes and deep lacerations need a firm enough bandage to slow the bleeding but not act as a tourniquet and it needs to be wide a thin strap or bandage can stop blood killing the skin even muscle, it is a balancing act. for as long as can be seek medical attention if your on your own research and know your options have a first aid kit and know simple things like placing some gauze on top of the injury and wrapping / tightening / tying at the wound make the pressure directed at the injured area  a wrap is equal pressure .

tourniquets need to be loosened IF NO MEDICAL staff is AVAILABLE loose is an objective term in the politically correct and AMA B.S. your never suppose to remove them only a knowledgeable medical person should BUT WHAT IF YOUR miles away days out or TEOTWAWKI ? well bleeding to death is not as bad as other ways to go but many people have survived in remote areas using some common sense and no doctor but I ain't a doctor but have managed to survive deep punctures foreign objects hematomas  concussions and some cracked bones burns road rash roll over crashes and an ex wife so I think I have a valid opinion albeit lathered in hard experience and dumb luck.  There were not always cell phones there are areas where miles of uninhabited regions still exist or in the middle of a city where no one wants to get involved.


Back in the day you had a couple of ways or getting attention smoke as fire gets attention firing 3 shots in succession let your horse go back if you couldn't and or handle it on the spot rest and try to get back. life flight was not common or not as organized with all the nifty equipment to find lost or injured people and where may make it problematic.



remember to keep your powder medications and BOB dry or else you can loose a lot to damage and not even know it.







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