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lots more cattle than deer,

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lots more horses than moose, too. :-) lots more chickens and domestic turkeys, and waterfowl than wild ones, most likely, too. Walking around during daylight hours, if shtf, will get you shot, just for the hell of it by some, as a precaution by others. Small game aint worth the risk. At best, it's something to trap/snare, and best service your lines at night, showing no light. A passive IR monocular is sub $200,  shows you animals and people. and a kid's airsoft NVD goggle is about $100, and will suffice to show you where you are walking. Luminous sights for the AR run about $100



it's dark half of the time, and if you can't see or aim, you're helpless.

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IR can give your position away. LOL

I have played with NV gear, that work to about 200 yards with out the need of IR light.

Don't ask what type of make & model as I'm not telling.

I've played hide & seek with my buddies using NV gear, & I've caught them every time when they use their IR turned on.

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Large game taken for less than a dozen people you will have a LOT OF WORK trimming cutting smoking  etc

much of the organs need to be eaten first as they spoil first like brains tongue  liver & lungs spleen pancreas (sweetbreads) stomach or tripe process the intestines to make sausage casings bones for calcium eat the marrow etc etc.


Many animals will be mostly wasted because city folk are not educated in how to process animals properly and without waste.


some things to have are salt but you need a lot to make a brine also to store dried casings in and lye to wash and treat your casings pepper white or black red flake etc. this is to prevent flies from laying on your meat  if you have used hard wood the ashes can be used to bury meat or sausages in or you can bury in salt.


Of course if your starving you do the best you can but smoking meat means your stuck for a day or so and smoke sent carries so salt dried strips works.


if I were going to cache something valuable it would be salt it does not go bad but need to be kept dry but even if it clumps it can be easily crushed back to granulated.  Salt need to be pure not iodized you can buy it for water treatment from Wally world 40 to 50 pound sacks.

one sack fits in a 5 gallon bucket it is hygroscopic it attracts water or humidity so a good tight fitting lid.

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